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The gig economy is shaping the future of employment in America. A robust force of gig workers contributes nearly $1.21 trillion to the US economy, annually. All over the country, freelancers, delivery drivers, and independent contractors are leveraging the power of wireless internet connections to be their own bosses and work remotely. 

Fobes 30 Under 30 list harps the success stories of millennials and Gen Zers who have transformed their side gigs into million-dollar businesses by tapping into the potential of online mediums. 

As the hustle culture continues to dominate our economic landscape, we are realizing the importance of having a cellular data plan in the palm of our hands. Spectrum By the Gig plan is the most affordable 5G phone plan in the market. For just $14 per month, it offers uninterrupted internet connectivity on the go. 

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Spectrum Mobile By the Gig Plan

Spectrum Mobile™ is a cellular phone service launched in June 2018 by Charter Communications. Spectrum uses Verizon’s 4G LTE and 5G network to transmit mobile phone service throughout its 41-state footprint. The Spectrum Mobile™ service is exclusive to the existing Spectrum Internet® customers under the promotional Spectrum One bundle. Existing subscribers of one of the Spectrum Internet plans can choose between three prepaid phone plans to get a low-cost and reliable mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) service in their area. 

Spectrum By the Gig Plan is the cheapest phone plan in their product portfolio. It was designed on the concept of ‘Pay-by-the-Gig’ and hence promises the greatest value for the money paid. Spectrum By the Gig Plan is perfect for Spectrum Mobile™ customers who need an affordable mobile data plan for basic internet connectivity outside of their homes. The plan costs just $14 for every 1 GB of 5G data. You can add data up to 5 GB in the same monthly cycle in 1 GB blocks. 

Spectrum By the Gig plan includes unlimited calls and texts to local numbers, free texting to over 200 countries, and 2,000 minutes of free calling to Canada and Mexico. It is one of the best starter mobile phone plans for local and global wireless communication. Take a look at all the features and specifications of Spectrum By the Gig plan and decide if it meets the needs of your financially smart lifestyle. 

Spectrum By the Gig Plan- At a Glance 
Price  $14.00/mo. 
Mobile Data  1 GB 
Hotspot Data  1 GB 
Talk & Text  Unlimited 
Max. No. of Lines  10 lines 
International Texting Free texting to 200+ countries 
Calls to Canada & Mexico  Free 2,000 minutes of talk time 
International Roaming  Allowed 
WiFi Calling  Allowed 
Contract  Not required 
Video Resolution  SD quality (480 p)
Best For  Those who mostly rely on WiFi for internet connectivity.



  • Includes hotpot tethering 
  • Annual contracts are not required
  • An affordable 5G mobile data plan 
  • Includes unlimited calling and texting 
  • You can add up to 10 lines to 1 account 
  • Includes free calls and texts to Canada and Mexico 
  • Hassle-free upgrade to Spectrum Mobile™ Unlimited and Unlimited Plus plans


  • A one-time activation charge of $10 is applicable. 
  • Only for existing Spectrum Internet® customers 
  • Not suitable for heavy mobile data users

Pricing & Perks of Spectrum By the Gig Plan

Spectrum By the Gig is a prepaid phone plan that costs $14 each month for a single line. You can add up to 10 lines on a primary account. However, the price for each line will remain the same. You will also be required to pay a one-time activation fee of $10 for kick-starting your Spectrum Mobile™ By the Gig service. 

Spectrum By the Gig plan has a monthly data limit of 1 GB. After 1 GB of data usage, you can add another 5 GB of extra data in the same billing cycle. Excess data can be added in 1 GB blocks, and for every 1 GB of additional data, you will be charged $14 on top of your monthly fee. 

You can refer to the table below for clarification.

Services  Price 
Activation Fee  $10.00 (a one-time charge)
1 GB of 5G Data  $14.00/mo. 
1 GB of extra 5G Data  $14.00/mo. 
Total Cost in 1st Month $38.00

Note: After using an extra 5 GB of data allotted to you in a month, you will experience reduced speeds until the next billing cycle.

All customers of Spectrum By the Gig plan enjoy unlimited calling and texting to any network within the country. They can make free calls to their friends and family in Canada and Mexico for up to 2,000 minutes per month. Spectrum By the Gig plan’s international features also includes free texting to more than 200 countries. And you can stay connected while traveling because the plan permits roaming at the lowest possible rates. 

Spectrum By the Gig subscribers can share 1 GB of mobile data with 9 other users via hotspot tethering. Or all the customers can save their mobile data while on the road by connecting to their nearest Spectrum out-of-home WiFi hotspot, which can be accessed at 530,000 locations throughout the country. 

Another benefit of enrolling in the Spectrum By the Gig plan is that you can always keep a tab on your monthly data usage. My Spectrum App tracks your 5G mobile data consumption and alerts you when you have used up 90 percent of your 1 GB data limit. So, now with Spectrum By the Gig plan, you can stream, browse, chat, text, call and roam the world on a budget. 

Data Cap  

Spectrum By the Gig plan comes with a monthly data limit of 1 gigabyte (GB). Throughout the month, users get ultrafast 5G wideband data from Verizon’s towers, with speeds up to 1,000 Mbps (1 Gig). Once the users surpass their 1 GB data limit in the same billing cycle, another 1 GB of 5G data is automatically added to the line for an additional $14. In one month, subscribers can add up to 5 GB of extra data or pay a total fee of $84 to enjoy unrestricted access to 5G mobile data. But once they have consumed 6 GB of high-speed data in a month, their wireless speeds are reduced to 256 Kbps until the next billing cycle due to data prioritization. The policy of data prioritization ensures that all the customers of Spectrum Mobile™ service get superfast wireless connectivity through fair distribution of 5G data. 

Spectrum By the Gig Plan Availability Review

Spectrum Mobile™ uses Verizon’s nationwide 4G and 5G cellular network to distribute wireless phone service to its customers. Spectrum By the Gig plan is available in all 41 states under Charter Communications’ coverage area. At the moment, 5.9 million Americans are actively using Spectrum Mobile™ service, and millions more are expected to join the cohort in the coming months.

Below, we have listed all 41 states where Spectrum By the Gig plan is accessible.

States with Spectrum Mobile Coverage
Alabama Idaho  Massachusetts New Hampshire  South Carolina 
Arizona Illinois Michigan  New Jersey  Tenessee  
California Indiana  Minnesota  New Mexico  Texas 
Colorado Kansas  Mississippi New York  Vermont 
Connecticut Kentucky  Missouri North Carolina  Virginia
Florida Louisiana  Montana  Ohio  Washington
Georgia Maine  Nebraska  Oregon  West Virginia 
Hawaii Maryland  Nevada  Pennsylvania  Wisconsin 

Cities with Spectrum By the Gig’s 5G Ultra-band Coverage

The following are the top 10 cities for accessing Spectrum’s ultra-wideband 5G phone data service with speeds up to 4,000 Mbps.

City  State  Availability 
Atlanta  Georgia  98.8%
Orlando  Florida  96.5%
Charlotte  North Carolina  95.8% 
Nashville  Tenessee  93.7%
Rochester  New York  92.9%
Cincinnati  Ohio  92.5%
Chicago  Illinois  91.88%
Bakersfield  California  90.9%
Denver  Colorado  89.4%
Seattle  Washington  88.64%

What Can You Do with Spectrum Mobile’s 1 GB Cellular Data?

As a smartphone user, you may be aware that 1 GB of data is inadequate for all the online activities that you perform in a day. From WhatsApp chatting to Instagram uploads, and from YouTube streaming to Candy Crush rewards collection, every action uses up data. Just watching a YouTube video in 480p resolution for an hour can drain your entire 1 GB data allowance. But there is a silver lining to purchasing 1 GB of data in a month. For starters, it will keep your expenses to a minimum. 

Secondly, you can use Spectrum By the Gig plan primarily for domestic and international calling and texting, and basic internet connectivity while you are away from a stable WiFi connection. For example, you can check your urgent messages, and emails and get instant traffic updates by connecting to your 1 GB Spectrum Mobile™ plan. 

Besides, a 1 GB mobile data plan is sufficient for:

  • Video calling on WhatsApp for 2 hours 
  • Listening to music for 16.5 hours 
  • Browsing social media websites for 10 hours 
  • Playing online games for 10 hours
  • Streaming HD-quality videos for 1.5 hours


So, if your goal in life is to utilize all the resources available to you without being wasteful, then Spectrum By the Gig’s 1 GB data allowance should be more than sufficient for you. 

Is By the Gig Plan Right for You?

Before we answer this question, you must ask yourself what kind of mobile data user are you. If you seldom use mobile data and rely on your home and office WiFi connections for network coverage, then Spectrum By the Gig will ensure you are only paying for what you need. 

However, if you are frequently on the move and your mobile data acts as the main source of internet connectivity, then you should consider upgrading to Spectrum Mobile’s™ Unlimited and Unlimited Plus plans. Both plans offer unlimited wireless communication over calls, texts, and the web throughout the month. 

Comparison  By the Gig  Unlimited  Unlimited Plus 
Price  $14.00/mo.  $29.99/mo.  $39.99/mo. 
Mobile Data  1 GB  Unlimited  Unlimited 
Hotspot Data  1 GB  Unlimited  Unlimited 
Talk and Text  Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data Caps  1 GB  *20 GB of 5G data  **30 GB of 5G data 
Contract  Not required  Not required  Not required 
International Calls  Canada & Mexico  Canada & Mexico Canada & Mexico
International Texts  200+ countries  200+ countries  200+ countries 
Roaming  Included  Included  Included 
Video Resolution  SD quality  SD quality  HD quality 
Best For  Low data users  Moderate data users  Heavy data users 
*Spectrum Mobile™ Unlimited plan users will experience speed reductions after 20 GB of high-speed data usage due to data prioritization.
**Subscribers of the Spectrum Mobile™ Unlimited Plus plan can continue using mobile data at reduced speeds after surpassing the high-speed data limit of 30 GB.


Spectrum By the Gig is a budget-friendly prepaid phone plan available to all existing Spectrum Internet® customers. For a small fee of $14 per month, you get 1 GB of mobile data at 5G speed, and unlimited calls and texts to all the local numbers. Additional benefits, like free calls and texts to Canada and Mexico, 30 minutes of free WiFi hotspot access at more than 530,000 locations across the country, and up to 1 GB of data sharing between 10 lines, make Spectrum By the Gig plan an ideal 5G phone plan for basic wireless connectivity outside of the home. 

So, switch to Spectrum By the Gig and stop paying for unused data on your phone because, in the Digital Age, financial intelligence starts with ‘paying-by-the-gig’.

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