Optimum Fiber Optic Internet Review

Optimum Fiber 500


with Auto Pay & Paperless Billing

  • 500 Mbps Download Speed
  • 500 Mbps Upload Speed
  • $10 Discount when Bundled
Optimum Fiber 1 Gig


with Auto Pay & Paperless Billing

  • 1 Gbps Download Speed
  • 1 Gbps Upload Speed
  • $15 Discount when Bundled
Optimum Fiber 2 Gig


with Auto Pay & Paperless Billing

  • 2 Gbps Download Speed
  • 2 Gbps Upload Speed
  • $15 Discount when Bundled
Optimum Fiber 5 Gig


with Auto Pay & Paperless Billing

  • 5 Gbps Download Speed
  • 5 Gbps Upload Speed
  • $15 Discount when Bundled

Our lives have become so intertwined with the internet that we use it to make every significant decision. Therefore, a hiccup in the connection can disrupt the daily routines of many people as well as their work productivity and leisure time.

Optimum Fiber Internet ticks all the boxes of a high-quality internet provider, gaining a steady reputation by constantly releasing faster speed tiers. Unfortunately, its limited availability hinders many people from accessing it, and its below-average customer satisfaction is another concern. This Optimum Fiber review focuses on all the offerings and latest updates the provider introduced in 2023 so you can evaluate the service yourself and see if it is the right option for your home.

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Optimum Fiber Internet Plans Review

Optimum Fiber internet is a faster and more reliable broadband service than the provider’s cable internet, providing more speed options at pocket-friendly promotional rates. This year has been particularly eventful for the provider, as it introduced a new hyper-fast multi-gigabit plan of up to 8000 Mbps speed while reducing the prices of select options.

Optimum provides two or more fiber internet options in most locations, while the multi-gigabit plans are primarily accessible in the New York Tri-State area. Prices start at $50 with automatic payment and paperless billing discounts, and you can lower them even more by adding a mobile plan. It is worth noting, however, that these introductory rates are valid for only a year, after which you have to pay a significantly higher standard price. Each plan is equipped with unlimited data and standard equipment, enhancing overall value. We have outlined the most common Optimum Fiber Internet plans in the following table, with their respective starting prices and speeds. But remember that some of these options may not be available in your area.

PlanStarting PriceSpeedContact 
Optimum 500$50.00/mo.500 MbpsCall Now
Optimum 1 Gig$70.00/mo.1 GbpsCall Now
Optimum 2 Gig$100.00/mo.2 GbpsCall Now

Optimum 5 Gig

$165.00/mo.5 GbpsCall Now
Optimum 8 Gig$280.00/mo.8 GbpsCall Now
*price with $5 Auto Pay & Paperless Billing discount

Optimum Fiber 500

500 Mbps Fiber Internet
Starting Price $50.00/mo. with Auto Pay & Paperless Billing 
Regular Price $129.99/mo.
Price with mobile plan $40.00/mo. with Auto Pay & Paperless Billing 
Equipment Included
Suitable For 4K streaming and gaming

Optimum 500 is currently the provider’s entry-level plan in most locations. While the plan’s starting price is $50, you can avail it for $40 per month for the first year by bundling it with a mobile package. The great thing is that there’s no contract required to access this lower price. In fact, Optimum offers a $100 incentive to help cover the Early Termination Fee (ETF) from your current provider when you switch.

This plan offers symmetrical upload and download speeds of 500 Mbps, providing ample capacity for the typical multi-user household to engage in various activities, from streaming 4K videos to online shopping and gaming.

Optimum’s 500 Mbps fiber internet plan includes unlimited data and a standard gateway at no additional cost, but there is a $3 per month fee for its Wi-Fi extender.

These features make Optimum 500 an attractive option, but it is important to note that the promotional period lasts only 12 months. Afterward, Optimum charges a standard price that is significantly higher than the plan’s initial rate. Therefore, carefully assessing your speed requirements is crucial before committing to this plan.

Optimum Fiber 1 Gig

1 Gig Fiber Internet
Starting Price $70.00/mo. with Auto Pay & Paperless Billing 
Regular Price $139.99/mo.
Price with Mobile Plan $55.00/mo. with Auto Pay & Paperless Billing 
Equipment Included
Prepaid Card $200.00
Suitable For Multi-device connectivity & professional usage

The Optimum Fiber 1 Gig plan is the most valuable plan from this provider. With an introductory price of $70, this gigabit plan has one of the most competitive starting prices in the market. You can further reduce this cost by $15 by bundling it with a suitable Optimum Mobile package and save over $1000 in a year.

True to its name, the Optimum Fiber 1 Gig plan delivers equal 1000 Mbps upload and download speeds, meeting the high-speed requirements of large households and allowing them to traverse the digital world without any hiccups. In addition to providing unlimited data and standard equipment, the plan is also contract-free. Furthermore, Optimum 1 Gig includes a one-month free trial period, allowing you to test its performance before making a long-term commitment.

As an extra incentive, this plan also comes with a $200 Prepaid Card, which you can use for online purchases, phone/mail orders, or in stores that accept mobile wallets. Although Optimum 1 Gig delivers incredible speed and bandwidth, it is necessary to remember that it may not be suitable for every household since it has more capacity than most people typically require.

Optimum Fiber 2 Gig

2 Gig Fiber Internet
Starting Price $100.00/mo. with Auto Pay & Paperless Billing
Regular Price $180.00/mo.
Price with mobile plan $85.00/mo. with Auto Pay & Paperless Billing
Equipment Included
Prepaid Card $300.00
Suitable For Small businesses & content creators

Optimum Fiber 2 Gig debuted in the New York Tri-State area last year as the provider’s first multi-gigabit offering. The plan is now available at a new, lower introductory price of $100 for one year, but with the appropriate Optimum Mobile package, you can get it for $85. However, the plan’s cost increases to $180 per month after the initial 12-month period. While this is quite a high jump in price, this is regrettably a typical occurrence with Optimum’s plans.

Optimum’s 2 Gig fiber internet plan delivers blazingly fast symmetrical speeds, making it an ideal choice for entrepreneurs and small businesses aiming to stay competitive. This contract-free plan includes unlimited data, free equipment (except for Wi-Fi extenders), and a one-month trial period. It is a cost-effective solution for individuals and businesses seeking a short-term high-speed option.

However, this 2 Gbps fiber internet plan is unsuitable for average internet users, including those who primarily stream or game, as you would be paying for more speed than you actually need. Instead, the 2 Gig Optimum Fiber internet plan is more appropriate for home offices, content creators, households with multiple smart home devices, and applications involving Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Optimum Fiber 5 Gig

5 Gig Fiber Internet
Starting Price $165.00/mo. with Auto Pay & Paperless Billing discount
Regular Price $240.00/mo.
Price with mobile plan $150.00/mo. with Auto Pay & Paperless Billing discount
Equipment Included
Suitable For Large businesses and professional usage

5 Gig Optimum Fiber internet is one of the premium plans in this provider’s lineup. Optimum launched this fiber internet plan in the New York Tri-State area in May 2022, along with the 2 Gig option. Initially, only a limited number of addresses had access to Optimum 5 Gig. However, the provider expanded its availability to cover its entire fiber footprint in Connecticut by September 2022.

Optimum 5 Gig delivers symmetrical upload and download speeds of 5000 Mbps, Smart Wi-Fi 6 for comprehensive whole-home coverage, unlimited data, and exceptional reliability. While its starting price is $165, like all other Optimum plans, you can enjoy a $15 discount when combining it with a mobile line. But Optimum 5 Gig is one of the most costly 5-gigabit solutions available due to its regular price of $240. Moreover, it is crucial to recognize that not every internet user requires such a hyper-fast internet connection. Hence, this plan is primarily suitable for professional use and large businesses.

Optimum Fiber 8 Gig

8 Gig Fiber Internet
Starting Price $280.00/mo. with Auto Pay & Paperless Billing 
Regular Price $350.00/mo.
Price with mobile plan $265.00/mo. with Auto Pay & Paperless Billing 
Equipment Included
Suitable For Technology professionals and Cloud-based connectivity

This hyper-fast plan is the latest gem in Optimum’s belt. Optimum 8 Gig fiber internet plan is available in select locations within the New York Tri-State area, with plans for further expansion. Optimum has unveiled a promotional price of $280 per month for this option, which can be reduced to $265 when bundled with a mobile line. However, the regular price for this ultra-fast plan is $350.

8 Gbps Optimum Fiber internet plan is designed for superior performance, offering symmetrical download and upload speeds of 8000 Mbps with unlimited data. Hence, this ultra-fast plan is ideal for tech professionals and individuals who depend heavily on cloud-based solutions. Optimum hasn’t revealed the extra perks with this plan yet, but you can contact their customer service to get all the information. Although Optimum has not disclosed any additional benefits, you can reach out to their customer service to obtain all the necessary details.

Overall, the 8 Gig Optimum Fiber internet plan offers a blazingly fast internet connection with unmatched speed, but it is an unsuitable and expensive option for average home internet customers.

What is Optimum Fiber?

Optimum initially started as a 30-channel cable TV provider. Over time, it expanded its services to include cable internet access. Altice USA’s acquisition of the business resulted in a dramatic shift in 2016. As part of its modernization initiatives, the company introduced fiber internet to over 1.6 million customers within Optimum’s service area.

Today, Optimum Fiber has established itself as a trusted name in the market, offering symmetrical uploads and downloads through its 100% fiber network, which covers the New York Tri-State area (comprising New York, New Jersey, and Southeast Connecticut). By introducing an 8-gigabit package this year, Optimum has also become one of the fastest fiber internet providers in the country.

Optimum’s 100% fiber network is famous for its reliability, ensuring an uninterrupted and fast connection with minimal latency. Therefore, many Optimum customers prefer its fiber internet over its cable internet because they trust this connection to meet their gaming and streaming demands.



  • Affordable starting prices
  • Contract-free plans
  • Equipment is included at no extra cost
  • Free professional installation on online orders


  • Prices increase significantly after 12 months
  • Limited availability
  • Poor customer satisfaction record

Optimum Fiber Modem

Optimum offers a free Smart Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Gateway, a modem and router combo, with every plan. This advanced equipment optimizes your home connection, providing comprehensive whole-home coverage and supporting the speed of your internet plan. As a result, you may wirelessly connect several devices and engage in various online activities throughout the day. 

Each Optimum Fiber Internet plan also comes with a free Wi-Fi extender, which enhances your network signals and eliminates dead zones in your home. As a result, purchasing your own equipment is not necessary. However, if you still prefer to use your own modem, it is advisable to select a gateway equipped with Wi-Fi 6 technology.


Optimum Fiber Internet offers some of the most attractive perks to new customers. While some perks are exclusive to the plans, others are available with all the options. Nevertheless, choosing an Optimum Fiber Internet plan can give you access to the following benefits.

Free Equipment

Optimum Fiber Internet plans offer an added benefit that many subscribers appreciate – a free modem-router gateway and Wi-Fi extender. This means that when you subscribe to Optimum, you won’t incur any extra equipment rental charges in your monthly internet bill. This cost-saving feature not only simplifies your billing but also ensures that you have the necessary hardware to enjoy your high-speed internet without additional expenses.

Contract Buyout Offer

Optimum also simplifies your transition to their service by offering a contract buyout offer of up to $100. If you find yourself locked into a contract with another provider, all you need to do is choose your preferred Optimum plan and provide a copy of your existing provider’s bill.

This bill must include the early termination fee (ETF) amount and assure that you were an active client of the provider at the time of the transaction without any dues. With this information, Optimum will take care of the ETF for you, making your transition seamless and cost-effective.

Free Internet for a Month

Optimum’s 1 Gig and 2 Gig fiber internet plans also come with a free month of internet service. However, it’s important to note that this offer applies to the sixth month of service and requires customers to maintain their accounts for five months.

Prepaid Card

Some Optimum Fiber Internet plans also include a Prepaid Card. For instance, the provider currently offers Prepaid Cards with its 1 Gig and 2 Gig internet plans with $200 and $300 credit, respectively. However, it’s important to note that this perk is exclusively available to new customers who maintain their accounts without any dues or returned payments for a minimum of 90 days. You can opt to receive this card virtually, or Optimum will mail it to your address within 4 to 6 weeks following the 90 days. But keep in mind that this card is valid for only 12 months.

Additional Costs

Optimum Fiber internet service is relatively free of additional charges compared to other options, with taxes being the primary extra cost you’ll encounter most of the time. However, there are some additional charges if you need more services or stray from the standard practices.

Additional Charges
Late Payment Fee $10.00
Returned check fee $20.00
Home Wiring $80.00
Extra Wi-Fi extender $3.00/mo.
Service Restoration 1 – 2 products: $10.00
3 products: $15.00

Optimum Fiber Installation

Optimum typically charges between $99 and $150 for fiber internet installation. However, at this moment, the company is offering free professional installation with online orders. As a result, switching to this service is simple and won’t cost you a fortune to set it up.

Optimum Fiber Availability 

Optimum’s cable internet occupies a significant portion of its service area. But unfortunately, its fiber internet is only accessible to 1.6 million customers. Optimum Fiber Internet is most widely available in the New York Tri-State area. While its 500 Mbps and 1 Gig connections are accessible across its entire fiber footprint, the availability of its multi-gigabit plans is limited to select neighborhoods.

Optimum Fiber Customer Service 

Optimum is known for many things, but excellent customer service is not one of them. The provider’s customer satisfaction record ranks below average in both the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) and J.D. Power’s Study. ACSI has recently separated its customer satisfaction rankings into fiber and non-fiber internet categories. While Optimum didn’t make it to the list of fiber internet providers, it ranked last with a score of 58 in the non-fiber internet providers category, 8 points below the industry average.

Optimum also fell short in J.D. Power’s Study, receiving a score of 642 out of 1,000 in 2022. Although these customer service reviewers evaluate internet providers based on their speed, performance, and customer service, they do not provide all the details behind each provider’s ranking. Therefore, it is challenging to pinpoint a specific issue that contributes to Optimum’s low customer satisfaction scores. However, many discussions on open online forums indicate that customers are mostly dissatisfied with the provider’s high price hikes.

ACSI Index Optimum Industry Average
2023 58 66
2021-22 59 65

Optimum Fiber vs Competitors 

Optimum is not the only provider offering multi-gigabit fiber internet speeds. In fact, you can find several options with the same maximum speed but with improved availability and competitive starting prices in the market. While Optimum is known for its reasonable introductory pricing, many customers express dissatisfaction with the significant price increases after one year of service.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of some of the best fiber internet providers to assess how Optimum Fiber stacks up against them. While the initial prices of these alternatives may appear higher than Optimum’s, their standard rates are comparatively more reasonable. Furthermore, service providers like Google Fiber and AT&T don’t have introductory pricing, so you won’t have to worry about their post-promotional rates. The following table provides a concise comparison of Optimum Fiber with its competitors, but you can review the plans of these alternatives for more detailed information.

Other Fiber Internet Providers
Top Internet Providers Starting Price  Download Speed Contact
Optimum Fiber $50.00/mo. Up to 8 Gbps Call Now
Windstream $39.99/mo. Up to 8 Gbps Call Now
Frontier $49.99/mo. Up to 5 Gbps Call Now
Verizon Fios $49.99/mo. Up to 2.3 Gbps Order Now
AT&T Fiber $55.00/mo. Up to 5 Gbps Call Now


Optimum Fiber Internet is a competitive choice in the world of high-speed connectivity. It draws the attention of many with symmetrical upload and download speeds, a reliable 100% fiber network, and enticing introductory pricing.

However, it is crucial to thoroughly consider every aspect of this provider before making your decision. Optimum Fiber is not without its flaws, and one significant issue is that it drastically raises the costs of its plans following the initial year of service. While the introductory rates are appealing, many individuals might not be able to afford the regular fees.

Nevertheless, Optimum Fiber Internet caters to a wide variety of user requirements, from regular households to tech-savvy professionals. It is worth considering if you value fast, reliable internet and can navigate the pricing structure.


Optimum Fiber Internet might be an excellent choice if it is available in your area since it provides fast internet speeds at affordable promotional prices. However, it is crucial to research customer reviews and consider potential price increases after the introductory period.

Every Optimum Fiber Internet plan includes a free Smart Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Gateway with whole-home coverage and a free Wi-Fi extender.

Optimum Fiber is the provider’s 100% fiber-optic network, providing faster speeds to 1.6 million customers within Optimum’s coverage area. It is more reliable than Optimum’s cable internet.

Optimum Fiber utilizes fiber optic cables to transmit data as light pulses through multiple small fiberglass strands. These optical fibers enable high-speed and reliable data transmission, allowing Optimum to deliver fast and efficient internet connection to customers within its coverage area.

Yes, Optimum is upgrading its network to include fiber optic technology. While the provider primarily offers cable internet in most of its service areas, it is gradually expanding its fiber network in select regions. However, this network expansion is a tedious process. Therefore, it can take some time before this service is accessible in your location.

Yes, Optimum Fiber is owned by Altice USA.

You typically do not need a separate modem with Optimum Fiber. The service includes a Smart Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Gateway (a modem/router combo) with every plan. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that a modem is not required for fiber internet service, as it utilizes a different device known as an ONT (Optical Network Terminal).

A technician will visit your home or business to install the Optimum Fiber Internet service. The expert will install an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) in your home, either inside or outside. After that, he will connect the ONT to a nearby equipment box, creating a link to transport the fiber-optic connection from the larger network to your location. The best part is that Optimum Fiber is currently offering free professional installation for online orders.

Yes, Optimum Fiber offers symmetrical download and upload speeds.

Optimum Fiber is mainly available in the New York Tri-State area.

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