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In a world where the internet keeps us busy, AT&T Internet 75 stands out as a lifeline for regular internet users looking for a dependable and smooth online experience. It is no secret that the internet has evolved to become a focal point of our lives, so much so that life actually comes to a halt during its outages. Our lifestyle depends on its uninterrupted flow, from work to entertainment, education communication.

While other nations may have different stories to tell, in this land of connectivity, national internet service providers like AT&T work relentlessly to guarantee that every person remains connected. AT&T utilizes multiple networking technologies, such as fiber, fixed wireless, and IPBB, to keep the digital lifelines intact in 21 states. Amongst its array of plans, AT&T Internet 75 stands out as an accessible plan tailored for casual internet users. So, let’s delve into its details and discover what AT&T’s 75 Mbps plan has in store for you.

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What is AT&T Internet 75?

AT&T Internet 75 is a testament to AT&T’s commitment to delivering superior internet connectivity. With the termination of its DSL service in 2020, AT&T took a bold step forward by introducing a hybrid fiber and copper wires network called IPBB. This cutting-edge network provides customers, previously serviced by AT&T’s DSL service, with more reliable and consistent speeds. The service offers various speed tiers at the same price, and among them, AT&T’s 75 Mbps internet plan appears as one of the most readily accessible higher-speed options.

AT&T Internet 75, which starts at $55, is a tempting option for occasional internet users. However, it comes with data caps set at 1.5 TB. But what sets this plan apart is that it includes essential equipment and a security suite powered by McAfee at no additional cost. This comprehensive offering ensures that customers can easily browse websites and check emails while indulging in occasional video streaming without worrying about their online security.

AT&T’s 75 Mbps plan is customized to meet the needs of casual users. This plan offers a smooth online experience, whether for keeping in touch with family and friends, doing research for work or school, or just browsing the internet.



  • Highly accessible throughout AT&T’s coverage area
  • Includes equipment
  • Contract-free plan
  • Faster and more reliable than DSL internet service
  • Free self-installation


  • Includes data caps of 1.5 TB
  • Asymmetrical upload and download speeds
  • Price increases after 12 months

AT&T Internet 75 Plan

AT&T 75 Mbps Internet at a Glance
Price $55.00 per month
Download Speed 75 Mbps
Upload Speed 10 Mbps
Data Caps 1.5 TB
Contract None
Equipment Included
Self-installation Free 
Professional Installation $99.00
Coverage 21 states

Data Caps

The AT&T Internet 75 plan includes a monthly data cap of 1.5 TB. The idea of a data limit could appear overwhelming at first. However, on closer inspection, it becomes evident that this data cap is more than sufficient for the intended audience of this plan, particularly those living in smaller families or solo internet users.

Consider the variety of tasks one may complete within this allotment, like online surfing, streaming high-definition films, participating in video conferences, and even downloading files, to put the 1.5 TB data restriction into perspective. These are just a few examples of everyday online activities that are easily achievable without reaching the data cap’s limit. Since this plan caters to individuals who primarily use the internet for browsing websites, checking emails, and indulging in occasional video streaming, it is quite improbable that they will use up the entire 1.5 TB data allowance within a month.

To summarize, AT&T’s 75 Mbps internet plan provides generous data that aligns with the usage habits of casual internet users and smaller families, making the 1.5 TB data cap an ideal fit for their internet needs.


One of the advantages of AT&T Internet 75 is its contract-free nature, dispelling a common misconception surrounding IPBB plans. While some may assume that this plan involves a contract due to its promotional period, the reality is that IPBB plans are also free of contracts, much like AT&T’s highly sought-after fiber internet service. This means that its customers can enjoy all the benefits of AT&T’s 75 Mbps internet plan for as long as they desire without feeling trapped or tied down.

Additionally, you can terminate your subscription at any time without paying an early termination fee. AT&T’s 75 Mbps internet plan allows you to adapt your internet needs as circumstances dictate. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that you must return the equipment to AT&T if you decide to terminate the subscription. Otherwise, you will be required to pay a substantial equipment non-return fee.

Additional Costs

There are a few additional charges that you should keep in mind besides the regular fee of this plan.

Additional Charges
Late Payment Fee $9.99
Data Overage Fee $10 per 50 GB of excessive data used
Bill Reprint Fee $5.00
Unreturned Equipment Fee $150.00

Installation Cost

AT&T Internet 75’s subscribers can choose from two installation options, professional and self-installation. You can make your choice based on your financial resources. If you are a tech-savvy individual who enjoys assembling everything yourself, AT&T offers a convenient self-installation kit that you can order online. This option is not only cost-free, but it also saves you the hassle of scheduling an appointment and making time for a technician. It puts the power in your hands, allowing you to set up your internet connection at your own pace.

Alternatively, professional installation is an excellent choice for those who prefer a seamless and hassle-free installation process. By opting for professional installation, you can entrust the entire setup to a skilled technician, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience. While professional installation does incur an upfront cost of $99, it provides the convenience of having an expert handle all aspects of the installation, giving you peace of mind.

AT&T Internet 75 – Installation
Professional Installation Self-Installation
$99.00 Free

Equipment Cost

Before 2022, AT&T required its customers to pay an additional $10 fee for equipment. However, in a much-appreciated shift in policy, AT&T has lessened the financial burden of equipment costs for its loyal customers. Therefore, the most outstanding feature of AT&T Internet 75 is that it now includes a Wi-Fi gateway at no additional charge, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the benefits of this plan without any financial constraints.

AT&T Internet 75 – Equipment
Wi-Fi Gateway

Perks or Special Features

Besides being more reliable, AT&T Internet 75 also comes with an exceptional perk that sets it apart from traditional DSL plans in the market – a free security suite powered by McAfee. This added layer of protection allows users to navigate the vast digital landscape without worrying about various online threats such as malware, cybercrimes, data breaches, and more.

The value of this perk makes it all the more impressive, considering that buying a McAfee Total Protection license for three devices separately would typically cost $90 per device each year. However, this essential security suite is included at no extra cost with AT&T Internet 75, guaranteeing complete protection and benefits of McAfee’s robust security features without any additional financial burden.

AT&T Internet 75 Price after 12 Months

While AT&T Internet 75 starts at a promotional price for a year, it is crucial to consider the price adjustment in the second year. After the first 12 months, AT&T hikes the plan’s price by 27%, increasing the monthly payment to $70. However, it is worth noting that this rate includes all applicable taxes and the necessary equipment for your internet connection.

While the price adjustment is high, it is essential to consider the value and benefits that come with AT&T Internet 75. The plan provides a reliable internet connection, a generous data cap, a free security suite powered by McAfee, and other perks that enhance your online experience. Additionally, the plan provides a transparent and hassle-free billing experience by including taxes and equipment costs.

AT&T Internet 75 Availability

Another standout advantage of AT&T Internet 75 is its extensive availability. This plan reaches far and wide, covering AT&T’s entire footprint across 21 states, which allows more than 96% of its customer base to access it. This remarkable reach ensures that a vast majority of people, regardless of their location within the covered states, can tap into the seamless and reliable internet connectivity of AT&T’s 75 Mbps internet plan.

AT&T Internet 75 vs Competitors

AT&T Internet 75 is ideal for people residing in rural areas with limited internet options. Hence, it often competes with DSL and satellite internet services. However, this plan has a notable edge over traditional DSL and satellite internet plans since it is more reliable and consistent.

Unlike DSL, which relies on old copper infrastructure, AT&T Internet 75 leverages a hybrid network of fiber and copper wires. This combination results in more reliable and consistent speeds, allowing users to enjoy a smoother online experience. Furthermore, it is also better and cheaper than satellite internet, which is susceptible to weather-related disruptions and latency issues.

In addition to its technological advantages, AT&T’s commitment to exceptional customer service gives it a distinct edge over other options in the market. Here is how AT&T Internet 75 competes with other plans.

AT&T Internet 75 vs Competitors
Features AT&T Viasat CenturyLink  EarthLink
Starting Price $55.00/mo. $99.99/mo.  $49.99/mo. $69.95/mo.
Price After Promotional Period $70.00/mo. $149.99/mo. $49.99/mo. $69.95/mo.
Internet Speed 75 Mbps 75 Mbps 75 Mbps 75 Mbps
Internet Type IPBB Satellite DSL DSL
Coverage 21 states 50 states 16 states 48 states


AT&T Internet 75 is an excellent choice for casual internet users and those residing in rural areas with limited options. AT&T’s 75 Mbps internet plan is worth considering for those seeking a reliable, feature-rich, and accessible internet plan. It combines advanced technology, transparent pricing, robust security features, and exceptional customer service to deliver an internet experience that meets the needs of casual users and those residing in areas with limited options.

This plan allows you to connect, explore, and thrive in the digital world confidently, knowing that you have a reliable and reputable provider supporting your internet journey.


Yes, 75 Mbps is faster than the threshold speed set by FCC, making it ideal for smaller families and solo internet users.

No, AT&T’s 75 Mbps internet plan is an IPBB plan.

No, AT&T’s 75 Mbps internet plan comes with a 1.5 TB monthly data cap.

No, AT&T’s 75 Mbps internet plan is not ideal for gaming due to data restrictions and slower speed.

Yes,  you can connect up to 5 devices to the 75 Mbps internet plan.

Yes, AT&T Internet 75’s price increases by $15 after a year of subscription, requiring you to pay $70 per month from the second year.

No, AT&T’s 75 Mbps internet plan does not have symmetrical upload and download speeds since it is not a fiber internet plan.

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