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Optimum Availability

America has nearly 3,000 internet providers, but only a few options cover a majority of the country. Optimum is a cable and fiber internet provider with nationwide internet coverage. It means that its broadband network is well-developed, covering more ground than other local internet providers.

Hence, there is a chance that it might be servicing your community. The type of connection, however, is more likely to be cable, unless you live in the New York Tri-State area. You can follow this Optimum Availability guide to understand its coverage.

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Optimum Fiber Availability

If you are familiar with Optimum’s past, you might know that it started as a cable operator. However, it now has a small but 100% fiber network, mainly in the Greater New York area. You can find Optimum Fiber in some parts of the following states.

Optimum Fiber Availability by States
Connecticut New Jersey
Louisiana  New York
Missouri Texas

Optimum was able to expand its fiber internet service to the above states after merging with Suddenlink in 2022. The provider delivers blistering-fast fiber internet speeds of up to 8 Gbps. However, its multi-gigabit options, such as 2, 5, and 8 Gig plans, are only available in a few neighborhoods within the New York Tri-State area.

Optimum Fiber coverage map

The provider currently has over 100,000 customers in nearly 3 million fiber passings. The good news is that Optimum is in the process of expanding its fiber footprint to more areas. At present, Optimum Fiber has the best availability in the following cities.

Top Cities & Towns Optimum Fiber Availability
Darien, CT 97.9%
Fairfield, CT 97.4%
Brownfield, TX 97%
Allendale, NJ 96.6%
Bridgeport, CT 95.1%
Greenwich, CT 91.1%
Hereford, TX 62%
Boyce, LA 56.5%
Jefferson City, MO 10%

Optimum Cable Internet Availability

Optimum’s cable internet service is comparatively more widely available, delivering three internet speeds in the following 21 states.

Optimum Cable Internet Availability by States
MissouriNevadaNew Jersey
New MexicoNew YorkNorth Carolina
TexasVirginiaWest Virginia

Optimum has over 20 million internet customers in these states. However, not every area gets the same level of coverage. Optimum’s cable network is more developed in densely populated cities. Hence, you are more likely to find it in bustling locations, including large metro areas.

Optimum cable coverage map

Optimum also keeps you connected in public spaces. The provider has over 2 million Wi-Fi hotspots within its coverage area, allowing you to access a reliable internet connection in public libraries, parks, train stations, and more.

Here are some of the top cities with the best Optimum cable internet coverage.

Top Cities Optimum Cable Internet Availability
Alexandria, LA 91.45%
Charleston, WV 87.95%
Austin, TX 81%
Camp Verde, AZ 57.8%
Dallas, TX 57%

Is Optimum Internet Available in Your Area?

People living within the New York Tri-State area get the best Optimum coverage, allowing them to access internet speeds up to 8 Gig. However, you can also access Optimum Fiber in parts of Louisiana, Missouri, and Texas.

On the other hand, its cable internet connection is widely available in 21 states. If you live within its footprint, Optimum might be available at your address. But, it is better to verify Optimum’s availability since it varies with location. You can do that by entering your address and ZIP code on Optimum’s website or by calling (877) 783-2597.

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