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It is time to open new frontiers and test the possibilities of a gigabit internet connection in the true sense. The Frontier 1 Gig Internet plan is a fiber-backed broadband offering, unleashing the potential of blazing-fast, symmetrical speeds of up to 1 Gbps. Starting at just $59.99 per month, the Frontier Fiber 1 Gig Internet plan delivers optimum performance with ultra-low latency, 99.9 percent network reliability, and an array of exciting perks. 

So, are you ready to build a gigabit America? Join us as we dissect every feature of the Frontier 1 Gig Internet plan and explore how it offers value to people from all walks of life.

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What is Frontier 1 Gig Internet? 

Frontier was the nation’s first fiber internet service provider to make a 2 Gig internet plan available throughout its coverage area. But today, we are not here to discuss Frontier’s hyperfast multigigabit internet plans that have taken the country by storm. Today, we will tell you about its most popular, Frontier Fiber 1 Gig Internet plan that promises “a fast connection to the world”. 

Frontier 1 Gig Internet plan is the second-slowest speed tier in the provider’s fiber internet offerings. With a starting price of $59.99 per month, the plan delivers symmetrical download and upload speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps. As one of the most affordable and value-added gigabit internet plans in the market, Frontier 1 Gig Internet offers the best of everything. You get unlimited data, contract-free service, free professional installation, a free Wi-Fi router, and a monthly $10 discount on a YouTube TV subscription (for a year). 

At the moment, the Frontier Fiber 1 Gig Internet plan is available in more than 5.5 million locations within the provider’s 29-state footprint. But like most fiber internet providers in the USA, Frontier Fiber 1 Gig Internet’s availability is affected by ‘the curse of poor infrastructure’. Hence, the service is limited to urban and suburban areas.  

If you have hit a dead end in your broadband shopping because of one metric, the price-to-speed ratio, toss those misleading brochures in a bin. Frontier Fiber 1 Gig Internet offers the best deal at just $0.06 for every Mbps received. 



  • Ultrafast symmetrical speeds of up to 1 Gig 
  • No annual contracts 
  • No data caps 
  • Cheaper than most 1 Gbps plans 
  • $10 off on YouTube TV 
  • Free expert installation 
  • Free equipment 
  • Available in 29 states


  • Price hikes after the promo period 
  • Availability is limited to urban centers

Overview of Frontier 1 Gig Internet Plan

Gigabit internet is the new normal. According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), over 88% of U.S. households can access internet speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps or 1 Gbps. While it is true that many gigabit internet users are receiving ultrafast download speeds via a coaxial cable network, fiber internet’s symmetrical speeds are slowly catching up as broadband adoption increases across the country. 

A notable mention in this rapidly changing scenario is Frontier Fiber, which offers equal upload and download speeds of 1 Gbps in 29 states, covering over 800 cities, for smooth streaming, online gaming, and file sharing. 

Here is a brief overview of the Frontier Fiber 1 Gig Internet service and the treasures it holds.

Frontier 1 Gig Internet Plan- At A Glance 
Type of Internet  Fiber-optic
Coverage Area  29 states of the USA
Price  $59.99/mo. (with a $10 Auto Pay discount)
Download Speed  1,000 Mbps
Upload Speed  1,000 Mbps
Data Cap  Unlimited data
Contract  Not required
Installation Fee  Included
Equipment Fee  Included
Perks  A $10.00/mo. discount on YouTube TV
Bundles  Available
Customer Rating  3.30 out of 5.00 stars
Best For  Online gaming and home automation
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The starting price of the Frontier Fiber 1 Gig Internet plan is $59.99 per month. This monthly fee includes a $10 discount for Auto Pay and paperless billing services. However, the $59.99 price tag is a promotional price and will likely increase between 15 and 18 percent in the second year of service. The price hike will be reflected in your monthly bills. You must also bear in mind that taxes and surcharges are excluded from the advertised price. 


Frontier’s fiber-optic internet network gives it an edge over cable internet providers offering gigabit broadband plans. Subscribers of the Frontier 1 Gig Internet plan get fiber-fast upload and download speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps with an average latency of 8 milliseconds (ms). This is not possible over coaxial cable connections. Cable internet providers distribute asymmetric speeds where the upload speed tops at 50 Mbps, and the latency averages between 13 and 17 ms. 

In the last couple of years, Frontier Fiber has won several accolades for its supremely fast internet speeds, ultra-low latency, and 99.9 percent network reliability. For example, between 2022 and 2023, the U.S. News and World Report declared Frontier Fiber the Best Internet Service Provider (ISP) for Online Gaming. Similarly, in the FCC’s ‘Latency by ISP’ report, Frontier had the lowest latency of 8 ms compared to the two biggest cable internet providers- Xfinity (by Comcast) and Spectrum Internet (by Charter Communications). 

Lower Latency than the competition

So, based on evidence obtained from official sources, industry experts, and consumers, Frontier Fiber 1 Gig Internet’s consistently fast 1 Gbps download and upload speeds are ideal for pro-level online gaming, multi-device streaming, bulky file transfers, and smart home management.    

Data Cap 

Multi-user households often worry about data consumption and dread performing data-intensive online activities on their prepaid internet packages. This is because few prominent internet providers (e.g., Xfinity, Cox, and Mediacom) still cap monthly data usage and charge extra fees when consumers exceed the data limit. 

Frontier 1 Gig Internet is an unlimited data plan. You can use the internet indefinitely without worrying about data overage fees. The improved feature of Frontier Fiber 1 Gig Internet allows users to download a stack of movies and online games. They can enjoy uninterrupted and affordable internet service throughout the month. 


The Frontier Fiber 1 Gig Internet is a non-contractual service. You get year-long discounts, free expert installation, and heavy-duty Wi-Fi equipment without signing an annual contract. Freedom from a legally binding agreement can help you in two ways. First, you can change the fiber internet plan or cancel the service whenever you like. Second, you are not obliged to pay an early termination fee in the case of mid-contract switches/cancellations. You just have to withhold payment for the next billing cycle, and Frontier will automatically terminate the service. 

Frontier also offers up to $500 of early termination fee coverage through its Contract Buyout program. But based on our research, this perk is only available to new customers of Frontier Fiber Business Internet. 


In a country with a strong do-it-yourself (DIY) culture, complimentary professional installation service for an internet subscription can feel like a royal treatment. Just open the door and let a certified technician handle the rest. 

The Frontier Fiber 1 Gig Internet plan comes with free expert installation. After enrolling in the service, set an appointment for the professional installation. Within 3-5 business days, a technician will be sent to your address to install the equipment and activate the internet connection. All you have to do is be present. In most fiber-ready homes, the entire process takes less than an hour. But the installation process can be a day-long if it is your first time subscribing to fiber-optic internet. The time it takes to connect your house to the data center will vary depending on the availability and quality of necessary wiring.

Nonetheless, a free expert installation on Frontier 1 Gig Internet means a relaxing afternoon for you. 


The monthly Frontier 1 Gig Internet fee includes an Amazon eero Wi-Fi Pro 6 router and two Wi-Fi extenders. The technician will bring the equipment with him for expert installation. The advanced Wi-Fi 6 gateway and extenders ensure that you receive seamless gigabit speeds in all parts of the house, including dead zones. So, with Frontier Fiber 1 Gig Internet, free whole-home Wi-Fi coverage is guaranteed. 

However, you must remember that at the time of service termination, you will be charged $50 as an equipment restocking fee. Also, a penalty of $150 per device is applicable if you fail to return the leased equipment in due time. 


In 2023, Frontier was the 9th largest telecommunications company in the USA by revenue. Apart from its popular broadband service, Frontier offers TV streaming and home phone packages to its customers. 

Frontier Fiber 1 Gig Internet can be combined with a YouTube TV plan. The bundle deal will result in $10 monthly savings for up to a year, as shown below. 

Frontier Fiber 1 Gig Internet and YouTube TV Bundle 
Price  Frontier 1 Gig Internet  YouTube TV 
$132.98/mo. $122.98/mo.  1,000 Mbps  100+ channels 
Total Savings  $120.00 per year 


Perks or add-on benefits are the building blocks of a rewarding customer experience. Many popular ISPs around the USA throw in some freebies in the pack as part of their pull strategy. Frontier is no different. It offers its customers a long list of perks to enrich their experience and create brand loyalty. So, when you subscribe to the Frontier 1 Gig Internet hamper, you get the following, absolutely free:

  • Unlimited monthly data 
  • Discounted price for a year or more 
  • Installation fee waiver 
  • Equipment fee waiver 
  • $10 monthly savings on YouTube TV 
  • 24/7 tech support 


For more benefits, you can upgrade to the Frontier Fiber 2 Gig or 5 Gig Internet plans. The Frontier Fiber 2 Gig Internet plan includes a $200 Visa Reward Card (with an annual contract). Whereas, the Frontier Fiber 5 Gig Internet plan comes with dedicated US-based tech support for troubleshooting and general tech queries. 

Customer Service 

Frontier is one of the top 10 internet providers in the USA, and its customer service excellence is a driving force behind this continued industry dominance. In the American Customer Satisfaction Index 2023, Frontier Fiber scored 74 out of 100 points, which is just one point below the industry average. In another customer satisfaction study by J.D. Power in 2023, Frontier scored 738 on a 1,000-point scale to become the 3rd best residential internet service provider in the south of the USA. 

Frontier 1 Gig Internet subscribers can reach customer care representatives any time and day through the live chat option, customer helpline, or by visiting a nearby Frontier brick-and-mortar store. 

Frontier 1 Gig Internet Availability

Frontier 1 Gig Internet is among the most widely available gigabit broadband plans in the USA. Frontier’s fiber footprint encompasses 29 states, mostly in the midwest, southeast, and southwest regions. By the first quarter of 2023, Frontier had crossed 5.5 million fiber passings and had officially made its four-speed fiber internet tiers available in 800+ cities. 

Frontier’s fiber-optic internet network covers more than 180,000 route miles, delivering seamless gigabit connectivity to at least 1.8 million fiber subscribers. 

Frontier’s fiber-powered 1 Gig Internet plan is available in the following 29 states. 

States where Frontier 1 Gig Internet Plan is Available 
Alabama  Indiana  Nevada  South Carolina 
Arizona  Iowa  New Mexico  South Dakota 
California  Kansas  New York  Tennessee 
Connecticut  Michigan  North Carolina  Texas 
Florida  Minnesota  North Dakota  Utah 
Georgia  Mississippi  Ohio  Virginia 
Illinois  Nebraska  Pennsylvania  West Virginia 
Please note that the coverage of Frontier Fiber Internet will vary within these states. Call Frontier Fiber customer service to check the availability of the Frontier 1 Gig Internet plan in your zip code.

Top 10 Cities for Frontier 1 Gig Internet 

Accessibility of the Frontier Fiber 1 Gig Internet plan is highest in metropolitans, like Durham, Tampa, and New Haven, with an average population of 157,000 residents. This is because densely populated urban centers have a better internet infrastructure, supporting fiber-optic broadband connectivity, compared to townships and rural communities. So, you are most likely to receive symmetrical gigabit internet speeds if you are in a city within Frontier’s 180,000-mile-long fiber footprint. 

The following are the 10 best cities for enrolling in the Frontier 1 Gig Internet service.

10 Best Cities for Subscribing to the Frontier 1 Gig Internet Plan
City  State Citywide Availability Population Covered
Tampa  Florida  93.6% 362,279 people 
Durham  North Carolina  83.9% 239,557 people 
New Haven  Connecticut  79.9% 107,930 people 
Plano  Texas  76.0% 219,072 people 
Rochester  New York  75.7% 159,429 people 
Long Beach  California  74.5% 339,766 people 
Marion  Ohio  73.6% 26,399 people
Bloomington Illinois  72.7% 56,912 people 
Muskegon  Michigan  65.7% 24,672 people 
Irving  Texas  53.4% 135,742 people

Frontier 1 Gig Internet for Streaming

Frontier’s fiber internet plans are purpose-built to rally the #BuildingGigabitAmerica movement. Its Fiber 1 Gig Internet plan delivers top performance with blistering fast 1,000 Mbps speeds and low latency of 8 ms. In real-world situations, Frontier 1 Gig Internet’s speed, latency, and network reliability are best suited for multi-device streaming and streaming gameplays on cloud-based platforms. 

Streaming Movies and Shows 

If you are a movie buff and love to spend your spare time catching up on trending movies and shows, then you will be happy to know that Frontier 1 Gig Internet’s gigabit download speed is more than sufficient for your regular movie nights. You can stream your favorite shows and movies on Netflix, without buffering, and in ultra-high-definition even when the whole house is online. Frontier Fiber 1 Gig Internet’s download capabilities are enough to support UHD streaming on at least 66 devices, at once. 

Speed Chart for Streaming Movies and Shows 
Streaming Quality  Resolution  Speed Requirement 
Netflix Standard Definition (SD) 480p 1 Mbps +
Netflix High Definition (HD) 780p 3 Mbps +
Netflix Full High Definition (FHD) 1080p 5 Mbps +
Netflix Ultra High Definition (UHD) 4K 15 Mbps +
The download speed requirements stated in the table above are for streaming Netflix on a single device.

Live-Streaming Online Games 

AT&T recommends minimum upload speeds between 6 and 8 Mbps for high-quality, live streaming of games on Twitch. Frontier ups the game by suggesting that 25 Mbps of upload speed is ample for simultaneous gaming and streaming on cloud-based platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Vimeo. So, it means that with the Frontier 1 Gig Internet plan, around 40 users can play online games and live stream their gameplay at the same time. 

Frontier 1 Gig Internet vs. Competitors

If you have ever window-shopped in the broadband market, you would have noticed that it is hard to come across a top-rated internet provider that DOES NOT offer a 1 Gig broadband plan. But while gigabit internet speeds are common in the country, a distinction can be made through metrics like price, availability, and upload speeds. 

Provider  Plan  Price  Upload Speed  Availability 
Frontier  Fiber 1 Gig  $59.99/mo.  1,000 Mbps  29 states 
Spectrum  Internet Gig  $89.99/mo.  35 Mbps  41 states 
AT&T  Fiber 1 GIG  $80.00/mo.  1,000 Mbps  22 states 
Verizon  Fios 1 Gig  $89.99/mo.  880 Mbps  8 states + DC
Kinetic  Fiber 1 Gig  $39.99/mo.  1,000 Mbps  18 states 
Earthlink  Fiber 1,000  $89.95/mo.  1,000 Mbps  48 states 
The monthly internet fees shown in the table above are with the Auto Pay and paperless billing discounts. Prices are subject to change after the promotional period. Wireless speeds may vary. Internet coverage within the states may vary.

Frontier Fiber 1 Gig Internet may not be as affordable as the Kinetic Fiber 1 Gig plan, or as widely available as Earthlink or Spectrum’s gigabit service. But when considered holistically, it offers the best value for the money. 

Final Words 

We get it. Change is uncomfortable, and more so when the fear of the unknown grips you and makes you second-guess everything. But in this case, you are in good hands. The Frontier 1 Gig Internet plan is an all-inclusive broadband package, giving you the best of everything. From ultrafast gigabit download and upload speeds to technologically advanced eero Wi-Fi Pro 6 router, you get the best service for just $60 a month. Remember, with Frontier at the steering wheel, you are on your way to Building a Gigabit America!

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