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  • Download Speed:  Up to 8 Gbps
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Top 10 Connecticut Internet Providers 

Connecticut, a coastal state located in southern New England is the third smallest US state by land area. With a blend of quaint towns and ultra-modern tech corridors, Connecticut offers a diverse lifestyle to its 3.6 million residents. The state enjoys its reputation as one of the world’s leading financial centers, and some of the largest money management firms like the Bank of America, People’s United Financial, GE Capital, and Bridgewater Associates have their headquarters in Connecticut. Through the collective power of top-ranking internet providers in Connecticut, the state has a thriving socio-economic landscape, where residents and businesses can receive up to 8 Gigs of hyperfast upload and download speeds for as low as $25 per month. 

Here are the 10 best Connecticut internet providers that ensure statewide multi-gigabit broadband connectivity for a utopian future. 

Providers Speed Starting Price Type
Frontier  5,000 Mbps  $39.99/mo.  Fiber & DSL 
Optimum  8,000 Mbps  $30.00/mo.  Fiber & Cable 
Verizon  1,000 Mbps  $49.99/mo.  Fiber & Fixed Wireless 
Spectrum  1,000 Mbps  $49.99/mo.  Hybrid Fiber-Cable 
EarthLink  5,000 Mbps  $54.95/mo.  Fiber, DSL, & Fixed Wireless 
Xfinity  1,200 Mbps  $25.00/mo.  Cable 
T-Mobile Home  245 Mbps  $50.00/mo.  Fixed Wireless 
HughesNet  50 Mbps  $49.99/mo.  Satellite 
Viasat  30 Mbps  $49.99/mo. Satellite 
Cox  2,000 Mbps  $49.99/mo.  Fiber & Cable 

Internet Providers In Top Cities of Connecticut

Fastest Connecticut Internet Provider 

Recognized as the champion of the tri-state area, Optimum offers symmetrical internet speeds of up to 8 Gigs on its 100 percent fiber-rich network. As the fastest internet provider in Connecticut, Optimum’s fiber-optic cable network is spread over 26 cities and towns, including Bridgeport, Norwalk, and Stamford, covering nearly 50 percent of the state. 

Apart from offering supremely-fast multigigabit internet speeds of up to 8,000 Mbps, Optimum also promises some of the lowest monthly rates to its residential customers. The fiber-fast service starts at the promo price of $30 per month, offering up to 300 Mbps of speeds, with unlimited data, Smart WiFi 6 equipment, and no-term contracts. Moreover, customers can bundle their internet plans with the Optimum Mobile lines to get up to $15 off each month. Optimum’s commitment to its subscribers is evident by its 60-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 tech support, resulting in brand loyalty from a net generation of internet users. 

Optimum Fiber Internet Plans in Connecticut 
Plan  Promo Price  Regular Price  Speed 
Fiber 300  $30.00/mo.  $70.00/mo.  300 Mbps 
Fiber 500  $40.00/mo.  $90.00/mo.  500 Mbps 
Fiber 1 Gig  $60.00/mo.  $110.00/mo.  1,000 Mbps 
Fiber 2 Gig  $90.00/mo.  $130.00/mo.  2,000 Mbps 
Fiber 5 Gig  $180.00/mo.  $200.00/mo.  5,000 Mbps 
Fiber 8 Gig  $280.00/mo.  $300.00/mo.  8,000 Mbps 
Please note that the availability and exact monthly fees for the stated Optimum Fiber Internet plans will vary across Connecticut.

Cheapest Connecticut Internet Provider

There is a reason why Xfinity is one of the nation’s leading cable internet providers. It offers unbeatable network reliability at unmatched prices. Xfinity’s high-speed coaxial cable internet service starts at just $25 per month, offering download speeds of up to 1.2 Gigs. Some may argue that this is the promo price, and the standard rates increase by 80 percent after the limited-time offer. However, it must be noted that Xfinity offers price guarantees for up to 2 years on its promotional rates. Moreover, the prepaid internet package includes free installation, a 30-day trial run, and unlimited monthly data. 

And when you add an Xfinity Mobile line to the mix, the carrier truly embodies the role of the cheapest internet provider in Connecticut by offering you an additional discount of $10 per month for 24 months. 

Xfinity Internet Plans in Connecticut 
Plan  Price  Speed  Price Guarantee 
Connect More  $25.00/mo. 200 Mbps  1 Year 
Fast  $35.00/mo.  400 Mbps  2 Years 
Superfast  $40.00/mo.  800 Mbps  2 Years 
Gigabit  $60.00/mo.  1,000 Mbps  2 Years 
Gigabit Extra  $80.00/mo.  1,200 Mbps  3 Years 
Some areas in Connecticut may receive download speeds of up to 2 Gigs on Xfinity’s coaxial cable network. However, the exact prices and speeds will depend on your location within the state.

Best ACP Internet Providers in Connecticut

In this day and age, broadband internet access is a basic necessity. The need for superfast internet connections becomes more evident as we continue to transition from physical public spheres to digital ones. Connecticuters rely on online portals and social media platforms for education, earning an income, entertainment, and accessing healthcare and transportation. 

Unfortunately, the digital divide is a grim reality in Connecticut. A recent survey report indicated that around 14 percent of the households in Connecticut do not have internet at home. And the figure gets starker when you narrow it down to the number of households receiving download speeds of 25 Mbps and higher. To remedy the situation, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rolled out its Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). Several Connecticut internet providers were encouraged to join the initiative. As a result, low-income families in the city can receive free internet with speeds of up to 300 Mbps from the top 5 ACP internet providers in Connecticut.

Top 5 Affordable Connectivity Program Providers in Connecticut  
Provider  Regular Price Price After ACP  Internet Speed 
Spectrum  $29.99/mo.  FREE 100 Mbps 
Frontier  $29.99/mo.  FREE 100 Mbps 
Verizon  $49.99/mo.  FREE 300 Mbps 
Optimum  $40.00/mo.  FREE 300 Mbps 
Cox  $30.00/mo.  FREE 100 Mbps 
Please contact Connecticut’s concerned ACP internet provider to verify your eligibility for the above-stated free-of-cost plans.

Types of Internet Providers in Connecticut

Connecticut is the 3rd most digitally connected state in the USA. Nearly, 98.3 percent of the people in Connecticut can access wired and wireless broadband with minimum download speeds of 25 Mbps and an upload speed of 3 Mbps, as defined by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). According to the millions of consumer-initiated tests taken on Ookla, the median download speed in Connecticut is 243.70 Mbps, which is 27.98 Mbps faster than the national average. Likewise, the median upload speed in Connecticut for fixed broadband is 36.24 Mbps, which is 12.36 faster than the US average. 

The presence of Connecticut’s top 10 internet providers has enhanced the digital landscape of the state resulting in above-national-average broadband speeds. However, it is the diversity of the Connecticut internet providers rather than their quantity that has led to the impact. From the fastest of its kind (fiber-optic internet) to the slowest of them all (DSL internet), Connecticut boasts a wide variety of internet connections to fill in the connectivity gaps. 

Fiber Internet Providers in Connecticut 

Around 64.3 percent of Connecticut is lined with fiber-optic cables, delivering gigabit and multigigabit speeds on upstream and downstream channels. It means that every 4 in 10 Connecticuters can enjoy fiber-fast broadband at home for seamless streaming, gaming, and file sharing.

Fiber Internet Providers in Connecticut use light pulses to transmit data signals to individual homes. This type of internet connection is known as Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) or Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP). Currently, the maximum speed offered by fiber internet providers in Connecticut is 8 Gbps or 8,000 Mbps with monthly internet fees as low as $30 per month.   

Top 3 Fiber Internet Providers in Connecticut 
Provider  Starting Price  Maximum Speed  Details 
Frontier  $39.99/mo.  5,000 Mbps  Call Now
Optimum  $30.00/mo.  8,000 Mbps  Call Now
GoNetspeed $39.99/mo.  1,000 Mbps  Call Now
The monthly internet fees shown in the table above are with AutoPay and paperless billing discounts.

Cable Internet Providers in Connecticut

Coaxial cable internet is widely available in Connecticut. Almost 88 percent of the state can connect to the network and receive download speeds of up to 2 Gigs. Unlike the fiber-optic internet, cable internet uses existing cable TV transmission lines to deliver asymmetric speeds. Apart from the unequal and slower upload and download speeds, the rest of the features of a cable internet connection are quite similar to a fiber-optic internet service, such as 99.9 percent network reliability, affordability, and unlimited data throughout the month.  

There are a total of 4 nationally recognized cable internet providers in Connecticut. Together, Spectrum, Xfinity, Cox, and Optimum offer seamless gigabit internet speeds for an average monthly fee of $42.  

Top 3 Cable Internet Providers in Connecticut 
Provider  Starting Price  Maximum Speed  Details 
Spectrum  $49.99/mo.  1,000 Mbps  Call Now
Xfinity  $25.00/mo.  1,200 Mbps  Call Now
Cox  $49.99/mo.  2,000 Mbps  Call Now
The prices quoted in the table above are the promo rates and are subject to change after 12 or 24 months of service.

5G Home Internet Providers in Connecticut

5G is the latest form of home internet in Connecticut. Broadly classified under the fixed wireless internet services, 5G home internet uses strategically erected cellular towers to emit wireless radio signals that are later converted to digital signals with the help of a 5G modem. Despite its recent inception, 5G home internet has taken over Connecticut’s broadband market, and the service is available in more than 90 percent of the state, offering download speeds of up to 300 Mbps. 

T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T are the 3 most popular 5G home internet providers in Connecticut, offering plans at a starting price of $50 per month. While 5G Home Internet is best for internet access in the rural and remote areas of the state, it can not guarantee the same reliability in speeds as promised by wired internet providers in Connecticut.

3 Best 5G Home Internet Providers in Connecticut 
Provider  Starting Price  Maximum Speed  Details 
T-Mobile $50.00/mo.  245 Mbps  Call Now
Verizon  $50.00/mo.  300 Mbps  Order Now
AT&T  $55.00/mo.  140 Mbps  Call Now

DSL Internet Providers in Connecticut 

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) is one of the oldest types of internet in Connecticut. DSL internet providers in Connecticut use telephone lines to distribute asymmetric speeds of up to 100 Mbps in over 87 percent of the state. Most popular in the less developed towns and countryside of Connecticut, DSL internet is suitable for basic online activities like light streaming, web surfing, and social media browsing. 

Frontier, EarthLink, and Consolidated Communications are the 3 main DSL internet providers in Connecticut. With prices as low as $33 per month, they can offer decent download speeds, unlimited data, and contract-free service. 

3 Best DSL Internet Providers in Connecticut 
Provider  Starting Price Maximum Speed  Details 
Frontier  $39.99/mo. 100 Mbps  Call Now
EarthLink  $54.95/mo.  75 Mbps  Call Now
Consolidated Communications  $33.00/mo.  50 Mbps  Call Now
Due to the decreased network reliability of DSL internet connections, the actual speeds received may be different from the speeds stated in the table.

Satellite Internet Providers in Connecticut 

Satellite is the only source of broadband technology that can claim to offer 100 percent network coverage in Connecticut. The extraterrestrial nature of satellite internet allows it to provide internet access in the most underserved areas of the state. Satellite internet providers in Connecticut do not need infrastructure on the ground to distribute data signals to subscribers’ homes. Simple equipment like a dish antenna, a modem-router gateway, and a couple of cables can do the trick. However, the dish antenna must be placed under a clear view of the southern sky for uninterrupted connectivity. 

Even though HughesNet, Viasat, and Starlink promise blanket coverage in Connecticut, the high prices, slow speeds, data caps, and increased latency can adversely affect the overall value of the service.

Top 3 Satellite Internet Providers in Connecticut 
Provider  Starting Price  Maximum Speed  Details 
HughesNet  $49.99/mo.  50 Mbps  Call Now
Viasat  $49.99/mo.  30 Mbps  Call Now
Starlink  $90.00/mo. 220 Mbps  Call Now
Please note that the monthly internet fees and maximum speeds received will differ based on your location within the state.

Availability of Connecticut Internet Providers 

According to a survey conducted by the US News and World Report, Connecticut is the 3rd best state in the country for internet access. When it comes to the availability of gigabit internet speeds, it is known to be the fifth-best state in the USA. Around 99 percent of the population in Connecticut can receive download speeds of 100 Mbps and more. 

There are over 20 internet providers in Connecticut including renowned national carriers and emerging regional providers. This diverse group of Connecticut internet providers offers a range of internet speeds and services.  


  • 6 internet providers in Connecticut offer fiber-optic internet – Up to 8,000 Mbps 
  • 5 internet providers in Connecticut offer fixed wireless internet – Up to 300 Mbps 
  • 4 internet providers in Connecticut offer coaxial cable internet – Up to 1,000 Mbps 
  • 3 internet providers in Connecticut offer satellite internet – Up to 220 Mbps 
  • 2 internet providers in Connecticut offer DSL internet – Up to 100 Mbps    


The citywide availability of the 10 best internet providers in Connecticut is listed below. 

Connecticut Internet Provider Type of Service  Statewide Availability
HughesNet  Satellite  100%
Viasat  Satellite  100%
Starlink  Satellite  99%
Frontier  Fiber & DSL  62.5%
EarthLink  Fiber, DSL, & Fixed Wireless  60.2%
T-Mobile  5G Home Internet  53.1%
Optimum  Fiber & Cable  49.7%
Verizon  5G Home Internet  28.97%
Cox Communications  Fiber & Cable  12.71%
Spectrum  Hybrid Fiber-Cable  9.89%

Best Internet Provider in Connecticut

When all things are put into perspective, Frontier’s DSL and fiber internet service stands out among the rest of the options. Frontier is the only top-rated internet provider in Connecticut that can promise coverage in more than 62 percent of the city, with speeds reaching up to 5 Gigs for a starting price of $39.99 per month. Frontier Fiber Internet plans include an expert installation, a cutting-edge Wi-Fi router, unlimited data, and a $10 discount on YouTube TV for a year. 

Subscribers of Frontier Fiber 2 Gig internet plan get an additional $200 Visa Reward Card upon signing a year-long contract. Otherwise, the Frontier Fiber internet service is non-contractual. 

Frontier Fiber Internet Plans in Connecticut 
Plan  Price  Speed  Equipment 
Fiber 500  $39.99/mo.  500 Mbps  Amazon eero Wi-Fi 6+
Fiber 1 Gig  $59.99/mo.  1,000 Mbps  Amazon eero Wi-Fi Pro 6 
Fiber 2 Gig  $99.99/mo. 2,000 Mbps  Amazon eero Wi-Fi Pro 6E
Fiber 5 Gig  $154.99/mo.  5,000 Mbps  TP-Link Archer AXE300 6E 
The monthly internet fees mentioned in the table above are with a $10 discount on Auto Pay and paperless billing services. Prices are subject to change.

Frontier Fiber Internet’s citywide coverage, ultrafast multigigabit upload and download speeds, and lower-than-market average monthly rates make it the best overall internet provider in Connecticut. 

Continue to enjoy futuristic connectivity with the 10 top-rated Connecticut internet providers at your service. 

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