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AT&T Fiber Optic Internet Review 2024

AT&T Internet 300

$55.00/mo. plus taxes

Price after $5/mo. AutoPay & paperless billing discount

  • Download Speed: 300 Mbps
  • Upload Speed: 300 Mbps
  • Connect Up to 10 Devices

Call to Order

(877) 675-5469
AT&T Internet 500

$65.00/mo. plus taxes

Price after $5/mo. AutoPay & paperless billing discount

  • Download Speed 500 Mbps
  • Upload Speed 500 Mbps
  • Connect Up to 11 Devices

Call to Order

(877) 675-5469
AT&T Internet 1000

$80.00/mo. plus taxes

Price after $5/mo. AutoPay & paperless billing discount

  • Download Speed 1000 Mbps
  • Upload Speed 1000 Mbps
  • Connect Up to 12 Devices

Call to Order

(877) 675-5469

AT&T Fiber Internet can deliver lightning-fast, symmetrical upload and download speeds up to 5,000 Mbps or 5 Gbps. AT&T’s vast fiber-optic cable networks extend over 21 states of the USA, covering nearly 18.5 million customer locations in more than a hundred metro cities.  AT&T is the nation’s number one internet service provider. Currently, 43 percent of the U.S. population has access to fiber internet as its availability remains restricted across the country.

AT&T Fiber Internet services are more affordable than most local fiber internet providers in town. The fastest broadband connection comes with exciting perks like discounts, freebies, and award-winning customer service. And while the gigabit speeds of AT&T Fiber Internet are a sure thing at most zip codes within its 21-state footprint, the 5 GIG speeds are limited to the chosen few.



  • Delivers up to 5 Gbps symmetrical speeds
  • Affordable monthly plans
  • Bundle deals are available
  • Unlimited data on all the plans
  • No-contract service
  • Award-winning customer service
  • Free AT&T ActiveArmor cybersecurity
  • No price hikes after 12 months


  • The service is only available in 21 states of the USA
  • 5 GIG speeds are limited to a selected few cities
  • Additional costs can make the overall service expensive
Table of Contents

AT&T Fiber Internet Plans 

AT&T’s 100 percent fiber-rich network can deliver five varying speeds that are priced differently to ensure that people from all walks of life can enjoy AT&T’s reliable and high-speed broadband service. AT&T Fiber internet plans start at $55 per month, and customers can rest assured that there will be no price hikes after 6 or 12 months.

AT&T Inernet 300$55/mo.300 Mbps
AT&T Internet 500$65/mo.500 Mbps
AT&T  1 Gig Internet$80/mo.1000 Mbps
AT&T 2 Gig Internet$110/mo.2000 Mbps
AT&T 5 Gig Internet$180/mo.5000 Mbps

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AT&T Fiber Internet 300 

AT&T ’s base-level fiber internet plan is called the AT&T Internet 300. It is one of the few entry-level plans in the market that offers starting speeds of 300 Mbps instead of the usual 100 Mbps. The AT&T 300 Mbps fiber internet plan has 15 times faster upload speeds as compared to the coaxial cable internet. This plan costs $55 per month and includes a $100 Reward Card with free ActiveArmor cybersecurity software.

AT&T’s 300 Mbps internet plan is best suited for families with multiple internet users. You can perform online tasks like basic web surfing, light streaming, online gaming, and file uploading on 5 separate devices at once.

AT&T Fiber Internet 500 

AT&T Fiber 500 is the second most popular plan in their Fiber product range. At a monthly price of $65, it delivers 500 Mbps upload and download speeds. All first-time subscribers get a $100 AT&T Reward Card that can be used to purchase other products and services at the AT&T store. Customers who sign-up for the AutoPay and paperless billing method get a $5 discount to reduce the internet fee to $60 per month. Along with the unlimited data, subscribers of the 500 Mbps AT&T internet plan get complete web and device security through the ActiveArmor software pack.

Upload Speeds of AT&T Internet 500 are 20 times faster than cable internet, allowing users to stay connected on 10 devices, simultaneously. We recommend this 500 Mbps plan for medium-sized families, that frequently stream audio-video content and enjoy social media browsing for more than 3 hours a day.

AT&T Fiber Internet  1000 

AT&T delivers gigabit connectivity in its finest form. While most local fiber internet providers are oferring 1 Gbps plans for a monthly rate of $100 and higher, AT&T has kept its price fixed at $80 per month, plus taxes.

On the AT&T Internet 1000 plan, users can experience upload speeds 25 times faster than cable internet. The gigabit speeds are perfect for working and studying from home. The symmetrical 1000 Mbps of internet speed allow glitch-free Zoom meetings, online gaming, transferring of audio/video files, and unlimited streaming in HD quality.

AT&T 2 Gig Fiber Internet  

AT&T’s 2 Gbps fiber internet plan is offered in cities with more than 50 percent availability of fiber-optic internet network. There are around 112 cities where AT&T can effectively deliver up to 2000 Mbps fiber internet speeds. Some of these cities are as follows:

  • Austin, Texas
  • Albany, Georgia
  • Appleton, Wisconsin
  • Bakersfield, California
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • Jackson, Mississippi
  • Miami, Florida
  • Lafayette, Louisiana
  • Springfield, Illinois
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma

The AT&T 2 gig internet plan costs $110 per month, and users get a $150 VISA Reward Card with full access to the AT&T ActiveArmor cybersecurity software. With upload speeds nearly 35 times faster than cable internet, AT&T Fiber Internet 2000 is ideal for smart homes and small home-based businesses. Professional gamers can live-stream their gameplay to a global audience, and movie buffs can watch blockbuster films in 4K ultra-HD quality.

AT&T Fiber Internet  5000 

AT&T Fiber 5000 plan guarantees multi-gigabit connectivity like never before. In January 2022, AT&T rolled out its 5 GIG internet plan in 70 capital cities. Instantly, millions of Americans saw an upgrade on their fiber plans and could now enjoy symmetrical speeds that were 40 times faster than cable internet. The AT&T 5 gig internet plan is available for $180 per month with a cutting-edge Wi-Fi router gateway for a small fee of $10 per month. AT&T’s 5 GIG fiber internet service includes a $150 Reward Card with 6 months of validity and full access to the ActiveAmor security package.

The 5000 Mbps fiber internet plan was designed to meet the needs of professional gamers, small business owners, and large households as you can simultaneously connect up to 25 devices on the network. AT&T’s 5,000 Mbps fiber internet plan is the ultimate guiding tool for a fast-paced life.

Additional Costs

AT&T Fiber Internet is one of the most affordable, fully fiber-optic, internet providers out there. But due to some additional costs associated with the service, some subscribers may prefer to compromise on superfast speeds and stick to their current, budget-friendly internet carrier.


All the new AT&T subscribers can choose between expert installation and self-installation. If you think you have the necessary skills to successfully set up and activate your AT&T Fiber Internet at home or office space, then you can order a self-installation kit when you enroll for the plan. The self-installation kit is delivered to you for free and includes an advanced Wi-Fi gateway along with the necessary cables and plug-ins.

However, if you have a history of messing up technical DIY projects, then it is better to request a professional installation. An AT&T technician is sent to your address within 3 days of enrollment. The professional installation of AT&T Fiber Internet costs $99, and it can take around 4 hours for the service to be activated on your account.


AT&T’s gigabit and multi-gigabit speeds are not compatible with older versions of modems and routers. So, either you can invest around $300 in the purchase of an AT&T-compatible Wi-Fi 6 gateway or lease the equipment from AT&T on a monthly basis. The equipment rental for AT&T Fiber Internet is $10 per month, and upon service cancellation, you must return the equipment. Failure to return the equipment to AT&T will result in a fine of up to $150.

Taxes and Surcharges 

The monthly fees of AT&T Fiber Internet plans are inclusive of taxes imposed by the state and federal governments. The monetary value of these taxes ranges between $5 and $15 per month. In regards to surcharges, all AT&T Fiber Internet customers are charged a late payment fee of $10 per month if they fail to pay their bills before the due date.

AT&T Fiber Internet Coverage

AT&T Fiber-optics Internet is available in 21 states of the USA. According to recent reports, the penetration of their Fiber Internet stands at 37 percent, making it the most widely available fiber internet provider in the country. In the second quarter of 2022, AT&T had around 6.4 million active subscribers.

AT&T Fiber-optic internet is accessible in the following 21 states, with a high concentration in the midwest, southeast, and southwest.22

AT&T Fiber Internet Availability by State
Alabama Illinois Michigan Ohio
Arkansas Indiana Mississippi Oklahoma
California Kansas Missouri South Carolina
Florida Kentucky Nevada Tennessee
Georgia Louisiana North Carolina Texas

AT&T Fiber Internet vs Competitors 

We were intrigued as to how AT&T has consistently managed to outperform its competitors by offering fiber internet plans in the same demographic market. To quench our curiosity, we ran multiple comparison tests, the results of which are below:

ISPs Availability Population Covered Maximum Speed
AT&T 21 states  39,392,095 5000 Mbps 
EarthLink 21 states  33,369,566 5000 Mbps 
Verizon 9 states  34,765,005 1000 Mbps 
CenturyLink 16 states 12,170,375 940 Mbps
Xfinity 40 states 4,244,569 1200 Mbps 
Google Fiber 9 states  3,077,212 2000 Mbps 

AT&T Fiber vs EarthLink Fiber Internet

EarthLink Fiber Internet piggybacks on the AT&T fiber-optic internet network to deliver superfast broadband to its subscribers. Therefore, there are several similarities between the fiber internet service offered by the two providers. However, AT&T Fiber Internet is more popular because of its bundle deals, no-contract service, and customer service excellence. 

ComparisonAT&T Fiber EarthLink Fiber
Price Range $55.00 to $180/mo.$54.95 to $190/mo.
Speed Range 300 Mbps to 5000 Mbps100 Mbps to 5,000 Mbps
Coverage Area 21 states of the USA21 states of the USA
Population Covered39,392,09533,369,566
Contract Not RequiredRequired
Data CapUnlimited DataUnlimited Data
Bundle DealsAvailableNot Available
Promotional PricingNot AvailableNot Available
Installation Fee  $99$80
Equipment Rental $10/mo.$15/mo.
Customer Service 4.7 stars out of 53.7 stars out of 5

Detailed Comparison: AT&T vs EarthLink

AT&T Fiber vs Xfinity Fiber 

Xfinity by Comcast is one of the most widely available internet providers in the USA. But Xfinity is mainly a cable internet provider, and its fiber internet service is limited to a few cities across its 40-state footprint.  Despite the low price, Xfinity’s fiber internet service cannot compete with AT&T’s fiber internet. Firstly, Xfinity fiber internet customers have to sign an annual contract. Secondly, Xfinity fiber internet speeds top out at 1,200 Mbps, with a data cap of 1.2 TB. Lastly, it lags in delivering the same value to its customers as AT&T Fiber-optic Internet.

ComparisonAT&T Fiber Internet Xfinity Fiber Internet
Price Range $55 to $180/mo.$30 to $80/mo.
Speed Range 300 Mbps to 5000 Mbps50 Mbps to 1200 Mbps
Coverage Area 21 states of the USA40 states of the USA
Population Covered39,392,0954,244,569
Contract Not RequiredRequired
Data CapUnlimited Data1.2 TB of data
Bundle DealsAvailableAvailable
Promotion PricingNot AvailableAvailable
Installation Fee  $99.00$89.99
Equipment Rental $10/mo.$14/mo.
Customer Service 4.7 stars out of 54.6 stars out of 5

Detailed Comparison: AT&T Fiber vs Xfinity

AT&T Fiber vs Verizon Fios 

Verizon Fios is a new contender in the fiber internet arena. It is slowly catching up to other dominant fiber internet providers by rolling out its gigabit, fiber-rich broadband in 9 states of the USA. Verizon Fios’s fiber-optic internet service is quite similar to AT&T Fiber Internet, but because of its limited countrywide availability, it will always rank lower than AT&T Fiber. 

Comparison AT&T Fiber Verizon Fios
Price Range  $55.00 to $180.00/mo. $49.99 to $89.99/mo.
Speed Range  300 Mbps to 5000 Mbps 300 Mbps to 1000 Mbps
Coverage Area  21 states of the USA 9 states of the USA
Population Covered 39,392,095 34,765,005
Contract  Not Required Not Required
Data Cap Unlimited Data Unlimited Data
Bundle Deals Available Available
Promotion Pricing Not Available Not Available
Installation Fee   $99.00 $99.00
Equipment Rental  $10/mo. Included
Customer Service  4.7 stars out of 5 4.5 stars out of 5

AT&T Fiber vs Google Fiber 

Tremendous hype was created around the launch of Google Fiber in 2010. Everybody said that this will transform the internet landscape in the USA. Thirteen years on and Google Fiber still remains one of the least subscribed fiber internet services in the country. For starters, Google Fiber is only available in 9 states and offers just 2 plans. Even though its customer service score is a little below AT&T Fiber Internet, the exorbitant $300 installation fee is enough to offend many Americans.


ComparisonAT&T Fiber Google Fiber
Price Range $55.00 to $180.00/mo.$70.00 to $100.00/mo.
Speed Range 300 Mbps to 5000 Mbps1000 Mbps to 2000 Mbps
Coverage Area 21 states of the USA9 states of the USA
Population Covered39,392,0953,077,212
Contract Not RequiredNot Required
Data CapUnlimited DataUnlimited Data
Bundle DealsAvailableAvailable
Promotion PricingNot AvailableNot Available
Installation Fee  $99.00 (one-time fee)$300 (one-time)
Equipment Rental $10.00 per monthIncluded
Customer Service 4.7 stars out of 54.6 stars out of 5

Detailed Comparison: AT&T Fiber vs Google Fiber

AT&T Fiber vs CenturyLink Fiber 

For decades, CenturyLink internet has been the household name for reliable broadband in the south. Its DSL internet service is available in 36 states of the USA. Unfortunately, the carrier did not have the same success in its fiber internet expansion. CenturyLink’s fiber internet network is limited to 16 states and it only offers a single plan for a flat fee of $70 per month. In contrast, AT&T Fiber Internet offers several options for affordable fiber internet.

Comparison AT&T Fiber CenturyLink Fiber Internet
Price Range  $55 to $180/mo.  $70/mo.
Speed Range  300 Mbps to 5000 Mbps  Up to 940 Mbps 
Coverage Area  21 states of the USA  16 states of the USA 
Population Covered 39,392,095 12,170,375
Contract  Not Required  Not Required
Data Cap Unlimited Data  Unlimited Data 
Bundle Deals Available  Available 
Promotion Pricing Not Available  Not Available 
Installation Fee   $99 Included 
Equipment Rental  $10/mo. Included 
Customer Service  4.7 stars out of 5  4.5 stars out of 5 


AT&T Fiber is continuing to lead the fiber-optic internet revolution in the country. AT&T Fiber Internet plans start at $55 per month and subscribers can enjoy multi-gigabit speeds for next-gen connectivity. Affordable AT&T bundles, straightforward pricing, and contract-free service make it an undefeated champion in the broadband industry.


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