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The world has come a long way from sluggish dial-up connections and frustratingly slow broadband speeds with the relentless advancement of fiber technology. Fiber internet has transformed the digital landscape, setting a new standard for internet connectivity and driving us into an era of lightning-fast connections and unlimited opportunities.

AT&T is a leading provider that fully utilizes fiber technology, giving it an edge over competitors. Through its second speed tier, AT&T Internet 500 plan, the provider offers a seamless and tailor-made internet experience for multi-user households. But in the ever-evolving realm of internet plans, speed alone is not the sole standard for making the right choice. Other factors, such as your specific needs, usage patterns, and lifestyle, are equally important. So, brace yourself as we dive deep into the world of AT&T Internet 500, unraveling its true potential and helping you make a wise decision in this interconnected digital age.

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AT&T Fiber 500 Review

AT&T Fiber 500 is the second speed tier in AT&T’s impressive fiber lineup, offering a remarkable blend of high speed and affordability. Priced at a reasonable $65 per month, a mere $10 more than AT&T Fiber’s base plan, this plan is the best choice amidst a sea of alternatives. What makes it even more enticing is that its price remains the same even after a year of subscription, giving you unparalleled value for your investment.

AT&T Internet 500 is designed for medium-sized households and caters to those who enjoy the thrill of multi-player gaming and smooth online experiences. Its mid-range speed capabilities provide the necessary bandwidth to support multiple devices, simultaneous HD streaming, and lag-free gaming sessions.

One thing about AT&T Fiber is that it is famous for its attractive features, and AT&T Fiber 500 plan is no exception. Alongside blazing-fast speeds, AT&T Internet 500 subscribers can enjoy unlimited data, excellent online security, flexibility that allows you to switch or upgrade your connection whenever you want, and a reward card on online orders. The downside? It is only available in AT&T’s fiber footprint, which is significantly smaller than its IPBB network.

AT&T Internet 500 At a Glance
Price $65.00/mo. + taxes (with AutoPay & Paperless Bill)
Download Speed 500 Mbps
Upload Speed 500 Mbps
Data Caps None
Contract None
Equipment Included
Installation Self-installation: Free
Professional installation: $99.00
Reward Card $100
Coverage Limited to AT&T Fiber’s service area



  • Symmetrical upload and download speeds
  • No price increase after 12 months
  • Equipment included in the plan
  • Free Security Suite
  • No annual contract
  • Unlimited data


  • Availability limited to AT&T Fiber’s coverage area

Internet Speed

AT&T Internet 500 plan brings forth a symphony of speed, providing a symmetrical upload and download speed that is half that of a gigabit connection, making it an impeccable choice for medium-sized families. But what exactly can you do with such internet speed? You can effortlessly connect up to 13 devices simultaneously with 500 Mbps internet speed and stream ultra HD content on multiple screens. 

This plan supports more than just casual browsing, opening up a gateway of unlimited possibilities without any bandwidth issues. While AT&T Internet 500 plan can support any online tasks, it is perfect for carrying out these specific activities:

  • Downloading HD movies in minutes
  • Streaming 4K videos on Netflix
  • Streaming music on Spotify on multiple devices
  • Playing multi-player online games

Hence, it provides enough bandwidth to keep up with the ever-changing digital environment. However, 500 Mbps is not a unique speed tier, as you can find many alternatives in the market. But, what sets AT&T Fiber 500 plan apart from other options is its equally impressive upload speeds. In fact, AT&T’s upload speeds are a staggering 25 times faster than an average cable internet service. It means that beyond catering to the needs of average internet users, this plan is perfect for content creators who require fast upload speeds to share their creations with the world.

However, it’s important to note that while 500 Mbps is a dream come true for multi-user households, it may be overwhelming for smaller families or insufficient for larger homes. In such cases, it is better to explore other AT&T Fiber internet plans to find the perfect fit for your unique needs.

Data Caps

Many internet providers still impose data to promote fair usage of bandwidth. However, AT&T Internet 500 plan breaks free from the shackles of limited data allowance, thanks to the power of fiber technology. Its unlimited data allows you to immerse yourself in uninterrupted streaming sessions or dive headfirst into gaming marathons without worrying about throttled speeds or excessive charges.

The absence of data caps ensures that every customer enjoys dedicated bandwidth, guaranteeing a seamless online experience. Hence, you can say goodbye to the constraints of monthly data allowances and embrace the boundless possibilities by subscribing to AT&T Internet 500 plan.

Installation Options

AT&T Internet 500 plan grants you the freedom to choose between two installation options, each offering its own set of benefits and drawbacks. While the most obvious choice is to opt for professional installation, let’s take a closer look at both options to help you make an informed decision.

Installation Options Fees
Self-installation None
Professional Installation $99.00

Professional Installation

Professional installation is a hassle-free route that ensures a seamless connection to the AT&T Fiber network. Once you order your AT&T Internet 500 plan, you can select a convenient time and date for a professional technician to visit your home and handle the installation process. This service does come with an upfront fee of $99, but it gives you peace of mind that an expert will handle everything in case of any complication.

The duration of the installation can vary, typically taking around 3 to 4 hours, depending on the smoothness and complexity of the process. You can rest assured with this process as an expert will handle all the technical aspects, ensuring a reliable and efficient setup.


For the technology-proficient DIY lovers, AT&T offers a self-installation option that caters to those who enjoy taking matters into their own hands. You can request the AT&T Customer Service representative that you prefer self-installation when placing your order for the internet plan. They will arrange for a self-installation kit to be sent to your doorstep, usually arriving within 2 to 3 business days. You can complete the self-installation process in as little as 30 minutes, provided you have a basic knowledge of hardware and technology.

The package includes detailed instructions that, if followed correctly, will guide you through the setup effortlessly. This self-installation option not only saves you the upfront fee but also gives you a sense of satisfaction in successfully setting up your AT&T Internet 500 plan independently. However, the only drawback is that only a few addresses qualify for this option.

Ultimately, the choice between professional installation and self-installation boils down to your preferences and comfort level with technology. Self-installation offers a cost-effective and empowering option if you prefer a hands-on approach and possess the necessary technical understanding. On the other hand, if you value convenience and wish to leave the installation process in capable hands, professional installation ensures a stress-free experience.


AT&T Internet 500 plan offers a wealth of perks that elevate it to a league of its own. Let’s delve into these exceptional offerings and explore extraordinary benefits.

Strong Coverage with AT&T All-Fi Gateway

AT&T Internet 500 plan includes the AT&T All-Fi Gateway, a powerful piece of equipment that blankets every corner of your home with strong signals. In addition to supporting the high-speed capabilities of the AT&T Fiber 500 plan, this state-of-the-art gateway also provides a secure environment with its advanced security updates.

This AT&T All-Fi Gateway with tri-band technology effortlessly supports up to 13 devices, allowing your entire household to revel in the wonders of uninterrupted connectivity. And as a bonus, this equipment comes with the Smart Home Manager app, giving you control of your network and empowering you to manage and optimize your online experience.

No Annual Price Hike

The AT&T Internet 500 plan offers transparency, meaning you get exactly what you see. You can say goodbye to the frustration of sudden price increases that can catch you off guard. This plan maintains a regular price from the beginning of your subscription, giving you the ease of mind. Hence, you can relax knowing that the price you signed up for will remain unchanged even after 12 months, allowing you to budget effectively and focus on what truly matters—seamless online experiences.

Free AT&T ActiveArmor℠ Security Suite

Security is a significant concern in today’s digital landscape, and AT&T Fiber 500 plan goes above and beyond to protect your digital footprint. This plan comes with AT&T ActiveArmor℠ Security Suite, a comprehensive and proactive network security solution with an array of features.

This suite protects your internet connection by blocking spam calls, monitoring suspicious behavior, and preventing access to malicious content or websites. It also includes privacy-protecting features like VPN, Advanced Content Control, and more. You can easily manage this AT&T ActiveArmor℠ Security Suite with the free Smart Home Manager app, placing you in the front seat of your online safety.

$100 Reward Card

AT&T values its customers and rewards their loyalty. The provider offers a $100 Reward Card when you order AT&T Internet 500 online. This perk is an excellent incentive for switching to this plan, adding an extra layer of delight to your internet journey. You can use this card to purchase other AT&T services or products.


Life is a whirlwind of unpredictability, where plans can change at a moment’s notice. The last thing you need is a binding contract with your internet connection that restricts your freedom and leaves you trapped. Unlike other providers who tie their customers down with yearlong commitments, AT&T understands the value of flexibility.

AT&T Internet 500 plan does not weigh you down with a contract, granting you the liberty to switch providers whenever you feel like it. This lack of commitment makes it the ideal choice for renters, who thrive on the ability to adapt to new environments and seize opportunities without hesitation. Hence, you can embrace the liberation that comes with AT&T Fiber 500 plan and navigate the twists and turns of life on your own terms.

Additional Costs

Just like all the other providers in the market, AT&T’s service also comes with a few additional costs. These are some extra costs you may encounter with the AT&T Internet 500 plan.

Additional Charges
Professional Installation $99.00
Wi-Fi Extenders Rental (Optional) $10.00/mo.
Late Payment Fee $9.99
Bill Reprint Fee $5.00
Payment Convenience Fee Up to $5.00 per bill or payment
Returned Check Fee Up to $30.00 per check
Reconnection Fee Up to $35.00 per service
Unreturned Equipment Fee Wi-Fi Gateway: $150.00
Wi-Fi Extender: $65.00/device

AT&T Internet 500 Price after 12 Months

In a competitive world of internet service providers, where promotional rates often give way to outrageous price hikes after a year of service, AT&T stands tall as a beacon of consistency. Unlike other providers that may surprise you with sudden increases in your internet bill, the AT&T Internet 500 plan offers a regular rate from the start. As a result, the cost of this exceptional plan remains unchanged at $65, even after the end of 12 months.

This plan does not let you feel the frustration of escalating costs and provides a satisfying online experience. With AT&T Fiber 500, your peace of mind extends beyond the initial promotional period, allowing you to focus on enjoying a high-speed internet experience without worrying about unwelcome surprises in your monthly bill.

AT&T Internet 500 Availability Review

The AT&T Internet 500 plan is available to all addresses with AT&T’s fiber footprint. This plan is primarily accessible in the major metropolitan areas of the Midwest and Southeast regions. Unfortunately, AT&T’s fiber coverage is still not on par with its more widely available IPBB service. Hence, it is better to visit the provider’s website and confirm the availability by entering your ZIP code.

AT&T Internet 500 vs Competitors

The 500 Mbps speed tier is the most sought-after choice for moderate internet users. Hence, numerous fiber and cable internet providers offer their own version of this speed. However, only a few providers stand toe-to-toe with AT&T due to their wide availability and exceptional performance. The following table showcases some popular 500 Mbps internet plans from other providers so you can explore their offerings, compare the features, and discover what sets the AT&T Internet 500 plan apart from the rest.

Features AT&T Fiber 500 Spectrum Internet Ultra Frontier Fiber 500
Starting Price $65.00/mo. $69.99/mo. $49.99/mo.
Price After 12 months Same $99.99/mo. $57.99/mo.
Speed Symmetrical Symmetrical Symmetrical
Type Fiber Cable Fiber
Installation $99.00 $59.99 Free
Equipment Included Modem: Included Included
Router: $5.00/mo.

AT&T Internet 500 vs Spectrum Internet Ultra

The AT&T Internet 500 plan and Spectrum Internet Ultra are formidable rivals among numerous 500 Mbps plans. While both providers offer this mid-range speed, their plans differ significantly based on technology, pricing, and additional services.

The first main distinction is that Spectrum is a cable internet provider, while AT&T utilizes cutting-edge fiber technology to deliver this speed. As a result, Spectrum Internet Ultra plan has asymmetrical upload and download speeds, while AT&T provides a balanced and consistent internet experience.

Moreover, Spectrum Internet Ultra costs $5 more than the AT&T Internet 500 plan, even with a promotional rate. The provider also charges a monthly $5 for its WiFi service, potentially adding to the overall expense. In contrast, AT&T’s 500 Mbps plan has a higher professional installation fee and limited availability.

To conclude, both AT&T Fiber 500 plan and Spectrum Internet Ultra offer 500 Mbps speed, but they differ in technology, pricing, and availability.

AT&T Internet 500 vs Frontier Fiber 500

Frontier Fiber 500 and AT&T Internet 500 are both fiber internet plans. Hence, they offer equal upload and download speeds for a reliable online experience. Both plans also come with equipment, so there’s no need to pay extra monthly rental fees. However, their similarities end there.

Frontier Fiber 500 stands out with its more reasonable pricing structure, which remains lower than AT&T Internet 500 even after a potential price increase after the initial 12 months. Additionally, Frontier offers free professional installation, ensuring a hassle-free setup process without the burden of hefty installation fees.

On the other hand, while AT&T Internet 500 may come at a slightly higher price point, its advantage lies in its wider availability and excellent customer service, making it a viable option for moderate Internet users. Ultimately, choosing between Frontier Fiber 500 and AT&T’s 500 Mbps internet plan requires careful consideration of your budget, installation preferences, and availability in your area.

Is AT&T Fiber 500 Worth it?

The AT&T Internet 500 plan is an exceptional choice for moderate Internet users, particularly those residing in larger households. The plan has everything you need for a seamless online experience, a fast speed, unlimited data, and the lowest latency rate.

Moreover, the contract-free nature of AT&T Fiber 500 plan, ensures flexibility and freedom, allowing you to adapt your internet service as needed. The added perk of a reward card adds a delightful touch, providing an extra incentive for choosing AT&T. But the best part is that its regular price of $65 remains consistent even after a year of service, shielding you from unwelcome price hikes.


The AT&T Internet 500 plan is the second speed tier in AT&T’s fiber internet plans.

Yes, AT&T Internet 500 plan also offers unlimited data like all the other fiber internet plans.

You can do everything with this 500 Mbps internet plan. Its speed is sufficient to support 13 devices, allowing you to stream multiple ultra HD videos, engage in multi-player online games, stream music, and download large files.

The AT&T Internet 500 plan costs $65 a month.

AT&T Internet 500 is only available in the 21-state AT&T fiber footprint. So, if you live within its coverage area, there is a possibility that you might be able to access it. Call AT&T at 877-209-3574 to check whether it is available at your address.

Yes, AT&T Internet 500 is a fiber internet plan.

Yes, the AT&T Internet 500 plan offers symmetrical upload and download speeds since it’s a fiber internet plan.

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