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The next-level speed tier is here! Optimum has recently unveiled one of the fastest speed tiers in the New York Tri-State area, 8 Gig. The company claims that Optimum 8 Gig Fiber is available to 1.7 million people across its footprint. Now, a 1-gigabit connection already feels extremely fast to an average user, so how much faster is the Optimum 8 Gbps plan?

The plan is definitely worth checking out if you are obsessed with emerging technologies that consume higher bandwidth, like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) headsets. Here is a rundown of what Optimum 8 Gig could bring to your table.

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Optimum 8 Gig Plan

Introduced just last year, 8 Gig is currently the fastest option from Optimum. But it might be too much for an average internet user. According to Altice USA, the company that owns Optimum, this plan redefines internet connectivity, offering speeds four times faster than Verizon and 60% faster than Frontier. Moreover, Optimum 8 Gig Fiber service is 32 times quicker than T-Mobile’s 5G home internet, keeping you seamlessly connected at all times.

The starting price of this plan is $280 per month, but you will only have to pay $265 if you pair it with a suitable mobile plan. The Optimum 8 Gig Internet plan is contract-free and provides benefits like unlimited data, free equipment with mesh technology, and free installation on online orders. Since it is a fiber internet plan, its upload speed is just as fast as its download speed, which makes it a perfect business partner for influencers and other bigwigs.

Overview of Optimum 8 Gig
Starting Price$280.00/mo.
Download Speed8,000 Mbps
Upload Speed8,000 Mbps
Availability New York Tri-State Area
Installation$100.00 (Free on online orders)


Best For

  • Tech enthusiasts who are into AR or VR experiences.
  • IT professionals with high bandwidth requirements for cloud-based applications.
  • Businesses with remote servers focused on data or technology.
  • Top-trending influencers and content creators.
  • Fully automated homes.

Not Suitable for

  • Average internet users.
  • Basic online activities like web browsing, streaming, or casual gaming.
  • Small households with few connected devices.
  • Budget-conscious users.


Optimum gives you the equipment you need to use with its 8-gigabit plan, unleashing its full potential. Optimum 8 Gig comes with a free Wi-Fi gateway. It is enabled with the latest Wi-Fi 6E and mesh technology, providing strong signals in your home and eliminating dead zones. Hence, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to purchase a compatible router and avoid monthly equipment fees.

Optimum’s high-performance gateway can power more than 100 devices simultaneously, allowing you to experience superior Wi-Fi speeds. In short, it maintains a consistent performance even when you connect numerous devices.


Optimum gives you two installation options with every internet plan. Hence, with Optimum 8 Gig Internet, you can also choose between quick and easy self-installation and headache-free professional installation. Keep in mind that no matter which option you choose, you are not required to pay a single penny since both of them are free, as long as you order this plan online.

While self-installation is simple, especially with Optimum’s easy-to-use app, you should go with the professional installation if you are a new customer. Simply book an appointment, make sure to be available on the scheduled day, and let the technician do his magic.

Installation Options Fees
Self-installation None
Professional Installation $100.00 (Free on online orders)

Optimum 8 Gig Internet Availability

Currently, Optimum Fiber is available to 1.7 million residential and business customers. However, every person does not have access to Optimum 8 Gig Fiber within its fiber footprint. You can only find this plan in the markets where the provider’s other multi-gigabit plans are also offered, specifically in the New York Tri-State area. But the good news is that Optimum is working to make this plan more accessible and has managed to expand its 8-gigabit internet plan to almost 3 million fiber passings within its footprint.

Optimum 8 Gig Plan vs Competitors

8 Gig is a relatively new speed tier in the market. Besides Optimum, only a few fiber internet providers, like Google Fiber and Windstream, are currently offering this plan in select locations. Hence, we don’t have much information about its performance. While Optimum, Google Fiber, and Windstream all offer 8-gigabit internet plans with symmetrical speeds, unlimited data, and free equipment, Optimum 8 Gig is comparatively pricier than the 8-gigabit plan by Google Fiber. On the other hand, Windstream’s 8-gigabit plan’s price varies by location, and the provider also charges one-time installation and activation fees. You can look at the following table to see how Optimum 8 Gig compares with other 8-gigabit internet plans.

Features Optimum 8 Gig Google Fiber 8 Gig Kinetic 8 Gig
Price $280.00/mo. $150.00/mo. Varies by area
Internet Speed Symmetrical Symmetrical Symmetrical
Equipment Included Included Included
Installation Free on online orders Free $35.00
Internet Type Fiber Fiber Fiber
Availability New York Tri-State Area 8 cities 400,000 households

Is Optimum 8 Gig Worth it?

Optimum 8 Gig Internet is definitely worth exploring if you need such a blazing-fast internet connection. Otherwise, you will be wasting your money. Currently, the plan is only available in the New York Tri-State area, connecting various cloud-based businesses with high bandwidth requirements. Optimum 8 Gig has all the basic features of a typical Optimum Fiber Internet plan, symmetrical speeds, unlimited data, free equipment, and no contract, but limited information is available about the exclusive benefits, extras, and promotional deals on this plan. We have reviewed it in detail, so you can easily subscribe to this plan without missing out on any important information.

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