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Top 9 Internet Providers in Brooklyn

You are fortunate in more ways than one if you reside in Brooklyn, the most populous borough of New York City. The borough not only offers you a variety of prospects, but it also has a competitive internet market with diverse options. Cable internet providers dominate Brooklyn, but an impressive portion—over half of the population—also enjoys the benefits of fiber optic internet.

Brooklyn, known for hosting some of the best technology-based enterprises, is an excellent place for young professionals to prosper. You can further enhance your lifestyle by selecting the best home internet connection. We have produced a list of the top 9 internet providers in Brooklyn to help you choose less stressfully.

Providers Internet Speed Starting Price Type
Verizon Fios Up to 2300 Mbps $49.99/mo. Fiber
Verizon Up to 1000 Mbps $50.00/mo. DSL, 5G Internet
Spectrum Up to 1000 Mbps $49.99/mo. Cable
Optimum Up to 8000 Mbps $40.00/mo. Cable, Fiber
T-Mobile Home Internet Up to 245 Mbps $50.00/mo. 5G Internet
Starry Internet Up to 1000 Mbps $30.00/mo. Fixed Wireless
Astound Broadband Up to 1500 Mbps $25.00/mo. Cable
HughesNet Up to 50 Mbps $49.99/mo. Satellite
Viasat Up to 30 Mbps $64.99/mo. Satellite

Types of Internet Providers in Brooklyn

Brooklyn, the most populous borough of New York City, has a highly competitive telecommunications industry. Internet providers in Brooklyn keep up with the residents’ demands by constantly upgrading their services. As a result, you’ll have access to high-speed internet options no matter where you are in Brooklyn.

Although fiber internet has overtaken cable as the favored option due to its superior speeds and reliability, cable internet remains the most popular option for connectivity due to its broad network coverage in the region. However, the fiber infrastructure in this area is quite advanced, covering more than 80% of Brooklyn. In addition, DSL internet also maintains a significant presence. There are also several prominent fixed wireless internet providers serving Brooklyn. Furthermore, satellite internet is a viable alternative for people with few connectivity options.

Fiber Internet Providers in Brooklyn 

Fiber Internet is the ideal choice for professionals and gamers in Brooklyn. While the challenges of establishing its infrastructure hinder access in many areas, Brooklyn is one of the few locations with highly developed fiber infrastructure. As a result, over 80% of Brooklynites can access a fiber internet plan.

The region has an impressive array of internet providers, but two names stand out for their offerings: Verizon Fios and Optimum. While Fios claims the title of the largest internet provider in Brooklyn, Optimum delivers the fastest internet speeds. Optimum also offers the most affordable rates during promotional periods, but Verizon Fios takes the crown for better terms, including a price lock guarantee and more.

Fiber Internet Providers in Brooklyn, NY
Providers Starting Price Speed Contact
Verizon Fios $49.99/mo. Up to 2,300 Mbps Order Now
Optimum $40.00/mo. Up to 8,000 Mbps Order Now

Cable Internet Providers in Brooklyn

Cable has its roots in every corner of this borough, making it the most common choice for home internet among Brooklynites. Our list of the top 9 internet providers in Brooklyn also features two popular cable internet options in this region: Spectrum and Optimum.

While the former is recognized for its high-quality service, the latter is a good option for people seeking cost-effective connectivity solutions for a short time. However, Optimum is known for its high standard rates. Both providers offer identical download speeds, but Spectrum has the best policies. Unfortunately, its coverage is limited to specific parts of Brooklyn, and most residents can only access Optimum.

Cable Internet Providers in Brooklyn, NY
Providers Starting Price  Speed Contact
Spectrum $49.99/mo. Up to 1,000 Mbps Call Now
Optimum $40.00/mo. Up to 1,000 Mbps Call Now

Fixed Wireless Internet Providers in Brooklyn

Fixed wireless internet is rapidly replacing traditional connectivity options like DSL by offering faster speeds and more reliability. Verizon and T-Mobile are utilizing their 5G networks to deliver fixed wireless internet access, drawing a growing number of users toward their plans. These providers have better pricing policies, ensuring a stable internet bill for an extended period.

Apart from T-Mobile and Verizon, Starry Internet is also available in Brooklyn, providing internet speeds of up to 1000 Mbps. However, its coverage is limited to specific parts of the borough.

Fixed Wireless Internet Providers in Brooklyn, NY
Providers Starting Price  Speed Contact
T-Mobile Home Internet $50.00/mo. Up to 245 Mbps Order Now
Verizon 5G Home Internet $50.00/mo. Up to 1,000 Mbps Order Now
Starry Internet $30.00/mo. Up to 1,000 Mbps Order Now

DSL Internet Providers in Brooklyn

DSL internet might not be the most popular service in this region, but this wired internet connection has the second-best coverage in Brooklyn, following cable internet. It provides internet access to individuals who lack other options. Verizon offers DSL internet access in Brooklyn. However, its speed is not as remarkable as Verizon’s other services, and the price is relatively high, starting at $74.99. Nevertheless, this internet service has some plus points, including no contract or data restrictions.

DSL Internet Providers in Brooklyn, NY
Providers Starting Price Speed  Contact
Verizon $74.99/mo. Up to 15 Mbps Order Now

Satellite Internet Providers in Brooklyn

As for satellite internet, HughesNet and Viasat are two reputable names with 100% coverage. Therefore, you can access these satellite internet providers in any part of Brooklyn, provided you have an unobstructed view of the southern sky from your home. Since Brooklyn is a densely populated borough, satellite internet is often better suited for rural areas due to this requirement. However, if access to other providers is unattainable, you can opt for these satellite internet providers in Brooklyn. It is important to note that you’ll experience significantly slower speeds and data restrictions.


Satellite Internet Providers in Brooklyn, NY
ProvidersStarting Price Speed Data CapsContact
Viasat$64.99/mo.Up to 30 Mbps60 GB – 500 GBCall Now
HughesNet$49.99/mo.Up to 50 Mbps15 GB – 200 GBCall Now

Fastest Internet Provider in Brooklyn

We all know that Brooklyn’s fiber internet providers are the key to getting the fastest internet speeds. While Verizon Fios stands out as the best fiber internet provider in Brooklyn, Optimum claims the title of the fastest Brooklyn internet provider with the launch of its new 8 Gig plan. Optimum 8 Gig is, in fact, four times faster than Verizon Fios and is accessible to over 1.7 million residents and companies across the provider’s fiber network.

Although there is limited information available regarding its promotional pricing at this time, the provider lists the regular price of this plan as $350 on its website. Optimum 8 Gig offers seamless connectivity, featuring 8000 Mbps symmetrical upload and download speeds while optimizing whole home coverage through a Smart WiFi 6 router with mesh technology.

Fastest Internet Plan in Brooklyn, NY
Plan Optimum 8 Gig
Price $350.00/mo.
Internet Speed 5,000 Mbps
Data Caps None
Equipment Included
Installation $99.00 – $149.99
Contact Call 877-395-5851 Now

Cheapest Internet Provider in Brooklyn

While the cost of living in Brooklyn may be higher than the state average, you can reduce certain expenses by subscribing to a budget-friendly internet plan. The average price for internet service in this region easily exceeds $50, but some options offer affordable internet access.

Astound Broadband is the cheapest internet provider in Brooklyn, as its entry-level plan, the 300 Mbps Internet, costs only $25 per month for two years. The provider further simplifies your bill by including standard equipment with this plan and offering free installation. In simple terms, Astound Broadband 300 Mbps Internet is a promising option for people living in average-sized households. It is contract-free, delivers 300 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload speeds, and has unlimited data.

Cheapest Internet Plan in Brooklyn, NY
Plan Astound Broadband 300 Mbps Internet
Starting Price $25.00/mo.
Price Guarantee 2 years
Data Caps None
Equipment Included
Installation Free

Best Brooklyn Internet Provider for Low-income Households

Financial constraints should not restrict your internet access. Many telecom companies understand that, and as a result, several internet providers in Brooklyn collaborate with the FCC to offer the Affordable Connectivity Program to struggling households.

This program reduces $30 off your monthly internet bill ($75 for individuals residing in Tribal lands). Additionally, prominent Brooklyn internet providers such as Spectrum, Optimum, and Astound Broadband also offer unique plans through this program, allowing qualifying families to access the internet for free for a limited time.

Provider Speed Starting Price Price after ACP
Spectrum 100 Mbps $29.99/mo.  $0
Optimum 300 Mbps $40.00/mo. $0
Astound Broadband 150 Mbps $30.00/mo. $0

Availability of Brooklyn Internet Providers

Brooklyn has excellent internet coverage, with cable being the leading source of internet access, reaching 98% of households. DSL internet is the second most common option, covering 94% of the borough, but it’s not as popular as other wired internet services. On the other hand, fiber internet blankets more than 80% of Brooklyn, providing fast internet speeds to numerous businesses and individuals.

As for wireless connectivity, satellite internet providers in Brooklyn take the lead with 100% coverage, followed by fixed wireless internet providers with a significant presence. The following table displays the service areas of Brooklyn’s top internet providers so you can get an idea about the most common connectivity options.

Availability of Brooklyn Internet Providers
Providers Coverage in Brooklyn, NY Type
Verizon Fios 82.5% Fiber
Verizon 99.7% DSL, 5G Internet
Spectrum 40% Cable
Optimum 78.78% Cable, Fiber
T-Mobile Home Internet 67.07% 5G Internet
Starry Internet 48.49% Fixed Wireless
Astound Broadband 6.5% Cable
HughesNet 100% Satellite
Viasat 100% Satellite

Best Brooklyn Internet Provider

In summary, many internet providers in Brooklyn provide exceptional service, but Verizon Fios shines as the best Brooklyn internet provider. Residents can enjoy an outstanding internet experience with Verizon Fios, which has a reputation for consistent performance and extensive coverage. Its top-notch customer support and convenient policies, such as a price lock guarantee and contract-free plans, further cement its status as the leading internet provider in Brooklyn, NY. The availability of unlimited data and various perks adds to the overall value of its offerings.

In a borough with unparalleled opportunities and excellent connectivity options, Verizon Fios emerges as the best provider, delivering a combination of speed, reliability, and customer-friendly policies that cater to the diverse needs of Brooklynites.


Yes, Brooklyn has a well-established fiber infrastructure, and you can find several prominent fiber internet providers, including Verizon Fios and Optimum.

Verizon has the best coverage in Brooklyn, covering almost the entire borough.

The average download speed in Brooklyn is 250 Mbps.

The average upload speed in Brooklyn ranges from 10 to 25 Mbps.

Qualifying households can access free internet through the Affordable Connectivity Program. Several Brooklyn internet providers offer a $30 monthly discount to low-income individuals who qualify for the ACP.

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