EarthLink vs Xfinity - Which One is Better?


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  • Speeds Up to 5 Gbps
  • Available in 48 States
  • No Data Caps

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  • Speeds up to 10 Gbps
  • Available in 36 States
  • Some Plans have Data Caps

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We have all been made to believe that more is always better, but is it really the case? Xfinity and EarthLink use different business approaches to deliver broadband access, but they share one common feature. They both give you lots of options.

Since both, Xfinity and EarthLink, are among the nation’s largest and most renowned internet providers, it may be difficult to choose between them. Hence, let’s compare EarthLink to Xfinity to determine if its internet service is worth the high prices.

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EarthLink’s unique take on delivering broadband access via other providers’ networks allows it to cover 48 states. Since the provider uses the established fiber-optic and copper networks of national internet providers like AT&T, Frontier, Verizon, and CenturyLink, you can expect a reliable connection.

However, this approach also makes its broadband prices much higher than other wired internet providers. EarthLink is an attractive option due to its transparency and reliability. As a result, despite its high prices, its fiber internet service is extremely valuable.



  • Symmetrical internet speeds via fiber internet service
  • No data caps on DSL and fiber internet plans
  • Nationwide availability
  • No extreme price hikes after a year


  • Plans are pricier than other wired internet options
  • Requires a 1-year contract
  • Availability and pricing depend on the location


Comcast has been selling its telecommunications services, such as broadband, cable TV, and home phone, under the Xfinity name since 2010. This rebranding was a new beginning for Comcast, an attempt to shed its old negative reputation. Since then, Xfinity has become a household brand in 36 states and has also introduced mobile and home security services.

The provider has one of the best home internet services with impressive mid-range options. While this alone doesn’t make it an ideal choice for all, we appreciate its dedication to improving cable internet speeds. 

As of now, Xfinity is in the process of rolling out DOCSIS 4.0 technology across its entire footprint, so more people can access multi-gigabit speed options.



  • Highly affordable internet service
  • Available in 36 states
  • Offers price guarantee on some plans
  • Excellent discounts on bundles


  • Asymmetrical upload and download speeds
  • Some plans have 1.2 TB of data caps
  • Some options include a contract

Internet Service Comparison – EarthLink vs Xfinity

Features EarthLink Xfinity
Price Range $54.95/mo. – $189.95/mo. $20.00/mo. – $300.00/mo.
Download Speed 12 Mbps – 5,000 Mbps 75 Mbps – 10,000 Mbps
Internet Type DSL, Fiber, Fixed Wireless Cable, Fiber
Data Caps None Some plans have them (1.2 TB)
Contracts Yes Some plans have them
Equipment Fee Router Fee: $14.95/mo. xFi Gateway: $15.00/mo.
xFi Complete: $25.00/mo.
Professional Installation $79.95 $100.00
ETF Up to $200.00 Depends on your plan
Bundles Yes Yes
Coverage 48 states 36 states

So, how do these biggest internet providers compare? After a brief comparison, we can see that Xfinity and EarthLink are complete opposites, using different technologies and employing distinct strategies for their broadband service.

In simple terms, Xfinity’s internet service is cheaper than EarthLink’s. However, EarthLink has friendlier terms like unlimited data, few additional costs, and rare price hikes.

Plans & Pricing Details – EarthLink vs Xfinity Internet

Both, EarthLink and Xfinity, offer a good range of internet plans. However, Xfinity is more suitable for budget-conscious people.  


EarthLink has a broad range of DSL and fiber internet plans. Their availability, however, depends on your location. EarthLink is an expensive option. Its pricing starts from $54.95 per month, which is quite high considering that its entry-level speed is only 12 Mbps.

That’s why its fee depends on how it delivers internet access in your area. If you are lucky enough to access its fiber internet service, you can experience faster and more reliable connections of up to 5,000 Mbps with unlimited data. However, there is a 1-year contract with every EarthLink Internet plan.

EarthLink Internet Plans
Plans Price Max Download Speed Type
12 Mbps $54.95/mo. Up to 12 Mbps DSL
24 Mbps $59.95/mo. Up to 24 Mbps DSL
45 Mbps $64.95/mo. Up to 45 Mbps DSL
75 Mbps $69.95/mo. Up to 75 Mbps DSL
100 Mbps $59.95/mo. Up to 100 Mbps Fiber
300 Mbps $69.95/mo. Up to 300 Mbps Fiber
500 Mbps $79.95/mo. Up to 500 Mbps Fiber
1 Gbps $89.95/mo. Up to 1 Gbps Fiber
2 Gbps $129.95/mo. Up to 2 Gbps Fiber
5 Gbps $189.95/mo. Up to 5 Gbps Fiber
*Availability & price may vary by location.
**A 1-year contract is required.


Unlike EarthLink, Xfinity offers affordable internet plans due to long-term promotional discounts. Moreover, the provider takes a localized pricing approach. As a result, its plans have varying prices and terms, like data caps and contracts, in the Northeast, West, and Central regions.

Xfinity Internet Plans – Northeast
Plans Price Max Download Speed Type
Connect More $25.00/mo. Up to 200 Mbps Cable
Fast $35.00/mo. Up to 400 Mbps Cable
Superfast $60.00/mo. Up to 800 Mbps Cable
Gigabit $70.00/mo. Up to 1,000 Mbps Cable
Gigabit Extra $80.00/mo. Up to 1,200 Mbps Cable
Gigabit X2 $110.00/mo. Up to 2,000 Mbps Cable
Gigabit Pro $300.00/mo. Up to 10,000 Mbps Fiber
Xfinity Internet Plans – Central Region
Connect $20.00/mo. Up to 75 Mbps Cable
Connect More $35.00/mo. Up to 200 Mbps Cable
Fast $55.00/mo. Up to 400 Mbps Cable
Superfast $70.00/mo. Up to 800 Mbps Cable
Gigabit $80.00/mo. Up to 1,000 Mbps Cable
Gigabit Extra $85.00/mo. Up to 1,200 Mbps Cable
Gigabit X2 $100.00/mo. Up to 2,000 Mbps Cable
Gigabit Pro $300.00/mo. Up to 10,000 Mbps Fiber
Xfinity Internet Plans – West Region
Connect $19.99/mo. Up to 75 Mbps Cable
Connect More $30.00/mo. Up to 200 Mbps Cable
Fast $55.00/mo. Up to 400 Mbps Cable
Superfast $65.00/mo. Up to 800 Mbps Cable
Gigabit $75.00/mo. Up to 1,000 Mbps Cable
Gigabit Extra $80.00/mo. Up to 1,200 Mbps Cable
Gigabit X2 $120.00/mo. Up to 2,000 Mbps Cable
Gigabit Pro $300.00/mo. Up to 10,000 Mbps Fiber
*Price may vary with location.
**Prices are mentioned with a $10 Auto Pay & Paperless Billing discount.
***Some plans may have data caps of up to 1.2 TB.
****Term agreement required with some plans.

Additional Costs – Xfinity vs EarthLink

Don’t we all wish for a simple internet bill? Unfortunately, every provider adds some extra charges on top of the standard service fee. Both, EarthLink and Xfinity, have a few additional costs, but comparatively, EarthLink charges less for its extras.


Xfinity and EarthLink charge similar fees for their equipment, $15 per month. However, Xfinity has an extra option for large households. For a monthly $25 equipment rental, you get advanced security, wall-to-wall coverage, and a free gateway upgrade after three years to keep up with the advancing technology.

Provider Equipment Fee
EarthLink Router Fee: $14.95/mo.
Xfinity xFi Gateway: $15.00/mo.
xFi Complete: $25.00/mo.


EarthLink may not personally perform the installation, but it charges $80 for this service. Since it uses other providers’ networks to deliver broadband access, its installation is also performed by others. So, if you have chosen EarthLink, don’t panic when someone from AT&T, Frontier, or CenturyLink shows up at your address to install your service.

On the other hand, Xfinity’s professional installation requires an upfront $100. However, the provider offers you the choice to opt out of this extra fee by sending a free self-installation kit.

Provider Installation Charges
EarthLink Pro-installation: $79.95
Xfinity Pro-installation: $100.00
Self-installation: None


Both, EarthLink and Xfinity, are one of the few internet providers that still enforce a contract onto their customers. However, you might get a few contract-free options with Xfinity.

While EarthLink has a standard 12-month term agreement, Xfinity’s contract length varies based on plans and your location. You should comply with the agreement unless you can pay a hefty early cancellation fee. While EarthLink charges $200 for early termination, Xfinity is pretty obscure about this fee due to its varying contracts.

Hence, if you are subscribing to an Xfinity internet plan with a contract, make sure to carefully read the terms and conditions to find the associated early cancellation fee.

Provider ETF
EarthLink Up to $200.00
Xfinity Mentioned in the term agreement

Data Overage Fee

EarthLink offers unlimited data with both DSL and fiber internet plans. Hence, you don’t have to pay an additional fee for using excess data. Xfinity, on the other hand, gives you a mixed plate of options. Some Xfinity plans have unlimited data, while others restrict your data usage to 1.2 TB. If you exceed this limit, Xfinity will charge an extra $10 for each 50 GB of additional data.

Provider Data Overage Fee
EarthLink None
Xfinity $10.00 for each additional 50 GB of data

TV & Internet Bundles – Xfinity vs EarthLink


Xfinity’s Internet and TV bundles bring more than just entertainment and connectivity to your home. These packages have multiple benefits, including a monthly $20 multi-product discount, allowing you to save up to $480 in two years. You can save more money by choosing an internet plan with a 1 or 2-year contract. 

Here are some examples of Xfinity’s bundles in the Northeast region.

Bundle Price Internet Speed Channel Count
Connect More + Popular TV $116.95/mo. Up to 200 Mbps 125+
Fast Internet + Popular TV $126.95/mo. Up to 400 Mbps 125+
*Price may vary with location.
**Includes autopay & paperless discounts, multi-product discounts, and promotional discounts.
***Price includes Broadcast and Regional sports fee (price subject to change). Taxes are not included.
****These bundles may require a contract.


In contrast, EarthLink offers internet and Live TV streaming bundles. While these packages provide no extra savings, they are perfect for people looking to cut the cord. EarthLink offers three live TV streaming plans and allows you to choose a personalized streaming bundle to watch your favorite shows.

EarthLink TV & Internet Bundles
Bundle Price Internet Speed Channel Count
100 Mbps Internet + Plus Live TV $124.90/mo. Up to 100 Mbps 110+
100 Mbps Internet + Premium Live TV $144.90/mo. Up to 100 Mbps 150+

Better Option for Gaming – Xfinity or EarthLink?

EarthLink is a better option for gaming if its fiber internet service is available at your address. While its plans are comparatively more expensive than Xfinity’s, it makes up for the high price with extremely low latency, equal upload and download speeds, and uninterrupted connection. 

So, if you are into esports or competitive gaming, EarthLink Fiber is an excellent choice. Otherwise, Xfinity is perfectly capable of supporting your gaming requirements.

Wider Coverage Area – EarthLink or Xfinity?

EarthLink and Xfinity have a strong presence in the country. However, EarthLink has a wider coverage area since it relies on other providers’ networks and delivers internet access via multiple technologies. As a result, you can find EarthLink in 48 states.

Unlike Xfinity, the provider is not confined to the urban regions and also serves rural and remote areas. In fact, some locations within these states can even access satellite internet through EarthLink. On the other hand, Xfinity only operates in the urban areas of 36 states.

Better Customer Service – EarthLink or Xfinity?

Both, EarthLink and Xfinity, receive mixed reviews for their customer service. Xfinity has shown impressive improvement in the American Customer Satisfaction Index’s (ACSI’s) latest survey. The provider has earned 68 points in the non-fiber internet providers category, 2 points higher than the average score.

However, it fails to impress in the fiber internet providers list, ranking last with a score of 75, 2 points lower than the average score. Xfinity performs relatively well in J.D. Power’s latest study, ranking above the industry average in three regions: North Central, South and West.

While major customer satisfaction outlets like ACSI and J.D. Power do not cover EarthLink, we can analyze its reputation through Better Business Bureau (BBB). 

Despite an unimpressive score of 1.05 out of 5 due to frequent customer complaints about inconsistent speeds and early cancellation fees, BBB has assigned an A+ rating to EarthLink. This high rating is due to its helpful customer service. The provider makes it easier to reach their customer representatives through online chat, calls, or even text messages.

ACSI Report 2023 EarthLink Xfinity Industry Average
Fiber Internet Providers Category N/M 73 75
Non-Fiber Internet Providers Category N/M 68 66
*N/M=not mentioned

Final Verdict – EarthLink or Xfinity

The choice between Xfinity and EarthLink may come down to what you value the most, your budget or reliability, especially if EarthLink Fiber is available at your address.

EarthLink has higher prices than most wired internet providers because it doesn’t offer promotional discounts. While this results in a higher bill, you won’t have to worry about extreme price hikes after a year of service.

On the other hand, Xfinity is known for its highly affordable internet plans due to varying price guarantees and excellent promotional discounts. But you will have to endure slower speeds during peak hours.

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