Viasat Satellite Internet Review


Satellite internet might be your last choice, but it is often the only option for people living in unreachable areas. Viasat is a solid option for high-speed satellite internet. As per its motto of finding better ways to connect people, the provider has recently made quite a significant change.

Instead of multiple options, the majority of Americans now only get one “Unlimited and contract-free” internet plan. Let’s explore this new Viasat Internet plan so you know what to expect when choosing this provider.

From the starting price to the maximum internet speed and all the details in between, read on to learn how the provider is meeting the toughest connectivity challenges. 


  • Available in all 50 states
  • Download speed reaches 150 Mbps in some areas
  • Unlimited data
  • The new plan is contract-free
  • Free professional installation

  • Internet speeds vary with location
  • Expensive internet service compared to wired internet providers
  • High latency rate
  • Slow internet speeds after exceeding typical data usage
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Viasat Home Internet Plans & Prices

Viasat has recently joined the club of internet providers with single internet plans to provide better connections. In simple terms, Viasat Unleashed is going to be the one-and-only option for most Americans. As for the small percentage of Americans living outside the reach of this plan, Viasat will be continuing its Choice Internet plans for now.

The starting price of Viasat Unleashed is $99.99 per month, but its download speed varies with location and can reach up to 150 Mbps in some areas. The best thing about this new plan is that you don’t have to sign a 2-year contract. The plan also includes “unlimited” data, but if you read the fine print, you will understand that it is not truly unlimited.

Viasat will throttle your speed during network congestion if you exceed the typical usage of 850 GB of data in a month. However, this should not be an issue as this data is more than enough for average internet users.

Viasat Internet Plans
Plan Starting Price Maximum Download Speed Data Caps
Unleashed $99.99/mo. Up to 150 Mbps None

Viasat Internet Speeds

Viasat may now offer a single internet plan in most areas, but its internet speed still varies with your location. So, if you are subscribing to Viasat Unleashed, you can expect a download speed ranging from 25 Mbps to 150 Mbps. Meanwhile, its upload speed is not as impressive, clocking out at 3 Mbps.

This low upload rate, however, is not a problem since internet usage is asymmetric. Most activities like web browsing, video streaming, and downloading files require high download speeds. As a result, Viasat is a solid choice for rural communities, providing faster download speeds than traditional satellite connections.

To summarize, Viasat’s internet service is ideal for essential online activities like online shopping, education, and communication and supports up to five devices at once.

Viasat Internet Speeds
Download Speeds Upload Speeds
25 Mbps – 150 Mbps Up to 3 Mbps

Viasat Internet for Gaming

We all have played online games at one point in our lives. Most people primarily use the internet for playing games. In fact, it was one of the top 5 online activities in the country in 2023, according to Statista. 

The gaming community is continuously growing, and with numerous games being released every year, a stable internet is crucial for a smooth gaming experience.

Unfortunately, due to the absence of wired internet providers, online gamers in rural areas have to rely on a satellite internet service. So, is Viasat Internet good for gaming? The answer to that question depends on your gaming patterns and preferences.

Generally, Viasat is a decent option for playing online games, and about 30% of its customers are gamers. However, it is not suitable for every type of game. The problem is not its internet speed but its high latency rate, which makes fast-paced games almost unplayable. 

Other issues include frequent network interruptions due to bad weather and varying internet speeds depending on your address.

To give you an idea, the ideal latency for online gaming is below 40 ms. Here is how satellite internet’s latency rate compares to other internet types.


Internet Types Latency Rate
Fiber 10 – 12 ms.
Cable 13 – 27 ms.
DSL 11 – 40 ms.
Satellite 594 – 612 ms.

Best Modem & Router for Viasat Satellite Internet

Like most internet providers, you also have two options for equipment with Viasat. You can either rent its modem with built-in Wi-Fi for a monthly fee of $15 or use your own equipment. 

The second option is excellent for saving money in the long run, but it can result in a setback if you end up with an incompatible device.

You can find many 2-in-1 modem/router combos in the market, but you should consider a few factors, such as wireless standards, range and speed, security, ports, and more, to find the best option. Since Viasat’s download speeds are only up to 150 Mbps, you don’t have to choose a gateway that supports higher speeds, for example, 1 Gbps.

Therefore, ARRIS Surfboard SBG10 is the best Wi-Fi gateway for Viasat Internet. This device, with DOCSIS 3.0 technology, supports internet speeds up to 400 Mbps and provides better coverage and performance. But its best feature is its affordable price, giving you optimal performance for an upfront $94.15.


Specifications of ARRIS Surfboard SBG10
Price $94.15
DOCSIS Technology DOCSIS 3.0
Downstream and Upstream Channels 16 x 4
1 Gbps Ethernet Ports 2
Wi-Fi Standard 802.11ac
Supports Up to 400 Mbps speed
Warranty 2 years
*The price may vary with your location

Viasat TV and Internet Bundles

Viasat does not offer TV plans. So, for internet and TV bundles, you will have to choose between satellite TV providers like DIRECTV or DISH Network. While there are no exclusive bundling discounts with these packages, you get thousands of On-Demand titles and all the channels you want in one place, along with a high-speed satellite internet connection.

Both DIRECTV and DISH are great options for bundling. Where DISH has a greater channel collection, DIRECTV gives you more sports networks and excellent network reliability.

Viasat Internet & TV bundles
Bundle Starting Price Internet Speed Channel Count
Unleashed + DIRECTV Entertainment $169.98/mo. Up to 150 Mbps 75+
Unleashed + DISH America’s Top 120 $184.98/mo. Up to 150 Mbps 190
*DIRECTV’s price includes an AutoPay and Paperless Bill discount.
**DIRECTV charges an extra $15 Advanced Receiver Service fee (unavoidable), and up to $13.99 for RSNs with Choice and above plans
***You may need to sign a 2-year contract with both DIRECTV and DISH

Viasat Internet Availability & Coverage Map

Viasat’s core strength is its nationwide availability. Since the provider uses satellites in space to deliver internet access, Viasat is not restricted by geographical barriers. Hence, you can find this satellite internet provider in every neighborhood and community, no matter how remote they may be.

Viasat Satellite Internet Coverage Map

Its performance, on the other hand, depends on your location. Despite high availability, Viasat’s internet service is more suitable for people living in rural or remote areas. The service requires you to have sufficient space around your home with a clear view of the southern sky, which is impossible in densely populated areas.

Viasat Internet Customer Service Review

Viasat’s customer service is a bit difficult to judge because we don’t get valuable insights from major organizations like ACSI and J.D. Power. However, Better Business Bureau (BBB) can be your resource for evaluating its customer service.

Despite its low score of 1.03 out of 5, BBB has given Viasat an ‘A’ rating due to its proactive approach and transparency. Viasat has resolved more than 2 thousand complaints in just three years, displaying its continuous improvement and responsive customer support.

Is Viasat Internet Good?

Overall, Viasat is a decent internet provider if your expectations are well-adjusted according to a satellite internet connection. It provides reasonable internet speeds of up to 150 Mbps and unlimited data and has recently introduced a month-to-month internet plan in most areas. It means you no longer have to sign a 2-year contract.

However, Viasat’s high prices and inconsistent speeds could be an issue for many people, but rural communities have no other choice due to the lack of wired internet options. Moreover, its high latency makes it unsuitable for competitive gaming.


Viasat offers unlimited data with Unleashed internet service. However, it deprioritizes your network if you exceed typical usage, 850 GB of data per month. Customers living outside the reach of its plans have access to its unlimited plans. These plans offer unrestricted standard data, but their high-speed data ranges from 60 to 500 GB per month.

Yes, Viasat is a satellite internet provider.

It depends on your work requirements. Viasat’s internet service may be a good option for remote work in some scenarios, but it is unsuitable for daily operations requiring high bandwidth and uninterrupted connection.

Viasat is a high-speed satellite internet provider, delivering up to 150 Mbps speeds depending on your location.

Viasat delivers internet access via satellites in space. Whenever you use the internet, your device sends the request to the dish outside your home through the modem. 

The dish then transmits your request to Viasat’s satellite in space, which redirects it to Viasat’s gateway station on Earth. The station then relays your request to your favorite website, which sends your requested information back in the reverse path to your device.

Viasat provides a decent internet service and is constantly in the process of improving its connections. 

However, since it uses satellite technology, the vast distance between the satellite in space and the Earth’s surface causes a few problems in its connection. These issues include network interruptions, high latency rates, and outages.

There are a few ways to improve your Viasat Internet speed. Usually, poor Wi-Fi coverage is the main reason behind a slow internet connection. You can do that by keeping your modem away from other electronic devices, such as microwave ovens or baby monitors. 

Place your device in a central location of your home to receive maximum signals. If the issue persists, check your modem/router to see if it is damaged. Otherwise, contact Viasat’s customer service.

Viasat has a slight edge over HughesNet in terms of internet speeds. However, HughesNet is more reliable and affordable.

Since DIRECTV and Viasat are two different providers, you will need to make space for two dishes if you are subscribing to their plans.

Mild weather conditions like light rain showers or cloud covers usually have no impact on your Viasat Internet service. However, you may temporarily lose your connection during heavy thunderstorms.

Yes, you can now access DIRECTV on your Viasat internet connection without installing a dish. Simply, bundle your Viasat Internet with any DIRECTV Stream or its internet-supported plan

Viasat offers unlimited data with its latest plan. However, its older internet plans come with free internet access at night. The Late Night Free Zone from 12 to 5 a.m. gives unrestricted access to its customers for a few hours.

Viasat participates in the FCC’s Lifeline program, giving a monthly $5.25 discount on voice-only service or a $9.25 discount on broadband to eligible customers.

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