1 Gig Internet Speed
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How Fast is 1 Gig Internet Speed?

1 Gig internet speed is the ultimate choice for digital enthusiasts who want to enjoy everything the internet has to offer. But do you need 1 Gig internet speed for your home or business? That depends on your online activities, the number of devices you have, and the type of internet connection you use.

Ziply Fiber Internet

Ziply Fiber Internet Review

Ziply Fiber, launched in 2020, reshapes internet, phone, and television services in the Pacific Northwest. They inherited a network that included a mix of fiber and DSL services. It originates from Frontier Communications’ Northwest operations and serves Washington

Frontier Fiber 500
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Frontier 500/500 Fiber Internet Review

Frontier 500 Mbps plan is the best deal, with speeds of 500 Mbps for $39.99 per month. This means you pay 8 cents for every Mbps, which is much lower than the national average of 64 cents per Mbps.

AT&T 2 Gig Fiber
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AT&T 2 Gig Fiber Internet Plan

The AT&T 2 Gig Internet plan is the second fastest offering within AT&T’s fiber catalog and an impressive choice in the market. The plan costs $150 as a standalone service and offers equally impressive 2,000 Mbps upload and download speeds.

500 Mbps Internet
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Best Plans with 500 Mbps Internet Speed – Is 500 Mbps Fast?

Since 500 Mbps is a typical plan in the market, it is common to become confused by the plethora of options. In the world of high-speed internet, 500 Mbps is still a blazing-fast internet speed for numerous users and is well-suited for many modern online activities.

Optimum 1 Gig
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Optimum 1 Gig Review

Optimum, the fourth-largest cable internet provider, is owned by Altice USA. The company offers cable television, internet, and other communication services. Optimum 1 Gig is a high-speed internet plan that is widely available throughout the provider’s national coverage area.

Optimum 300
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Optimum 300 Mbps Plan Review

Optimum 300 is the basic internet plan from Optimum, available for both cable and fiber internet connections. If you just want their 300 internet plan, it costs $40 a month. But if you get it with an Optimum Mobile line, it is $5 cheaper

Optimum 500 Mbps
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Optimum 500 Mbps Internet Review

Optimum, owned by Altice USA, is famous for its attractive promotional rates. Consequently, its 500 Mbps plan appears as the most valuable option available in the market. While Optimum typically offers cable and fiber internet plans at the same price

8 Gig Internet Plans in 2023
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Best 8 Gig Internet Plans in 2023

In 2023, 8 Gig Internet plans are no longer a futuristic concept; they’re a reality. This kind of speed can change the way companies work, the way teachers teach, and even the way doctors talk to their patients.

Spectrum Internet 100
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Spectrum Internet 100 Review

Spectrum Internet 100 is a broadband plan available exclusively to low-income households. Financially distressed families and individuals who meet the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) eligibility criteria and qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)