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Nearly 4.32 million Americans are offline because of the high costs of broadband internet. A necessity like broadband internet should no longer feel like a luxury. 

The nation’s best and biggest internet service providers are saving the day by offering free and discounted internet plans across the country. Known as the ACP Internet Providers, the cohort has partnered with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to offer monthly credits of up to $30 to eligible low-income households and help them pay for their broadband services. 

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Top 10 ACP Home Internet Providers

Let’s look at the 10 best ACP Internet Providers and see how they are bridging the digital divide through low-cost Internet service and delivering speeds of up to 5 Gigs in 50 states despite challenges like depletion of funds. 

ACP ProvidersMax SpeedStarting Price After ACP DiscountContact Provider
AT&T5 Gbps$0.00/mo.Call Now
Frontier5 Gbps$0.00/mo.Call Now
Spectrum1 Gbps$0.00/mo.Call Now
Consolidated2 Gbps$5.00/mo.Call Now
Windstream2 Gbps$9.99/mo.Call Now
Metronet 2 Gbps$19.99/mo.Call Now
CenturyLink 940 Mbps$19.99/mo.Call Now
HughesNet 15 Mbps$19.99/mo.Call Now
EarthLink5 Gbps$29.95/mo.Call Now
Viasat150 Mbps$39.99/mo.Call Now

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Cheapest Affordable Connectivity Program Providers

When finding the cheapest ACP internet provider, you may be surprised to learn that big names like AT&T, Spectrum, and Frontier offer a $0 plan after a $30 ACP discount. That’s right, you can get internet for next to nothing! But which one should you choose? Well, Spectrum stands out from the pack with its blazing-fast 100 Mbps speed. That’s like having a cheetah in your modem! Meanwhile, AT&T’s 3 Mbps speed may leave you feeling like you’re stuck in the slow lane. And while Frontier’s 50 Mbps is certainly respectable, it just can’t compete with Spectrum’s lightning-fast speeds in this price range.

Cheapest ACP Internet Providers

ACP ProvidersMax SpeedPrice After ACP Discount 
AT&TUp to 3 Mbps$0.00/mo.
SpectrumUp to 100 Mbps$0.00/mo.
FrontierUp to 50 Mbps$0.00/mo.

High Speed ACP Internet Providers

If you’re looking for lightning-fast internet speeds, you may want to consider AT&T, EarthLink, or Frontier. These ACP internet providers offer plans with speeds up to a whopping 5 Gbps. That’s faster than a rocket ship blasting off to space! But which ACP provider offers the best internet deal

With great speed comes great cost, and these high-speed internet plans don’t come cheap. AT&T’s fastest plan will set you back $150 a month, while EarthLink’s top-tier plan costs $159.95 a month. Frontier’s plan, at $124.99 a month, is the most affordable of the three. But if you’re looking to go full-throttle with the fastest ACP internet provider, then the extra cost of AT&T or EarthLink might be worth it. Just make sure you hold on tight to your wallet because these speeds don’t come cheap!

Fastest ACP Internet Providers

ACP ProvidersDownload SpeedPrice After ACP Benefit 
AT&T5 Gig$230.00/mo.
EarthLink5 Gig$159.95/mo.
Frontier5 Gig$124.99/mo.

Best ACP Provider in 2024

Now, it’s time to crown the king of ACP internet providers. While there are many factors to consider when determining the best ACP internet provider – such as coverage, speed, and price – there’s one provider that stands head and shoulders above the rest: Spectrum. Not only does Spectrum offer affordable ACP internet plans with fast speeds, but their coverage area is quite impressive as well. With their lightning-fast 1000 Mbps plan available for a steal after a $30 ACP discount, Spectrum is the perfect choice for budget-conscious speed demons. And with availability in 44 states across the country, you’re sure to find a Spectrum connection no matter where you go.

Ready to see what Spectrum has to offer? Take a look at their ACP internet plans below and get ready to be blown away!

Spectrum Internet – Best ACP Provider

Internet Plans Internet Speed  Regular Price Price After ACP Benefit
Internet 100 100 Mbps $30/mo. $0.00/mo
Internet  300 Mbps $49.99/mo. $19.99/mo
Internet Ultra  500 Mbps $69.99/mo. $39.99/mo
Internet Gig 1,000 Mbps $89.99/mo. $59.99/mo

Most Widely Available ACP Internet Providers

Internet service availability is key. But which ACP Internet Provider is the most widely available? The answer may surprise you! After looking at the data, we found that Windstream and CenturyLink are available in all 50 states. That’s right, no matter where you are in the US, you can get internet from these providers. Meanwhile, Spectrum is available in 44 states, making it a close second. AT&T and Frontier are available in 21 and 25 states, respectively.

When looking for satellite internet both HughesNet and Viasat are available in all 50 states. So, depending on where you live, one of these providers may be the perfect fit for your internet needs.

Let’s feast your eyes on the availability of each of these ACP internet providers!

Availability By State

ACP Internet Providers Available In
HughesNet 50 states
Viasat 50 states
Earthlink 48 states
Spectrum 44 states
Frontier 25 states
AT&T 21 states
Windstream 20 states
Consolidated 20 states
CenturyLink 17 states
Metronet 10 states

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Who Qualifies for the ACP Program?

The ACP program is specifically designed to help those who may not have been able to afford internet access in the past. And with ACP providers like AT&T, Spectrum, and Frontier offering discounted or even free internet plans to eligible households, the ACP program is a game-changer for those who need it most.

Want to know if you’re eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program? Well, if your combined household income is less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines (that’s $55,500 per year for a family of four), then you’re in luck! And if you or a family member is already signed up for a federal assistance program like Medicaid, Lifeline Support for Affordable Communications, or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, you automatically qualify.

But that’s not all! If you receive a Federal Pell Grant, live on tribal land and fall under the low-income category, or participate in a program like Tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families or the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations, you’re also eligible for the $30 ACP benefit. 

How to Apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program?

To apply for the ACP, you need to follow these steps:

  • First, double-check that you meet the eligibility criteria (we covered that earlier). If you’re good to go, the next step is to complete the online form to determine your eligibility. If you’re approved, you’ll receive your very own National Verifier ID – how official!
  • Once you have your National Verifier ID, it’s time to select one of the participating ACP internet providers in your area. Once you’ve found an ACP provider that fits your needs, you’ll need to contact them to apply for the ACP. They’ll ask you for some basic information about your household and eligibility status and may require some documentation to verify your eligibility.
  • Once your eligibility has been confirmed, the ACP internet provider will apply the $30 discount to your preferred plan. Then, you can start enjoying affordable internet!

Is the ACP Program Ending Soon?

The future seems bleak for low-income families! The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), which played its part in reducing the digital divide during the past two years, may end this spring.

ACP’s future has become uncertain due to its depleting funds. Congress has not assigned additional funds for the Affordable Connectivity Program. As a result, the previously allocated funds are expected to run out by April 2024. 

Therefore, the FCC and ACP internet providers stopped accepting new applications for the ACP on February 7, 2024 to ensure all enrolled households continue to receive the monthly ACP benefit till the end of this program (most probably till April 2024).


And there you have it! The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is an excellent opportunity for eligible households to access affordable and reliable Internet services. Whether you’re looking for the fastest, cheapest, or most widely available ACP internet provider, there are options available to suit your needs.

Among the top ACP internet providers, Spectrum stands out for its impressive offerings, including its 100 Mbps plan at an affordable price point. With a wide range of plans and excellent coverage, Spectrum is a great choice for anyone looking to take advantage of the ACP.

So what are you waiting for? If you meet the eligibility criteria, apply for the ACP today and start enjoying all the benefits of affordable internet access. With the ACP and providers like Spectrum on your side, you can stay connected and informed without breaking the bank.


Spectrum is the best ACP internet provider. It offers exclusive low-income plans with this program that allow you to access free internet. Additionally, Spectrum’s wide coverage area makes it an accessible ACP provider.

You receive immediate approval on the online application if your documentation is complete. Otherwise, the FCC will ask you to submit additional documentation to confirm your eligibility.

You can contact the ACP support center at (877) 783-2597 to inquire about your application status.

No, you can only use the Affordable Connectivity Program for your internet service.

If you want to switch your internet provider, contact your preferred ACP provider and request them to transfer your ACP benefit. However, make sure that your new choice of provider participates in the ACP program. Also, keep in mind that you can only transfer your ACP benefit once a month.

Yes, ACP covers prepaid internet.

You can only get one service and one device discount with the ACP.

Yes, the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) may cover additional charges, such as router fees, if the total cost, including your internet plan and associated fees, falls below the provided monthly discount. The ACP offers a monthly discount of up to $30 on broadband service for qualifying households and up to $75 per month for eligible individuals residing on Tribal Lands.

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