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There was a time when the idea of having 300 Mbps as a base internet speed seemed like a distant fantasy. However, the best internet service providers in the country have started rolling out lightning-fast speeds due to rapid technological advancement. As a result, many well-established ISPs now offer 300 Mbps internet as their entry-level plan, including AT&T, with its offering called AT&T Internet 300 plan.

AT&T fiber internet service has taken the concept of high-speed internet to new heights. The provider is an old name in the market, known for its wide range of plans. However, its flagship service is its fiber internet, with symmetrical speeds that soar up to an astonishing 5000 Mbps.

But let’s be honest! Not everyone requires multi-gigabit speeds for their day-to-day online activities. Many of us are content with AT&T’s base plan, AT&T Internet 300. So if you are looking for a solid internet connection that delivers the necessary speed without overwhelming you with unnecessary bandwidth, read this review to find all the crucial details of this plan.

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AT&T Fiber 300 Review

AT&T Internet 300 is not your average base internet plan. It provides a perfect balance between speed and outstanding value. While its starting price of $55 may seem a tad higher compared to other 300 Mbps plans in the market, it sets itself apart in a unique way. Unlike its competitors, AT&T Fiber 300 doesn’t rely on short-term promotional prices to lure customers in. It means you pay the regular price from the moment you subscribe to this plan, and you also don’t have to worry about the sudden price hike after a year.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! AT&T Fiber 300 plan is packed with impressive features. This 300 Mbps fiber internet plan also includes unlimited data allowance, a free Wi-Fi gateway and the ActiveArmor℠ Security Suite, and a reward card to sweeten the deal. Moreover, since AT&T Internet 300 plan is contract-free, you can upgrade your plan or switch providers depending on your circumstances without incurring ETF. In short, AT&T Fiber 300 is a well-rounded and enticing option for those seeking a reliable and high-speed internet plan.

AT&T Internet 300 At a Glance
Monthly Price $55.00/mo. with AutoPay & Paperless Bill
Download Speed 300 Mbps
Upload Speed 300 Mbps
Data Caps None
Contract None
Equipment Included
Self-Installation Free
Professional Installation $99.00
Reward Card $150
Coverage 21 States
So, if you’re in the market for a reliable and high-speed internet plan, AT&T Internet 300 might be the perfect fit for you with its impressive speed, stability, and straightforward pricing.



  • 15 times faster upload speed than cable internet
  • Symmetrical upload and download speed
  • No price hike after a year
  • Free self-installation
  • No equipment fees
  • Contract-free plan
  • Unlimited data


  • Availability limited to AT&T Fiber’s service area


While AT&T Fiber 300 may not be the fastest, it is a remarkably reliable and high-speed internet plan for average households that exceeds the standard speed threshold set by the FCC. It offers symmetrical speeds, allowing you to not only download large files in mere seconds but also upload them to the internet with exceptional speed. In fact, its upload speed is 15 times faster than cable internet, making it a perfect option for content creators who frequently share and upload large files online.

AT&T Internet 300 plan is well-suited for small to medium households, as it has the capacity to support up to 10 devices simultaneously. AT&T Fiber 300 plan ensures a smooth and uninterrupted online experience, allowing you to carry out the following activities:

  • Enjoy seamless and secure online shopping
  • Play lag-free online games
  • Connect multiple devices
  • Do school assignments
  • HD video streaming
  • Zoom meetings


However, it’s important to note that speed requirements vary based on your preferred online activities and the number of family members using the internet and connected devices. Therefore, each household has unique speed needs. While AT&T Internet 300 is ideal for small to medium-sized households, larger families or those running home businesses may require additional bandwidth. In such cases, it is better to explore the higher speed tiers of AT&T Fiber.

Data Caps

Like other AT&T fiber optic plans, AT&T Fiber 300 facilitates heavy-data users by offering unlimited data allowance. You no longer have to anxiously monitor your own or your family’s internet usage to avoid overage charges. On the contrary, you can seamlessly add more online activities to your daily routine without worrying about facing throttled speeds.

AT&T Internet 300 is ideal for heavy-data users who live in smaller or average households, allowing you to indulge in all-day streaming marathons, embark on epic gaming adventures, and immerse yourself in the vast depths of the internet without constraints. It empowers you to explore the digital world to its full potential, opening doors to endless possibilities and uninterrupted enjoyment.

In short, AT&T Internet 300 ensures that your online experiences remain smooth and seamless with unlimited data, whether you are a passionate streamer, an avid gamer, or simply live in a household with multiple internet users.


AT&T Fiber 300 offers two convenient options for installation: self and professional installation. Since each method has its own advantages and drawbacks, you should carefully consider both to choose the installation process that best suits your needs.

Installation Method Fees
Self-installation None
Professional Installation $99.00


The main benefit of self-installation is that it is completely free. You can request a self-install kit after subscribing to AT&T Fiber Internet 300. This kit typically arrives within two to three days and saves you from paying a hefty cost for professional installation.

Self-installation process is designed to be simple with easy-to-follow instructions, so even those with less technical skills can easily set up AT&T’s service.

However, it’s important to note that self-installation is only available at specific addresses. Additionally, while you don’t need any technical skills to complete the process, you’ll be responsible for resolving any issues that may arise during installation. So, if you encounter any difficulties, you’ll need to troubleshoot and resolve them independently.

Professional Installation

In contrast, professional installation ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience. With professional installation, AT&T sends an experienced technician who handles the entire setup process for you. They will take care of all the necessary connections and configurations, ensuring that your AT&T Fiber 300 service is installed correctly and functions optimally.

The primary advantage of professional installation is that it brings peace of mind. You don’t have to do anything as a trained professional takes care of all the technical aspects, ensuring a seamless and safe installation process.

However, the major drawback is that you have to pay $99 for this process. Additionally, scheduling a professional installation may require you to take a day off or allocate time to supervise the process.

Ultimately, the choice between self-installation and professional installation depends on your preferences, technical comfort level, and availability. While self-installation is a convenient and cost-effective option, professional installation is safe and secure, providing convenience.

Special Features

Besides offering exceptional speed and reliability, AT&T Internet 300 also arrives with a range of perks and special features that enhance your internet experience and provide additional value. Let’s explore each of these features in more detail.

Reward Card

All AT&T Fiber internet plans come with a reward card of varying value. New customers usually receive a Reward Card worth $100 with the AT&T Fiber 300 plan. However, AT&T currently has a limited-time offer for online orders, where customers can receive a Reward Card worth $150 until the end of this year. Hence, you can receive this card to enjoy additional savings or use it towards other AT&T services or products.

Free AT&T All-Fi Gateway

AT&T provides all the necessary equipment for setting up your AT&T Internet 300 plan. This typically includes AT&T All-Fi, a Wi-Fi gateway that provides wireless internet access throughout your home. This gateway supports multiple devices simultaneously and optimizes each connection with its tri-band technology. And while you can use your own router, AT&T’s All-Fi gateway offers numerous useful features, such as parental controls, and includes a free AT&T Smart Home Manager App, making it perfect for households with multiple smart devices. Additionally, you don’t have to pay extra for this next-generation technology.

However, if you require additional Wi-Fi coverage with your AT&T Fiber 300 plan, you can opt for their Wi-Fi Extender for an extra $10 per month. This extender can enhance the Wi-Fi range in your home, ensuring a robust and reliable connection in every corner. It is an optional add-on for those seeking expanded coverage to cover the dead zones in their homes.

Free AT&T ActiveArmor℠ Security Suite

AT&T Fiber Internet 300 also arrives with the free AT&T ActiveArmor℠ Security Suite. This suite offers built-in protection with 24/7 proactive network security for both your wireless and home internet connections. It provides a tailored internet experience that aligns with your preferences with free in-app security features, like custom call controls, the ability to manage your Wi-Fi network, and advanced content controls.

The AT&T ActiveArmor℠ Security Suite promotes a secure online environment, protecting your devices against potential threats and ensuring the privacy and safety of your internet activities. It also offers features like VPN (Virtual Private Network) for secure browsing, a Threat Activity Dashboard to monitor potential risks, and ID Monitoring to safeguard against identity theft.

To summarize, AT&T prioritizes your online safety and helps you stay protected while enjoying high-speed internet connectivity.


In a world where providers tie you with long-term contracts, AT&T is committed to increasing customer satisfaction and flexibility. Hence, AT&T Internet 300 also does not require an annual contract, giving you greater control over your internet service. You are not tied down to a specific term or obligated to maintain the service for a certain duration. It means you can upgrade your plan or switch providers according to your circumstances without worrying about early termination fees or penalties.

You can subscribe to AT&T Internet 300 plan without worrying about the future consequences if you are a student in a temporary living arrangement, a renter who frequently moves, or simply someone who prefers the option to change providers if better alternatives become available. So, AT&T Fiber 300 plan is the ideal choice for people who value the freedom to adapt and change their internet service without the constraints of a contract.

Additional Costs

AT&T Internet 300 has a transparent internet pricing structure. However, it is important to be aware of a few additional costs that may apply.

Additional Charges
Professional Installation $99.00
Late Payment Fee $9.99
Bill Reprint Fee $5.00
Unreturned Equipment Fee $150.00
Taxes Vary with location

AT&T Internet 300 Price after 12 Months

AT&T takes a different approach, unlike other providers who lure customers with short-term promotional rates. The consistent pricing structure of AT&T Fiber is its notable feature. AT&T Internet 300 also comes at a regular rate since the beginning, which remains the same at the 12 months mark. As a result, you don’t have to worry about any sudden price hikes after the first year of subscription, unlike its IPBB and fixed wireless plans.

This transparent pricing structure is like a breath of fresh air in a market where sudden price hikes are common. Choosing AT&T Internet 300 means you can enjoy the benefits of high-speed internet without the stress of constantly monitoring your bill or anticipating sudden price increases.

In short, AT&T is committed to providing customers with a fair and transparent pricing structure by offering a consistent price without any promotional plans. The provider ensures that you can plan your internet expenses without any surprises down the line

AT&T Internet 300 Availability

AT&T Internet 300 brings high-speed fiber connectivity to numerous metropolitan areas, showcasing the provider’s extensive fiber footprint that spans millions of households. However, it’s important to note that while AT&T’s fiber service is comprehensive, it is not comparable to its IPBB network.

Hence, you can only access AT&T Internet 300 within AT&T’s fiber service area. You can check AT&T’s website to determine the availability of AT&T Internet 300 in your specific location. Go to their website and simply enter your ZIP code to receive accurate information about its availability. You can also contact AT&T’s customer service for more details.

While AT&T’s fiber service may not be accessible like its IPBB plans, the good news is that the provider continues to expand its coverage, bringing the benefits of fiber internet to more people.

AT&T Fiber 300 vs Other AT&T Fiber Plans

AT&T Fiber Internet 300 is the base of AT&T’s impressive fiber plans lineup, which offers a range of speeds starting from 300 Mbps and reaching up to a blazing-fast 5000 Mbps. However, the AT&T Internet 300 plan provides the best value for small to medium-sized families, offering sufficient speed at a reasonable rate. If you are confused between the various AT&T Fiber internet plans, you can look at the following table to compare their prices and standard features. Choose wisely to unlock the perfect blend of speed, affordability, and performance that aligns with your internet needs.

FeaturesAT&T Internet 500AT&T Internet 1000AT&T Internet 2000AT&T Internet 5000
Monthly Price (plus taxes)$65.00/month$80.00/month$110.00/mo.$180.00/mo.
Internet Speed300 Mbps1000 Mbps2000 Mbps5000 Mbps
Supports11 devices12 devices12+ devices20+ devices
Suitable ForStreaming HD videosProfessional gamersSmart homesElite gaming
Playing online gamesRemote workersHome businessTruly immersive experience
Sharing large filesDigital collaborationBusiness operations

AT&T Fiber 300 vs Competitors

While AT&T is not the only provider offering a 300 Mbps base speed, it faces competition from other renowned providers like Spectrum and Verizon, who offer similar speeds. However, speed alone should not be the sole determining factor when choosing an internet plan. It’s crucial to consider your specific requirements and other vital factors, such as availability, price, customer reviews, and internet type.

The following table presents a glimpse into the features and specifications of each provider’s respective 300 Mbps plan. The side-by-side comparison can help you find the best one for your needs and preferences. Remember, finding the right internet service provider entails evaluating several factors beyond internet speed to ensure an optimal online experience.

Features AT&T Internet 300 Spectrum Internet Verizon Fios 300 Mbps Internet
Starting Price $55.00/mo. $49.99/mo. $49.99/mo.
Price After 12 months $55.00/mo. $79.99/mo. $49.99/mo.
Internet Speed Symmetrical Symmetrical Symmetrical
Internet Type Fiber Cable Fiber
Coverage 21 States 41 states 8 states

AT&T Internet 300 vs Spectrum Internet

While both plans seem similar on the surface due to the 300 Mbps download speed, they have quite a few differences that set them apart. The primary distinction lies in their internet type, resulting in symmetrical speeds for AT&T Internet 300 and asymmetrical speeds for Spectrum Internet. Although Spectrum has introduced symmetrical upload and download speeds in some areas, Spectrum Internet plans with symmetrical speed are not available across their total coverage area.

Furthermore, Spectrum offers a 12-month promotional period, after which its price increases by $30. In contrast, AT&T Internet 300 maintains a consistent price beyond the first year of service. Lastly, while availability of the AT&T Fiber 300 plan is limited to 21 states, Spectrum Internet covers a wide range, making it a popular choice in densely populated regions across 41 states.

AT&T Internet 300 vs Verizon Fios 300 Mbps Internet

Verizon Fios Internet 300 and AT&T Internet 300 share more similarities since they use the same technology. However, the primary difference lies in their availability. AT&T Internet 300 is accessible in a broader range of areas, while the base plan of Verizon Fios is limited to specific locations within eight states.

In contrast to AT&T, Verizon has a promotional discount for this plan, but the price remains the same as AT&T’s after 12 months. This is because Verizon offers a two-year price guarantee for its 300 Mbps internet plan, ensuring a consistent price. Ultimately, the availability and long-term pricing stability should be considered when deciding between AT&T Internet 300 and Verizon Fios 300 Mbps Internet.

Final Verdict – Is AT&T Fiber 300 Worth the Price?

AT&T Internet 300 strikes a fine balance between speed, reliability, and affordability, catering to the needs of average households and surpassing the expectations set by standard internet plans. Its symmetrical speeds empower users to easily navigate the digital realm, create and share content effortlessly, and connect with the world in a fast-paced online landscape. In short, it provides the best value for your money, giving you a reliable internet speed at a straightforward monthly price.


You get more speed with AT&T Internet 500, which allows you to connect more devices and carry out more bandwidth-heavy activities like HD video streaming on multiple devices, online gaming, and more. Hence, this plan is more suitable for large households.enjoy unlimited data allowance throughout the month. 

There are quite a few differences between AT&T Internet 300 and 100, since they use different technologies. AT&T Internet 100 is an IPBB plan, which results in asymmetrical download and upload speeds, unlike the AT&T Fiber 300 plan. Additionally, the difference in technology also means that the 100 Mbps plan is more widely available.

AT&T Internet 300 costs $55 a month, which may seem higher than other similar plans in the market. However, this is a regular price, which means there is no price hike after 12 months.

No, AT&T Internet 300 plan has unlimited data allowance just like all the other AT&T Fiber internet plans.

AT&T Fiber 300 is ideal for gamers living in small households with its low latency, high speed, and excellent reliability. This 300 Mbps AT&T internet plan allows you to enjoy even the most demanding PC games.

AT&T Fiber 300 is sufficient for remote workers, providing a reliable online experience for those who mostly engage in Zoom meetings. However, professionals living in larger households and performing more bandwidth-heavy operations should opt for higher-speed options.

Yes, AT&T Internet 300 plan is more than enough to support 4K streaming.

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