Spectrum Business Internet Review 2024

Business Internet


for 12 mos with Auto Pay

  • Price when Bundled: $49.99/mo.
  • Download Speed: 300 Mbps
  • Upload Speed: 10 Mbps

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(877) 654-4997
Business Internet Ultra


for 12 mos with Auto Pay

  • Price when Bundled: $99.99/mo.
  • Download Speed: 600 Mbps
  • Upload Speed: 20 Mbps

Call to Order

(877) 654-4997
Business Internet Gig


for 12 mos with Auto Pay

  • Price when Bundled: $149.99/mo.
  • Download Speed: 1,000 Mbps
  • Upload Speed: 35 Mbps

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(877) 654-4997

Spectrum Business Internet caters to this unique subclass of broadband consumers who neither fit the description of Spectrum residential Internet nor can they opt for leased lines reserved for large enterprises. In this review, we will review the Spectrum Business Internet plans and see how their prices, perks, and performance accelerate small business growth.

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Overview of Spectrum Internet for Business

Spectrum Business Internet is a dedicated broadband service for small and medium business owners. Initially, the service was offered exclusively to commercial spaces, like offices, warehouses, and stores. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, Spectrum saw a potential customer base in home business owners and remote workers. The plans were modified to meet the demands for high speeds, increased reliability, and affordability. Increased attention was given to the pain points of businesses. As a result, each Spectrum Business Internet plan includes a static IP address, a domain name, custom email IDs, cyber security for up to 25 devices, business WiFi, and more. 

Spectrum’s business internet service starts at $49.99 per month, and customers can receive download speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps with unlimited data and contract-free service. The business-exclusive plans can be accessed in all 41 states where Spectrum offers broadband coverage. Currently, close to 10 million freelancers, startups, home-based businesses, and small-to-medium enterprises are subscribed to one of the three Spectrum Business Internet plans and enjoying 99.9 percent reliability on the hybrid fiber-cable network.  

These internet plans can be bundled with cable TV, mobile phone, and telephone services for as low as $124.96 per month (for 12 months) to ensure businesses can access 360-degree connectivity for next-level productivity. 



  • Download speeds of up to 1 Gig
  • Unlimited data 
  • No annual contracts 
  • Discounted bundle deals 
  • $50 worth of free features 
  • 99.9% network reliability


  • Upload speeds max out at 35 Mbps 
  • Second-year price hikes

Spectrum Business Internet Plans & Pricing

Spectrum’s business customers are so diverse that they resemble a kaleidoscope of commercial activity. From eBay merchandise seller moms to regional banks, over a million registered businesses in the USA have made Spectrum Business Internet their trusted business partner. Spectrum quickly acknowledged that a one-size-fits-all approach was not workable for its mixed customer pool. 

The solution was presented in the form of three tiers of internet speeds, which were appropriately priced to meet the specific needs of every business. Business owners can choose between 300 Mbps, 600 Mbps, and 1,000 Mbps to get the download speed that best fits the purpose and budget of their company. 

So, let’s look at the three Spectrum Business Internet plans in detail and see if you can decide which speed tier fits your business the best. 

Spectrum Business Internet 

Spectrum Business Internet is the entry-level plan. It is what gets businesses started on their journey to commercial success. For a monthly fee of $64.99, businesses get download speeds of up to 300 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 10 Mbps. The plan includes a cutting-edge internet modem, uncapped data, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and advanced business features that are over $50 in value.  

Annual term agreements (contracts) are not a prerequisite for subscribing to this plan. Customers are free to upgrade to higher speed tiers or even cancel the service if they feel Spectrum Business Internet is not offering them the expected value. 

Subscribers can combine their broadband with the Spectrum Voice service to get up to $15 in monthly savings. However, the starting prices of standalone internet service and its bundle deal are only valid for the first 12 months. In the second year, the price jacks up by $35 per month, which can bring your total bill to $84.99 for the Spectrum Business Internet and Business Voice services. 

All in all, the Spectrum Business Internet is an ideal low-cost starter plan for businesses that are changing the country’s socio-economic landscape with a 5-member team.  

Spectrum Business Internet
Regular Price  $64.99/mo. (with AutoPay & paperless billing discounts)
Bundled Price  $49.99/mo. (with AutoPay & paperless billing discounts)
Download Speed  300 Mbps 
Upload Speed  10 Mbps 
Data Cap  Unlimited data 
Contract  Not required 
Perks  A 30-day money-back guarantee
Best For  Businesses with fewer than 5 employees. 
*All the prices shown in the table will increase by at least $35 per month after 12 months. Wireless speeds may vary.

Spectrum Business Internet Ultra

An ultra connection for the ultras in the business community. That’s right! Catered to the needs of the revolutionaries, the Spectrum Business Internet Ultra plan offers superfast download speeds of up to 600 Mbps and an upload speed of 20 Mbps with 99.9 percent network reliability. For $114.99 per month, the Internet Ultra plan ensures that the right tools, people, and knowledge needed to propel your business forward are just a click away.  

Spectrum Business Internet Ultra’s $115 price tag includes a compatible DOCSIS 3.1 modem, a 30-day free trial, a contract-free service, and unlimited data throughout the month. The freebie bucket becomes extra-loaded with personalized gifts, such as email IDs, domain names, hard-coded IPs, and antivirus software. 

This plan is the perfect combo of wide bandwidths and low-cost connectivity. Placed in the middle of Spectrum’s lowest and highest speed tiers, Spectrum Business Internet Ultra promises moderation to mid-sized businesses with its mid-tier asymmetric speeds

Spectrum Business Internet Ultra
Regular Price  $114.99/mo. (with AutoPay and paperless billing discounts)
Bundled Price  $99.99/mo. (with AutoPay and paperless billing discounts)
Download Speed  600 Mbps 
Upload Speed  20 Mbps 
Data Cap  Unlimited data 
Contract  Not required 
Perks  A 30-day money-back guarantee. 
Best For  Businesses with 20 employees or less.
The monthly rates quoted in the table above are valid for 12 months. Wireless speeds may vary.

Spectrum Business Internet Gig

And if you decide to go big, choose the Spectrum Business Internet Gig plan. It is the premium speed tier for companies with more than 20 employees. The introductory fee of the Internet Gig plan is $164.99 per month. Within this price, you get 1,000 Mbps on the down, up to 35 Mbps on the upstream, limitless data, and a no-contract service. 

Spectrum Business Internet Gig customers enjoy the same level of comfort and security as their 300 Mbps and 600 Mbps counterparts. They, too, receive a welcome hamper filled with security-encrypted business WiFi, custom emails, static IPs, and antivirus licenses. To add cherry on top, they get battery-operated wireless internet backup for running the business smoothly during network outages. So, even when the internet is down, you never miss a beat on your sales because the backup automatically activates to offer seamless connectivity for up to 8 hours. 

Customers can avail of savings of up to $180 in the promo period of 12 months by bundling their broadband with the Spectrum Business Voice service because a brand is nothing without its distinct voice. 

Spectrum Business Internet Gig
Regular Price  $164.99/mo. (with AutoPay and paperless billing discounts)
Bundled Price  $149.99/mo. (with AutoPay and paperless billing discounts)
Download Speed  1,000 Mbps
Upload Speed  35 Mbps 
Data Cap  Unlimited data 
Contract  Not required 
Perks  A 30-day money-back guarantee.
Best For  Businesses with more than 20 employees 
*Prices shown in the table above are subject to change after 12 months of service. Wireless speeds may vary.

Spectrum Business Internet Bundles

Spectrum is a one-stop shop for thousands of businesses that need one fluff-free solution for all their telecom needs. Instead of complicating the startup journey for game changers and rule breakers of commerce, Spectrum offers them a straightforward all-in-one deal that guarantees holistic digital connectivity. The Spectrum Business Internet plans can be combined with the Business TV, Voice, and Mobile services for mega savings of up to $55 per month. 

So, let’s look at some of the most popular business internet bundles offered by Spectrum that can catapult your business to new heights while keeping the operational costs to a minimum. 

Spectrum Business Internet and Voice Bundles

Companies can stack a voice-over protocol (VoIP) phone service on top of their broadband plans to get discounts of up to $25 per month. The standalone price of Spectrum Business Voice is $29.99 per month for one line, but when you purchase Spectrum Business Internet and Voice together, the price for the phone line reduces to $19.99 per month, and the starting price of the internet drops to $49.99 per month instead of the $64.99 charge. 

The Voice service includes unlimited nationwide calling, more than 35 advanced calling features, and a free business phone number that can solidify your brand’s presence. 

Price  Business Internet  Business Voice 
$69.98/mo.  300 Mbps  35+ calling features 
$119.98/mo.  600 Mbps  35+ calling features
$169.98/mo.  1,000 Mbps  35+ calling features

Spectrum Business Internet and TV Bundles

From multinational corporations to mom-and-pop eateries, millions of businesses in the USA install a TV in their waiting rooms, cafeterias, and conference halls. The idea is to entertain the waiting guests, relax the dining employees, and connect with industry leaders via video calls. For this reason, Spectrum provides a custom-built cable TV service to businesses. The Spectrum Business TV plans are available at three varying prices. 

Spectrum TV Packages for Businesses

The Spectrum TV plans for businesses start at $29.99 per month, and you can get up to 90 HD channels, including all the top-rated news, sports, and entertainment networks. The channel lineup can be customized to carry seasonal sports channels and Spanish language programming for as low as $9.99 per month. 

Plans Price  No. of Channels 
TV Essentials $$29.99/mo.* 50+
Business TV $39.99/mo.* 70+
TV Premier $59.99/mo.* 90+
*For 12 mos. when bundled **Not available to bars and restaurants

By bundling their Spectrum Business Internet plan with a Business TV package, commercial account holders can get discounts of up to $15+ in a month. This is because the bundled price of Spectrum Business Internet is $15 cheaper than its standalone monthly fee.


Spectrum Business Internet & TV Bundles 
BundlePrice Business Internet Business TV 
Business Internet + Business TV$79.98/mo.300 Mbps50+ HD channels
Business Internet Ultra + Business TV$129.98/mo.600 Mbps50+ HD channels
Business Internet Gig + Business TV$179.98/mo.1,000 Mbps50+ HD channels
*The monthly fee for Spectrum Business Internet and TV bundles will increase after 12 months. A broadcast surcharge of up to $25.75 per month is applicable on the Spectrum Business TV service. Please contact the provider for more details.

Spectrum Business Internet and Mobile Bundles

The super saver Spectrum One offering is now available to business customers. For a year, Spectrum Business Internet subscribers will get one free Spectrum Mobile Unlimited line to stay digitally connected while on the road. 

The Spectrum Mobile Unlimited plan costs $29.99 per month and includes unlimited 5G data and countless calls and texts to any number within the country. But when purchased with the Spectrum Business Internet, it is offered for free for a promo period of 12 months. 

Spectrum Business Internet & Mobile Bundles 
Price  Business Internet  Business Mobile 
$49.99/mo.  300 Mbps  1 Free Unlimited line 
$99.99/mo.  600 Mbps  1 Free Unlimited line 
$149.99/mo.  1,000 Mbps  1 Free Unlimited line 
The free Spectrum Mobile Unlimited line offer is valid for 12 months. Wireless speeds may vary.

How to Choose the Best Spectrum Internet Plan for Business? 

Selecting the correct internet speeds for your new business or upscaled venture is easier said than done. Businesses often misjudge their speed requirements and get trapped in overpriced contract-based plans, or sign up for entry-level plans that are too slow for their heavy-duty online activities. To save you from this predicament, we have devised a 3-step criteria. You can use these 3 key indicators to assess your bandwidth needs and choose an appropriate Spectrum Business Internet plan for your company. 

Step 1: Determine the File Types and Sizes

First, you must carefully review the kind of files that you and your peers frequently share among yourself and with your stakeholders. Images and video files are comparatively heavier than audio and text files. So, if the data transfer is mostly in the form of jpeg and mp4 file types, it is advisable to subscribe to higher bandwidths and expedite the uploading and downloading procedures. 

Step 2: Identify the Most-Used Applications for Your Business

You must ascertain the go-to applications for your business and find out the average speed requirements for each. For example, if you and your staff heavily rely on Zoom video calls for your business-related communications, you will need at least 200 Mbps on the down and 25 Mbps on the up for a 50-member Zoom meeting in high-definition. 

Step 3: Count and Lock the Number of Devices on the Network

Last but not least, please count all the devices connected to the Spectrum Business Internet network. This will include desktops, laptops, tablets, and cell phones. The bandwidth of your internet plan should be able to handle simultaneous connectivity on all these devices. For example, the 300 Mbps speed tier can support up to 20 devices, but if you upgrade to the Internet Gig plan, you can simultaneously connect 80 devices and more to the network. 

The table below highlights the impact of internet speeds on the download time of files of different sizes and types. 

Download Speeds
File Sizes  300 Mbps  600 Mbps  1,000 Mbps 
Text Document  (50 MB) 2 seconds 1 second  < 1-second 
Image File (200 MB) 8 seconds  3.5 seconds 1-second 
Video File (1 GB) 42 seconds  17 seconds 8 seconds 

It should take a few minutes to pick the ideal Spectrum Business Internet plan once you have figured out your 3 keys. 

Perks of Spectrum Internet for Business 

Come for the speeds, stay for the perks! Spectrum Business Internet plans provide all the essentials that you would expect to receive in an executive suite. Added to fulfill the needs of business-class customers, these perks will make cruising on the highs of your success an everyday deal. 

Free for 30

All the Spectrum Business Internet plans include a 30-day money-back guarantee. New customers can test drive the service and avail of all the accompanied benefits for the first 30 days. Upon an unsatisfactory experience, they will get a full refund, as long as they send their cancellation request to Spectrum within 30 days of enrolment. Spectrum’s 30-day free trial for business customers also ensures that businesses have ample time to test and decide whether the chosen speeds are the right fit for their company’s needs. Since there are no annual term commitments, customers can easily switch between plans and upgrade or downgrade their internet speeds within this trial period. 

Avoid Hiccups with Wireless Internet Backup 

Did you know that small businesses can lose up to $427 in one minute of network downtime, while the loss for larger businesses can be as high as $16,000 per minute? Spectrum Business Internet customers get a free wireless internet backup to keep their operations running smoothly during network or power outages. A battery-powered LTE modem automatically switches on when the mains shut down to provide unlimited data for up to 8 hours. Spectrum’s wireless internet backup can offer connectivity on 4 essential devices with 99.9 percent reliability to ensure that you continue to mint money while the world around you turns dark. 

Surf Worry-Free with Desktop Security

The success of a business is dependent on its trade secrets. In the wrong hands, the same information can be misused and lead to the company’s collapse. Luckily, all three-speed tiers of Spectrum Internet for businesses come with free antivirus licenses for up to 25 desktops. Features such as malware detection, blocking spam emails, and real-time protection against cyber attacks shield the company’s private and confidential information from miscreants. 

Custom Identity for Business Reliability 

A domain name is the online identity of a business. With a relevant domain name, companies can establish trust and create more visibility for their brand. When businesses sign up for a business Internet plan, they are offered a domain name for free. If they choose to accept the suggested domain name, Spectrum allows them 25 email IDs that are registered with the given domain name.

Static IP and More for Business Galore

Spectrum Business Internet customers get a free static IP address for one primary device. The unchanging IP address of the device gives the user the freedom to work remotely and still access websites that are restricted in his or her geographical location. In addition, when companies subscribe to any of the internet plans, they get secured access to a Business-only WiFi network. It helps businesses keep their network hidden and protected from visitors, freeloaders, and hackers. 

Spectrum Business Internet Availability

Spectrum Business Internet is available throughout Spectrum’s 41-state footprint. It is believed that out of Spectrum’s 30.6 million broadband internet customers, at least one-third of the subscribers are small and medium-sized enterprises. With more than 800 thousand miles of hybrid fiber-cable network infrastructure, Spectrum is the second-largest provider of cable internet for businesses. 

Spectrum’s  Business Internet plans are widely accessible in the following 41 states of the USA.

States with Spectrum Business Internet Coverage
Alabama Indiana  Missouri  Oregon 
Arizona Kansas Montana  Pennsylvania 
California Kentucky  Nebraska  South Carolina
Colorado Louisiana  Nevada  Tennessee 
Connecticut Maine  New Hampshire  Texas 
Florida  Maryland  New Jersey  Vermont 
Georgia  Massachusetts  New Mexico  Virginia 
Hawaii  Michigan  New York  Washington 
Idaho  Minnesota  North Carolina  West Virginia 
Illinois  Mississippi  Ohio  Wisconsin 

The coverage area of Spectrum Business Internet is over 90 percent in the following 10 cities. Nearly 14.1 million people within these top 10 cities can access at least 150.88 Mbps of download speeds on their business internet plans.

10 Best Cities for Spectrum Business Internet 
City  State  Availability  Population Covered
Queens New York  99.76% 2,451,987 people 
Manhattan  New York  99.54% 1,493,100 people 
El Paso  Texas  99.36% 674,073 people 
Dallas  Texas  99.12% 1,248,321 people 
Austin  Texas  99.07% 957,305 people 
Charlotte  North Carolina  98.95% 876,364 people 
Los Angeles  California  98.74% 3,721,989 people 
San Antonio  Texas  98.01% 1,450,051 people 
Orlando  Florida  92.63% 289,265 people 
Forth Worth  Texas  91.32% 878,393 people 

Spectrum Business Internet Customer Service

Small businesses get an express pass when they sign up for the Spectrum Business Internet plans. They are automatically redirected to a priority customer service where a specialist is waiting to assist them with their queries. In the case of technical issues, billing inquiries, or service upgrades, customers can call the Spectrum Business Support desk and speak to US-based experts working round-the-clock to deliver exceptional service. 

Apart from a dedicated helpline, customers can use the live chat feature on the Spectrum web portal for quick questions. Or they can access Spectrum Business’s Support Hub for readable guides and tutorials related to Spectrum Business services (Internet, TV, Mobile, and Voice), as well as accounts and billing. 

In the J.D. Power 2022 U.S. Business Wireline Satisfaction Study, Spectrum secured 6th position in the medium business segment and 5th spot in the category of small businesses. Even with below-segment average scores of 803 and 759 on a 1000-point scale, Spectrum Business Internet is undeterred and focuses on “personalized services, dedicated account representatives, and solid communications” to enhance reliability and performance for small-to-medium-sized businesses. 

Spectrum’s Business Internet and related services can be ordered online or over call between 8:00 AM and 11:00 PM (eastern time). 

Spectrum Business Internet vs. Competitors

Choosing the right business partner is one of the most important decisions you will make as an entrepreneur. With a reliable business partner by your side, you can achieve your goals more quickly and efficiently. But if you pick the wrong business partner, you could lose more than what you had put on the line. 

Your professional relationship with your business internet provider is no less than a joint venture. You will need seamless high-speed connectivity to manage your business communications effectively. Therefore, your choice of business internet will directly affect your company’s performance.

Spectrum Business Internet is one of the leading broadband providers for small and medium enterprises. But as its availability is limited to a select few metros across 41 states, you may want to consider the following top-ranking business internet providers for your stores and offices. 

Top-Rated Business Internet Providers in the USA
Provider  Starting Price  Max. Speed Overall Rating 
Spectrum $49.99/mo.  1,000 Mbps  8.8/ 10 
AT&T $60.00/mo.  5,000 Mbps  8.8/ 10 
Verizon $69.00/mo.  940 Mbps  8.6/ 10 
Frontier $64.99/mo.  2,000 Mbps  7.4/ 10 
Kinetic $64.99/mo.  1,000 Mbps 6.5/ 10 
EarthLink $69.95/mo.  5,000 Mbps  6.7/ 10
Optimum $65.00/mo.  8,000 Mbps 6.2/ 10 
Consolidated Communications $80.00/mo.  2,000 Mbps  8.0/ 10
HughesNet $84.99/mo.  50 Mbps  7.8/ 10
Viasat $80.00/mo.  100 Mbps  8.2/ 10 


Spectrum Internet for businesses is a tailor-made broadband service that offers ultrafast digital connectivity to zealous entrepreneurs for as low as $49.99 per month. The skillfully curated three-tier speeds and month-to-month payment option of Spectrum Business Internet plans make them a go-to service for individuals and groups who have just started their entrepreneurial journey. As newbies in the B-Town, they are looking for a straightforward business internet plan that will keep their overhead costs low.

Spectrum Business Internet offers download speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps with unlimited data and contract-free service in most urban areas of its 41-state footprint. Customers get $50 worth of advanced business features on the house, including personalized email IDs, domain names, business WiFi, wireless internet backup, and more. Moreover, by bundling Spectrum Business Internet with Business Voice, TV, and Mobile services, subscribers can receive up to $55 in savings on their monthly internet bills. 

Whether you are a freelancer, a hybrid startup, or a community-revered studio, Spectrum’s Business Internet plans are bound to seal your success with 99.9 percent reliable gigabit speeds. 

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