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There are very few internet service providers in the United States who are a true representation of “by the people, for the people”. Luckily, Frontier Communications is one of them. Originally known as the Citizens Utilities Company, Frontier was founded in rural Minneapolis in 1935, to offer long-distance telephone service to the locals. The increased interest in telecommunications technology after World War II accelerated the upward trajectory of Frontier Communications. By 1993, the company had acquired 190,000 telephone lines in Idaho, Tennessee, Utah, and West Virginia. This initial acquisition became the stepping stone for Frontier’s internet availability in 50 percent of the country. 

In 2008, Frontier noticed the rapid shifts in the world of broadband technology and decided to increase the bandwidths for its residential and business customers. Dial-up connections were upgraded to digital subscriber lines (DSL) to offer uninterrupted and relatively fast internet speeds to subscribers. The DSL internet service was first launched in the countryside and suburbs of the 10 states that it operated in, including Pennsylvania, California, Illinois, and North Dakota. 

Let’s explore Frontier’s availability throughout the country to check if its DSL and fiber internet services are offered in your area. 

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Is Frontier Available in My Area?

Frontier Communications’ broadband services are available in 25 states of the USA. Frontier availability mostly includes Midwest, Southwest, and Southeast regions. The coverage area of Frontier DSL Internet and Frontier Fiber varies from state to state. 

Frontier Fiber Availability

Frontier Fiber availability is limited to 37.14 percent of its total coverage area within the country. Currently, Frontier fiber internet service can be accessed in 6 states. Around 9.5 million people living in parts of California, Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, South Carolina, and Texas can access Frontier’s fiber-optic network and receive blazing-fast, multigigabit speeds up to 5000 Mbps (5 Gbps). 

In April 2020, Frontier Fiber’s 100 percent fiber-rich network in the Pacific Northwest region was acquired by Ziply Fiber for a price of $1.35 billion. So, customers of Frontier Fiber in the states of Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington, are now receiving fiber-optic internet under the new brand name, Ziply Fiber. Frontier’s ultrafast fiber internet service starts at $49.99 per month (for 12 months). The average upload and download speed of their Fiber internet plans is 1,037 Mbps. 

Frontier DSL Availability

Frontier Communications is the fifth-largest DSL internet provider in the country. Frontier’s DSL internet availability encompassed 97.44 percent of its total coverage area. More than 30 million people within this 25-state Frontier coverage area can access their DSL internet service. DSL broadband connections are highly sought-after in rural areas of America. Subscribers can get up to 100 Mbps of download speeds for $34.99/month. Unlike other popular rural internet services (satellite and fixed wireless internet), Frontier offers unlimited data with all DSL internet plans. It saves customers from the hassle of paying data overage charges or facing temporary service disruptions. 

The average download speed of their DSL plans is 33 Mbps, and the median upload speed is 2.2 Mbps. Frontier DSL Internet was listed among the “Top Rural Internet Services to Consider” in Forbes Home magazine’s review titled the ‘best rural internet service providers of 2023’. Frontier availability across rural areas makes it one of the best internet providers in rural America

Frontier Availability Map

Frontier Communications is the fifth-biggest internet service provider in the USA in relation to its nationwide coverage area. It offers high-speed, affordable, and no-contract broadband service to half the country. Explore the Frontier coverage map below to check Frontier availability in your area.

Frontier availability map

Frontier Availability by States

The following are the 25 states with the best Frontier availability. If you live in one of the following states, you can subscribe to a suitable DSL or fiber-optic internet plan offered by Frontier Communications.

States with Frontier Availability
Alabama  Georgia  Minnesota  New York  Tennessee 
Arizona  Illinois  Mississippi  North Carolina  Texas 
California  Indiana  Nebraska  Ohio  Utah 
Connecticut Iowa  Nevada  Pennsylvania  West Virginia 
Florida  Michigan New Mexico  South Carolina  Wisconsin 
States with 100% Frontier DSL Internet Availability
California  Illinois  Michigan  Pennsylvania  West Virginia 
Connecticut  Indiana Ohio Utah  Wisconsin 

The states which have close to 50 percent coverage of Frontier DSL internet are as follows:

States with more than 50% Frontier DSL Internet Avaialbility
Alabama  Georgia  Minnesota  Pennsylvania 
Arizona  Illinois  Nebraska  South Carolina 
California  Indiana  Nevada  Tennessee 
Connecticut  Iowa  North Carolina  Texas 
Florida  Michigan  Ohio  Utah 
West Virginia  Wisconsin

Frontier Fiber Availability by Cities 

Cities with an advanced internet infrastructure and commonly referred to as regional or national tech hubs have greater access to fiber-optic internet. The high-tech companies and innovation labs are dependent on superfast internet speeds to manage cloud backups, upload and download large files, operate inter-continental businesses, and make real-time changes to web-based applications. Many urban centers within Frontier’s 25-state coverage area have more than 90 percent coverage of Frontier’s ultrafast fiber-rich service. 

Best Cities with Frontier Fiber Availability

City  State  Citywide Coverage  Average Speed 
Durham North Carolina 95.21% 72.77 Mbps
Fort Wayne Indiana 95.37% 1045.65 Mbps
Lakeland Florida 96.74% 531.61 Mbps
Long Beach California 96.14% 947.42 Mbps
Plano Texas 92.81% 1038.28 Mbps
Rochester New York 98.76% 89.84 Mbps
San Bernardino California 94.12% 847.39 Mbps
St. Petersburg Florida 98.87% 344.41 Mbps
Tampa Florida 98.88% 1040.63 Mbps


Since its inception in 1935, Frontier has kept its promise of delivering affordable and value-added telecommunications solutions to its target customers. Frontier’s DSL and fiber internet services are available in 25 states in the southwest, southeast, and midwest regions of the USA. Frontier DSL internet service is widely accessible throughout its coverage area, but Frontier Fiber’s availability is limited to the metro areas. The top three states for Frontier Fiber Internet are California, Florida, and Texas. We hope our blog on Frontier’s availability will help clarify whether you will receive its reliable DSL speeds or supremely fast multigigabit fiber internet in your zip code. 

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