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The FCC has defined a baseline download and upload speed, but with so many available options and providers coming up with faster tiers, picking the most suitable one can feel downright confusing. Let’s get one thing straight! The best internet speed is subjective, or, in simple terms, it is like a unicorn, a mythical creature seen differently by each person.

Some people prefer blazing-fast speeds, while others require a stable connection. Hence, it is up to you to sort these puzzle pieces to choose the most viable option. For those looking for faster options, Spectrum Internet® Ultra opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for entertainment, work, and communication. Let’s find out if it is also the right choice for your home internet.

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What is Spectrum Internet® Ultra?

Spectrum is a leading cable internet service provider that offers various high-speed internet plans to fit the needs of any household. Among their impressive lineup is the Spectrum Internet® Ultra plan, a mid-tier speed option for those who often engage in heavy internet activities while also sharing the bandwidth with multiple people simultaneously.

The Spectrum Internet® Ultra plan is a true powerhouse, providing fast speeds of up to 500 Mbps, allowing you to download and upload files in mere seconds, stream 4K videos without buffering, and game online with virtually no lag. The plan also comes with a high-performance modem, unlimited data, technical support, and free online security that protects your personal data. Additionally, its contract-free quality allows you to switch internet plans without paying additional fees if you are dissatisfied with your internet speed.

In short, Spectrum Internet® Ultra offers the ultimate internet experience, offering you everything you need to stay connected and remain ahead of the game.

Spectrum Internet® Ultra at a Glance
Starting Price $69.99/mo. for 12 mos*
Internet Speed 500 Mbps (Wireless speeds may vary)
Data Caps None
Contract None
Internet Modem Included
Security Suite Included



  • Wide availability
  • High download speed
  • No data caps
  • No contracts
  • Includes a powerful modem


  • Low upload speed
  • May be slightly expensive than other options

How fast is Spectrum Internet® Ultra?

High-speed internet is the key to unlocking the full potential of the digital world. From streaming movies and music to online education and working from home, we rely on the internet for nearly everything. You might have heard from aggressive advertisements that a faster connection is always better. But the appropriate internet speed depends on your activities and the size of your family.

Spectrum Internet® Ultra is excellent for large families with heavy-internet consumption, often indulging in activities like 4K streaming, online gaming, live streaming, and more. Its high internet speed means you can seamlessly perform these activities without experiencing any hiccups. But what exactly is the internet speed?

Many internet service providers often advertise their download speeds as the primary measure of internet speed. However, internet speed also includes upload speed, the rate at which data is sent from your device to the web. Upload and download speeds are like the two engines of the train, working together to give you a smooth and seamless ride. However, since Spectrum is a cable internet provider, its upload and download speeds are asymmetrical. Let’s explore them in detail.

Upload Speed

Spectrum Internet® Ultra offers a 20 Mbps upload speed, which is significantly lower than its download rate. Fortunately, most online activities, like gaming, and streaming, rely on download speeds. So, a slower upload speed should not be your concern unless you are a professional live streamer. In that case, we’d recommend choosing a fiber internet plan.

Download Speed

In contrast, Spectrum Internet® Ultra offers 500 Mbps download speed, providing enough bandwidth to support multiple devices and heavy online activities. This download speed allows you to

  • Smoothly stream HD videos
  • Download large files
  • Connect up to eight devices

Spectrum Internet® Ultra Price

Spectrum Internet® Ultra is slightly more expensive than other options available in the market. The plan costs $69.99 for the first year of service, after which Spectrum hikes its price to $99.99. Keep in mind that this price does not include taxes and other additional charges.

How much is 500 Mbps Internet?

With 500Mbps speed, Spectrum Internet® Ultra is like a rocket ship blasting through the digital universe, taking you to the world of information, entertainment, and connectivity. In simple terms, it is a very high internet connection that allows you to stream your favorite TV episodes and movies, play online games, do remote work, and keep in touch with friends and family all at once and without any lag. You may perform the following tasks with this internet plan:

Stream like a Pro

500 Mbps is fast enough to support simultaneous 4K streaming on multiple devices without buffering or interruptions. Hence, you no longer need to argue with your family members or order them to turn off their gadgets to watch your favorite shows.

Indulge in Online Gaming

Spectrum Internet® Ultra is made for gaming. It is the perfect package for avid gamers, perfectly understanding their needs and providing sufficient speed to play online games without any lag. The plan also makes it easier to download large data. Hence, you can download your favorite games in seconds.

Work from Home

500 Mbps internet makes it easier to work from home. With this lightning-fast speed, you can upload large files and attend video conferences without interruptions.

Download & Upload Large Files

Spectrum Internet® Ultra speeds up your download and upload process, allowing you to download and upload large files in mere seconds.

Connect Smart Home Devices

You can connect all of your smart devices to your network and control them with ease with this package.

Connect Multiple Devices

With 500 Mbps, you can connect up to 8 devices, including your smartphones, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles, and more, without any loss in speed.

In short, Spectrum Internet® Ultra is like a digital superpower, allowing you to enhance your online experience. It’s perfect for power users, large families, and anyone who wants to stay connected and productive without interruptions.

Spectrum Internet® Ultra Bundles

Excellent customizable bundles are a trademark of Spectrum. You may combine your favorite internet package with this provider’s other services, such as TV, home phone, and mobile, at economical rates. Here are a few examples of Spectrum Internet® Ultra bundles.

Spectrum Internet® Ultra & Unlimited Mobile Bundle

Mobile and internet bundles make sure you’re always in the loop and never miss out on essential updates, no matter your location. The freshly released Spectrum One deal streamlines your internet bill by enabling you to have an Unlimited Mobile line and Advanced WiFi at a discounted rate.

Consequently, you can benefit from high-speed internet, Spectrum Internet® Ultra, and one of the finest mobile plans for a year for just $69.99.

Features Internet Ultra + Unlimited Mobile Line
Starting Price $69.99/mo. for 12 mos*
Internet Speed 500 Mbps (Wireless speeds may vary)
High-Speed Mobile Data 20 GB
Unlimited Mobile Data
Mobile Hotspot Data 5 GB
5G Access

Spectrum Internet® Ultra, TV & Home Phone Bundle

Features Internet Ultra + TV Select + Voice
Starting Price $149.97/mo. for 12 mos*
Internet Speed 500 Mbps (Wireless speeds may vary)
TV Select 125+
Home Phone Unlimited nationwide calls with 28+ features

Spectrum TV®, Internet, and home phone bundles are a practical way to get everything you need for communication and entertainment in one place. You can combine Spectrum Internet® Ultra with a TV and home phone service to receive the convenience of one bill and one customer service.

In addition to high-speed internet, this bundle gives you everything to stay entertained. The TV portion of this bundle typically includes a wide selection of channels, including popular cable networks, and the home phone service offers unlimited calling within the United States and Canada. You can also customize your package by adding your preferred add-ons, making it a complete entertainment package for your household.

Spectrum Internet® Ultra & Cable TV Bundle

Features Internet Ultra + TV Select Internet Ultra + Mi Plan
Starting Price $129.98/mo. for 12 mos* $109.98/mo. for 12 mos*
Internet Speed 500 Mbps (Wireless speeds may vary) 500 Mbps (Wireless speeds may vary)
TV Select 125+ 125+
On-Demand Access
Spectrum TV® App
Peacock Premium For 3 months For 3 months

This bundle is excellent for customers who desire a range of TV channels and a good internet connection under one subscription. While the TV service offers unlimited content, the internet part of the bundle has a 500 Mbps speed that is more than enough for the entire family to do any activity without interruptions.

You can combine Spectrum Internet® Ultra with TV Select or Spectrum Mi Plan to receive a wide selection of networks according to your preference, thousands of On-Demand titles, and free Peacock Premium for three months. These packages also come with a DVR service, making them beneficial for individuals with busy schedules who can’t always watch their shows in real-time. With this service, you can record, stop, rewind live TV, and even schedule recordings of your favorite shows and movies.

Spectrum Internet® Ultra Availability

This high-speed internet plan is available throughout Spectrum’s service area in 41 states. Hence, unless you live in Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Iowa, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Utah, as well as Washington, DC, you can access Spectrum Internet® Ultra if you reside in Spectrum’s coverage area.

Is Spectrum Internet® Ultra Good for Gaming?

Are you a hardcore gamer looking for a reliable internet connection that can support your gaming needs? Consider Spectrum Internet® Ultra! With the lightning-fast speed of up to 500 Mbps, Spectrum’s Internet Ultra is like having a personal express lane on the information highway, liberating you from delays and buffering.

Think of it like upgrading from a bicycle to a sports car; not only is your data traveling more quickly, but you are also more equipped to manage all the twists and turns of online gaming. With this plan, you can download games and updates in a flash, stream seamlessly, and dominate online multiplayer matches without any hiccups.

The speed of Spectrum Internet® Ultra not only makes online gaming easy to navigate, but it also comes with a modem and has no data caps. This unlimited data allows you to fully immerse yourself in your gaming experience without worrying about paying any additional costs.

In a nutshell, this mid-tier plan from Spectrum is made for gaming. It is perfect for hardcore gamers who demand the best performance from their internet connection and want to experience online gaming to its fullest potential.

Is Spectrum Internet® Ultra Worth It?

Internet usage has grown substantially over time. Technological advancement and the increasing amount of available content options have increased the demand for faster internet connections. However, that does not always mean that every home needs the highest speed internet subscription.

Spectrum Internet® Ultra is a very fast internet plan that delivers up to 500 Mbps speed, but its worth depends on your specific needs and usage habits. Spectrum Ultra is an excellent choice if you are a heavy internet user who frequently engages in bandwidth-intensive activities or if you share your home with several individuals with high internet usage. Its low latency rate also makes it ideal for gamers. However, the same plan can be expensive for light internet users who primarily use the internet for basic activities like browsing and sending emails.

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