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We cannot deny the internet’s role in our quest for success in today’s digitally driven world. As a nation at the forefront of technological advancements, America has some of the finest internet service providers serving millions. And AT&T stands tall as a symbol of excellence among thousands of options. Taking an inclusive approach, the provider offers a diverse range of internet plans, employing various technologies to ensure that every person within its coverage area can access the internet. AT&T Internet 50 is one such plan that has caught the attention of many.

But what makes the AT&T Internet 50 plan stand out from the rest? How does it fare based on speed, pricing, and overall reliability? If these questions cross your mind when seeking the perfect internet plan for your home, read this blog to explore its features, benefits, and limitations.

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What is AT&T Internet 50?

The AT&T Internet 50 plan is a popular option in areas with limited connectivity options. As part of AT&T’s new hybrid fiber and copper network, this IPBB plan replaced the discontinued DSL plans of this provider, offering customers a more reliable way to go about their daily activities.

This plan offers a download speed of 50 Mbps and an upload speed of 10 Mbps for $55 a month for the first year. The plan goes one step beyond traditional services and offers a secure online experience by including a McAfee-powered security suite at no additional cost. Moreover, it comes with all the essential equipment, eliminating the monthly rental fee and even the upfront cost of buying your own router.

While AT&T’s 50 Mbps internet plan does not include unlimited data, its data cap of 1.5 TB provides ample allowance for various online activities. This plan makes sure that users can effortlessly browse, utilize social networks, email, and perform other crucial internet tasks without difficulty, striking the ideal balance between speed and value.



  • Widely available throughout AT&T’s coverage area
  • No contract
  • Free security suite
  • Includes equipment at no extra cost
  • Free self-installation


  • Includes 1.5 TB data cap
  • Price hike after 12 months
  • Asymmetrical upload and download speeds

AT&T Internet 50 Plan

AT&T 50 Mbps Internet Plan
Monthly Price $55.00/mo.
Download Speed 50 Mbps
Upload Speed 10 Mbps
Data Caps 1.5 TB
Contract None
Equipment Included
Self-installation Free
Professional Installation $99.00
Coverage 21 states

AT&T Internet 50 Speed

Even though the AT&T Internet 50 plan is an IPBB plan with asymmetrical speeds, it provides consumers with a sizable amount of capacity. This 50 Mbps AT&T internet plan is ideal for light internet users, providing them with 50 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload speed. But if you feel concerned about the unequal upload and download speeds, rest assured that this asymmetry has no significant impact on most online activities.

This 50 Mbps AT&T internet plan provides enough speed to load web pages, images, and videos swiftly, ensuring a seamless browsing experience. Most online activities heavily rely on download speeds, and this plan provides more than enough bandwidth for users to engage in web browsing, video calling, social networking, and frequent video streaming without interruptions or buffering issues.

Additionally, the AT&T Internet 50 plan allows you to connect and simultaneously use up to 5 devices, making it perfect for lone customers or families with few internet users. However, it is worth remembering that exceeding this device limit may cause the connection to slow down. Therefore, it is essential to consider the number of people in your family and their internet usage habits before selecting this plan.

Data Caps

Despite having data limits, AT&T Internet 50 allows you to indulge in your favorite online activities. However, AT&T has recently upped the data caps from 1 TB to 1.5 TB on its IPBB internet plans up to 75 Mbps. This shift has been well-received by many consumers, given the rising need for data-intensive apps in our digital lives.

While it was already quite generous for light internet users with the previous 1TB data allowance, subscribers now have even more freedom to explore and pursue their online hobbies with 1.5 TB monthly data. This frees many users from continuously worrying about exceeding their data limits and paying an overage fee, allowing them to enjoy video streaming, social media interactions, light gaming, and more.


AT&T stands out as one of the contract-free options among American internet providers. It means that AT&T Internet 50 subscribers are not required to sign a long-term agreement, which gives them the flexibility and freedom to adapt their internet services to their changing needs.

Despite being a contract-free plan, AT&T 50 plan still offers a promotional period of 12 months that entitles users to great discounts and special deals. However, the lack of a contract gives consumers more control and enables them to modify their internet service as necessary, including upgrading to a higher speed tier, looking into other internet plans, or even choosing a different provider.

Additional Costs

Much like the formation of a river through countless drops of water, additional charges can gradually accumulate into an expensive internet service. While AT&T prioritizes transparency and strives to provide clarity to its customers, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the potential additional charges associated with its internet service.

However, these charges may vary based on the specific plan and individual usage. But there are typical fees, such as equipment rental charges, installation, or applicable taxes and surcharges. By understanding these additional costs, you may make decisions that fit within your budgetary constraints.

Additional Costs of AT&T Internet 50
Late Payment Fee $9.99
Data Overage Fee $10.00 per 50 GB of excessive data used
Bill Reprint Fee $5.00
Unreturned Equipment Fee $150.00

Installation Options & Cost

Installing the AT&T Internet 50 plan also comes with two options: professional and self-installation, giving you the flexibility to choose based on your taste and financial resources.


AT&T offers a free self-installation kit for those who enjoy a do-it-yourself approach. All you have to do is to place the order for a self-installation kit online, and AT&T will deliver it to your doorstep within three days. The setup process is remarkably straightforward and typically takes only around 30 minutes. DIY lovers can take their time assembling and setting up everything at their own pace, enjoying the satisfaction of a successful self-installation.

Professional Installation

Alternatively, if you prefer to leave the installation to the experts, AT&T offers professional installation for a one-time upfront cost of $99. Once you schedule an appointment, AT&T will send a skilled technician directly to your home. While this option requires you to allocate time for the technician’s visit and supervise the process, it offers convenience and peace of mind. You can rely on the technician to expertly handle every aspect of the installation, ensuring a smooth setup.

While both installation options have their advantages, the choice ultimately depends on your personal preferences and circumstances.

AT&T Internet 50 – Installation
Professional Installation Self-Installation
$99.00 Free

Equipment Required & Cost

While AT&T provides equipment with its internet service, it does not charge a monthly equipment rental fee for its internet plans, including AT&T Internet 50. AT&T’s equipment includes a Wi-Fi Gateway, a combination of router and modem, which enables you to connect multiple devices to the internet, providing seamless connectivity throughout your home. The Wi-Fi Gateway ensures reliable and efficient internet access, allowing you to browse, stream, and connect without any hassle.

AT&T makes the process of setting up its internet connection simpler by eliminating the monthly equipment rental price and the requirement to buy your own equipment.

AT&T Internet 50 – Equipment
Wi-Fi Gateway

Special Features

AT&T Internet 50 not only provides reliable internet connectivity but also sweetens the deal by prioritizing the protection of your digital footprint. In today’s digital environment, when applications are generating more data and cybercriminals are growing more intelligent, cyber security is of utmost importance. Recognizing this, the AT&T Internet 50 plan includes an effective security suite powered by McAfee that provides complete device protection.

With this award-winning security software, you can rest easy knowing that it shields your computers from viruses, hacks, spyware, and other online threats. McAfee’s robust features and intelligent algorithms work diligently to protect your digital presence, ensuring that your personal information remains secure and your online activities are protected.

The security suite provided with the 50 Mbps AT&T internet plan offers protection for up to three computers, allowing you to extend this security shield across multiple devices. Additionally, you can stay one step ahead of emerging threats as the software continuously updates itself. Moreover, AT&T’s 50 Mbps internet plan also grants access to this software’s online support free of charge in case of any issues. Overall, the addition of this powerful security suite makes the AT&T Internet 50 plan more reliable than other options.

AT&T Internet 50 Availability

AT&T brings its exceptional internet service to a wide range of locations across the 21 states. AT&T’s coverage extends to many regions and beyond, including the bustling neighborhoods of Texas, the vibrant communities of Florida, and the tech-savvy cities of California. While AT&T boasts an impressive fiber network, its IPBB service mainly serves most of its customers.

Hence, you can find AT&T Internet 50 in nearly every location within AT&T’s service area. The widespread availability of this plan provides a seamless online experience to customers living in areas with limited internet options. So, whether you live in the heart of a bustling city or a more remote corner, you can count on AT&T to deliver fast and reliable internet connectivity.


AT&T Internet 50 is a widely available IPBB plan, offered by one of the top internet providers in the country, AT&T. This plan is a popular option for low internet usage since it provides a reliable and stable speed of 50 Mbps. With a reasonable price, consistent speed, and a higher data allotment of 1.5TB, this 50 Mbps AT&T internet plan delivers tremendous value for a flawless online experience. 

Moreover, AT&T makes it more appealing by providing essential equipment and a security suite powered by McAfee, ensuring a protected digital footprint. Overall, the AT&T Internet 50 plan is a compelling option combining speed, value, and security to meet your online needs.


Yes, AT&T Internet 50 is ideal for playing casual online games since its latency is much better than a traditional DSL service. However, it is better to op a faster plan with unlimited data if you are a serious gamer.

Yes, AT&T’s 50 Mbps internet plan is fast enough to enjoy your favorite shows on Netflix.

No, AT&T’s 50 Mbps internet plan does not offer symmetrical upload and download speeds This plan offers an upload speed of 10 Mbps.

No, AT&T’s 50 Mbps internet plan comes with a monthly data cap of 1.5 TB.

No, the AT&T Internet 50 plan is an IPBB plan, a hybrid fiber and copper technology.

AT&T Internet 50 is an IPBB plan, which is a hybrid fiber and copper technology that AT&T uses to deliver faster and more reliable connections.

Yes, AT&T’s 50 Mbps internet plan provides sufficient bandwidth and data to support light internet users and small families. It even allows them to connect up to 5 devices.

The AT&T Internet 50 plan costs $70 per month after the first 12 months.

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