Best 8 Gig Internet Plans in 2023



  • Download Speed: 8 Gbps
  • Upload Speed: 8 Gbps


  • Download Speed: 8 Gbps
  • Upload Speed: 8 Gbps
Google Fiber


  • Download Speed: 8 Gbps
  • Upload Speed: 8 Gbps

In 2023, 8 Gig Internet plans are no longer a futuristic concept; they’re a reality. This kind of speed can change the way companies work, the way teachers teach, and even the way doctors talk to their patients.

You see, not all internet is created equal. It’s not just about speed; it’s about an unparalleled online experience. Premium service comes at a premium price.

In this piece, we’re looking closely at 8 Gig Internet plans and whether they are worth the investment.

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Why Do You Need 8 Gbps Internet Speed?

As we navigate through 2023, technological advancements continue accelerating, prompting the best fiber internet providers to double down on their offerings. Current plans now boast staggering 8 to 10 Gbps speeds, marking a significant milestone in network capabilities.

Shifting the focus to the second-fastest tier, the 8 Gig Internet plan offers unparalleled speeds of up to 8 Gbps. That’s 320 times faster than basic broadband. With this speed, you can connect many devices. We’re talking 40, 50, or even more. And they’ll all run smoothly. Every smart device in your home will work like a charm. You’ll need a high-end PC with a 10 Gbps network interface card or a 10 Gbps USB adapter to fully utilize this speed. And let’s not forget, you’ll also need a Cat6A Ethernet cable or higher to connect your devices.

This level of speed is a boon for real-time content creators, hardcore gamers, and data-heavy streamers. If you’re into virtual reality, 4K streaming, or running a home server, multi-gig speed is a necessity. Games like “Call of Duty: Warzone,” “Fortnite,” and “Cyberpunk 2077” require substantial data, and with 8 Gig internet speed, you will play these games seamlessly.

But we’ll get into that. For now, let’s focus on who benefits the most—and the least—from 8 gig internet speed.


Best For

  • Real-time content creators
  • Hardcore gamers
  • Heavy-duty streamers
  • Large families with multiple devices
  • Businesses with high data usage

Unsuitable For

  • Casual browsers
  • Solo gamers who play less data-intensive games
  • Households with fewer devices
  • Those who mainly use the internet for social media and emails

Top Five 8 Gig Internet Plans

Ready to leap to 8 Gig Internet? Let’s look at the top five plans available right now.

Best 5 Gig Internet Plans
ProviderDownload SpeedUpload SpeedPrice
Windstream8,000 Mbps8,000 Mbps$299.99/mo. 
Optimum8,000 Mbps 8,000 Mbps $350.00/mo. 
Quantum Fiber 8,000 Mbps 8,000 Mbps $300.00/mo.
GoogleFiber 8,000 Mbps 8,000 Mbps $150.00/mo. 
TDS Fiber 8,000 Mbps8,000 Mbps $295.00/mo. 

Windstream 8 Gbps Internet Plan

Windstream, operating under the brand name Kinetic, is a leading provider of 8 Gig Internet services in the United States. The company’s hybrid technology combines DSL and fiber-optic capabilities, offering unparalleled speed and reliability. Currently, Kinetic Internet covers 18 states, primarily in the southeast, south-central, mid-Atlantic, and midwest regions. The company plans to expand its fiber-optic network, aiming to serve over a million customers soon.

The Kinetic Fiber 8 Gig Internet plan boasts symmetrical upload and download speeds of 8,000 Mbps. This makes it ideal for content creators, hardcore gamers, and small businesses seeking a smooth digital experience. This 8 Gbps internet plan comes with unlimited data, allowing you to surf, stream, and download without worrying about overage charges.

About the price tag, the 8 Gig internet plan comes in at a competitive $299.99 per month. First-time customers are subject to a $35 professional installation fee and line activation charges up to $50. The monthly fee includes a $10 discount for AutoPay and an additional $2 off for opting for paperless billing.

Kinetic 8-Gig Internet Plan
Type of Internet  Fiber-optic
Price  $299.99/mo. 
Download Speed 8,000 Mbps
Upload Speed  8,000 Mbps
Availability  18 States of the USA
Data Cap  Unlimited
Contract  Not required 
Pro Installation $35.00 (one-time)
Equipment Fee  $10.00/mo. 
Perks  $100 Visa Prepaid Card. A 30-day money-back guarantee. 
Best For  Content creation & collaboration in real-time. 

Optimum 8 Gbps Internet Plan

Optimum Fiber has made a significant impact in the high-speed internet market with its 8 Gig fiber internet service. The service is currently available to nearly 1.7 million residents and businesses in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. By the end of 2023, Optimum Fiber aims to expand its 8 Gig internet footprint to nearly 3 million passings, making it the largest 8 Gig service provider in the U.S.

The Optimum 8 Gig internet plan is built on a fiber-only network, offering symmetrical upload and download speeds of 8,000 Mbps. The network is deployed using the advanced XGS-PON technology, a step above the legacy GPON standard. This ensures a more reliable and faster service compared to many other providers.

When it comes to performance, Optimum’s 8 Gig internet plan is designed to support the most data-intensive applications. Whether you’re into AR/VR, gaming, graphic design, or video production, this plan has you covered. It’s four times faster than Verizon Fios, 60% faster than Frontier, and 32 times faster than T-Mobile 5G Home Internet.

This 8 gig internet plan is priced at $350 per month, which is higher than Windstream’s 8 Gig offering. However, it comes with several perks that justify the cost. These include no data caps, no contracts, a free 30-day trial, up to $500 in Visa Prepaid Card rewards, and $100 coverage for early termination fees. Customers who place online orders also enjoy free expert installation.

While the monthly fee is a significant investment, the plan’s speed, reach, and additional benefits make it a compelling option.

Optimum 8 Gbps Internet
Type of Internet  Fiber-optic 
Promo Price  Call for Promo Price
Regular Price  $350.00/mo. 
Download Speed 8000 Mbps
Upload Speed  8000 Mbps
Availability  New York tri-state area (New York – New Jersey – Connecticut)
Data Cap  Unlimited
Contract  Not required 
Pro Installation $100.00 (One-time)
Equipment Fee  Free
Perks  A 30-day money-back guarantee. $100 for contract buyout.
Best For  8K streaming. VR & AR gaming. Cloud-based editing. 

Quantum Fiber 8 Gbps Internet Plan

Quantum Fiber, a CenturyLink sister company, is making strides in the fiber internet arena, offering speed with reliability and excellent pricing. The company made headlines by introducing its 8 Gig internet plan in Denver, Minneapolis, and Seattle. 

The plan targets both residential and small business customers. Built on the advanced XGS-PON fiber network, Quantum Fiber’s 8 Gig internet plan offers symmetrical internet speeds of up to 8,000 Mbps. 

The price? Quantum Fiber stands out with its flat-rate approach. Unlike other providers whose prices may hike after a promotional period, Quantum Fiber’s $300 monthly fee remains stable. This makes it a more affordable option compared to competitors like Optimum’s 8 Gig internet plan.

One of the major perks of this 8-gig internet plan is its unlimited data and no-contract policy. This flexibility is particularly appealing to digital nomads and those who engage in data-intensive online tasks. The company also offers round-the-clock online customer service for effective account management.

As for hardware, Quantum Fiber offers a free combo modem/router to customers who sign up for their 8 Gig internet plan. Considering that such equipment usually costs around $200, this is a significant saving. The company covers up to $1,500 in installation costs, and most jobs are expected to cost less than $2,000. Customers receive a full installation quote upfront, eliminating any hidden surprises.

Their 8-gig internet service is still growing, and in some areas, you might find yourself redirected to CenturyLink. But there’s much to like if you’re in a region where Quantum Fiber is available. Although the service is still growing, it offers a compelling package of speed, reliability, and affordability for those in its coverage areas.

Quantum Fiber Gbps Internet
Type of Internet  Fiber-optic 
Price  $300.00/mo. 
Download Speed 8000 Mbps
Upload Speed  8000 Mbps
Availability  Denver – Minneapolis – Seattle
Data Cap  Unlimited
Contract  Not required 
Pro Installation Free 
Equipment Fee  $15.00/mo. 
Perks  Fully online 24/7 customer service 
Best For  Data-intensive remote work & learning. 

Google Fiber 8 Gbps Internet Plan

Google Fiber offers a fiber-optic connection, which is the gold standard for speed and reliability. They have upped the ante with its 8 Gig fiber-optic internet plan. Priced at $150 per month, excluding taxes and surcharges, Google Fiber’s 8 Gig internet plan offers symmetrical upload and download speeds of up to 8,000 Mbps.

Google Fiber stands out as an affordable option among 8 Gig internet plans offered by other ISPs. The $150 promotional price is competitive, especially considering the high level of service reliability. After the promotional period, the cost remains fairly stable, making it a budget-friendly choice for consumers.

Google Fiber’s 8 gig internet customers can enjoy unlimited monthly data and the freedom from annual contracts. Additionally, they offer free professional-grade installation, which includes a new 10 Gig-capable Fiber Jack.

Previously, a one-time $300 construction fee was charged for connecting homes to Google Fiber’s network. However, this fee has been waived for the 8 Gig internet plan, as it’s reserved for fiber-ready homes in the current service areas. The plan comes with a WiFi 6 router and two mesh WiFi extenders for enhanced wireless coverage. Customers also receive 1 terabyte (TB) of free cloud storage, a significant value-add for those who require substantial data backup.

Although Google Fiber’s 8 Gig internet service is expanding, its availability is still limited.  Currently, their 8-gig service reaches Mesa, Arizona, and West Des Moines, Iowa. However, the service is gaining traction among power streamers, pro gamers, and professionals who require ultra-fast internet for tasks.

Google Fiber Gbps Internet
Type of Internet  Fiber-optic 
Price  $150.00/mo. 
Download Speed 8000 Mbps
Upload Speed  8000 Mbps
Availability  Mesa, Arizona, and West Des Moines, Iowa 
Data Cap  Unlimited
Contract  Not required 
Pro Installation Free 
Equipment Fee  Included 
Perks  1 TB of free cloud storage 
Best For  Cloud computing. Downloading movies in 4K resolution. 

TDS Fiber 8 Gbps Internet Plan

TDS Telecom is a provider that’s been a local staple in communities like Salem, Kentucky, for 34 years. Now, they’re stepping into the future with their 8 Gig Fiber Internet Plan. Launched on August 2023 in Salem, Kentucky, the TDS 8 Gig internet plan is part of a broader fiber-optic project. Initially, the company planned to offer up to 1 Gig speeds, but they’ve upped the ante to 8 Gig for residents and a staggering 10 Gig for businesses. This marks the first time TDS has offered fiber connections and symmetrical multi-gig service in the area. And it’s not for a select few; about 75 communities in 16 states can access these new speeds.

The 8 Gig internet plan is priced at $295 per month, making it a competitive option in the high-speed internet market. This promotional price is stable, even after the initial period ends, thanks to TDS’s 3-year price lock guarantee. However, the plan requires a 2-year agreement, which might be a drawback for some. However, the absence of data caps significantly benefits heavy internet users. On the flip side, the plan ranks the lowest in customer satisfaction.

Speaking of additional costs, the plan comes with a one-time installation fee of $49.95. The installation is comprehensive, involving cable setup on poles and in underground easement areas. Additionally, there’s a month-to-month equipment rental fee of $12. TDS also offers a range of perks to sweeten the deal. These include a 30-day money-back guarantee, an Amazon eGift Card, and a $100 gift card for referring the plan to a friend.

While TDS Fiber is gradually rolling out its 8 Gig service, it’s a provider worth keeping on your radar if you’re seeking revolutionary internet speeds. Just be prepared for a bit of a wait as the service continues to expand.

TDS Fiber Gbps Internet 
Type of Internet  Fiber-optic 
Price  $295.00/mo. 
Download Speed 8000 Mbps
Upload Speed  8000 Mbps
Availability  75 markets across 16 states in the USA
Data Cap  Unlimited data 
Contract  Required 
Installation Fee  $49.95 (one-time)
Equipment Fee  $12.00/mo. 
Perks  Amazon eGift card. 3-year price lock. $100 gift card on referrals. 
Best For  Competitive multiplayer gaming. Audio-video file sharing. 

Most Widely Available 8 Gig Internet Plan

While many providers are jumping on the 8 Gig bandwagon, not all of them have widespread availability. And let’s be honest, what’s the point of a Ferrari-like internet speed if it’s not available in your neighborhood?

The ideal scenario is a provider that offers not just speed but also broad coverage. So, we’re looking at a few key factors. First, how many states does the provider cover? Second, within those states, how many communities or cities can access the 8 Gig internet service? And third, is the provider expanding its 8 Gig footprint, or is it limited to specific areas?

Based on these criteria, TDS Telecom takes the crown for the Most Widely Available 8 Gig Internet provider. As they offered its 8 Gig internet plan in about 75 communities across a 16-state fiber footprint. That’s a significant reach, especially considering that the service promises seamless connectivity even during peak hours and inclement weather conditions. However, TDS requires a 2-year contract, which might be a downside for some.

Let’s break it down further with a table that lists all the major 8 Gig internet providers and their availability:

Provider States Communities/Cities
TDS Telecom 16 75+ Communities
Google Fiber 2 2 (West Des Moines, Mesa)
Quantum Fiber Still expanding 3 (Denver, Minneapolis, Seattle)
Windstream 18 Limited (mainly southeast, south-central, mid-Atlantic, and midwest)
Optimum 3 (Tri-state area) Limited to NY, NJ, CT

Cheapest 8 Gig Internet Plan

Let’s be honest: budget matters. While going for the most feature-rich plan is tempting, the price tag can often be a deal-breaker. After all, who doesn’t love a good deal?

When discussing the cheapest, we’re not only believing a monthly fee but also considering other costs like installation, equipment rental, and any additional charges that might pop up.

So, drumroll, please… The provider offering the Cheapest 8 Gig Internet Plan is Google Fiber, with a monthly fee of $150 with a slew of perks. You get symmetrical upload and download speeds of up to 8,000 Mbps, no data caps, and no annual contracts. Plus, the plan includes a WiFi 6 router and two mesh WiFi extenders for enhanced wireless coverage around the house. You even get 1 terabyte (TB) of free cloud storage.

The limitation is that the Google Fiber 8 Gig internet plan is only available in select spots. So, while it’s the cheapest, it may not be an option for you depending on your location.

Best 8 Gig Internet Plan

You want speed, reliability, and a good deal all rolled into one. Well, you’re lucky because we’ve done the homework for you. After weighing all factors, we’ve crowned Kinetic 8 Gig by Windstream as the best 8 Gig Internet Plan.

First off, Windstream has a broad coverage area, spanning 18 states primarily in the southern, mid-western, and Mid-Atlantic regions of the US. The cost is competitive too, coming in at $299.99 per month. Plus, they offer a promotional deal for new customers: free Gig-speed internet for the first three months when you opt for AutoPay and paperless billing. It’s an investment in a smooth digital experience.

Optimum puts up a good fight but falls short mainly due to its higher pricing and limited coverage. So, if you’re looking for an 8 Gig internet plan that offers a balanced mix of speed, reliability, and value, Windstream is the way to go.

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